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Author Topic: What sparked your "Rebirth"?  (Read 3309 times)


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Re: What sparked your "Rebirth"?
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2011, 08:48:46 pm »
Quote from: Legion;3422

Many of us mostlikely like myself weren't pagans originaly,Now i decided just out of curiosity to make this topic. So i ask everyone here who converted to a pagan path at some point in their life what made them decide to become a pagan. What sparked your rebirth?
Honor and Wisdom.

Not an easy answer and may get a little long - for which i apologise !  As still trying to discover what I ACTUALLY believe in aged 50

Born into a Church of England background I never got on with the basic tenets of christianity - why should they tell me WHO to worship , HOW to and WHERE to , it never made sense when the feeling of spirit was EVERYWHERE - so i just kinda went my own way and developed my own personal belief system - probably defined as athiest with a leaning towards spiritualism

I've always been an ' outside ' kind of person - nature and natural phenomena have always had an attraction and i've always been the person that troubled souls actively seek out when they are in need - one of my co workers ( a senior manager) calls me 'the helpfull sponge ' as i can never turn down a person in need - and i never really saw anything significant in this. I have also always been able to instantly read a person - know if they are covering up sadness , illness or are just trying to pull a fast one :-)

So what has changed to make me start searching and questioning ? Besides trying to decide if i'm going mad or not :-p

Recently I started working with a new co worker - i had never met her before we started working together BUT she changed my entire understanding of perhaps WHO i was

The first time i met her it was like an explosion of thoughts and emotions going off in my head ( no not lust or love at first sight or any of that kind of stuff )
I KNEW she was a pagan  - I KNEW she was a Priestess - I KNEW she was an accolite of 'The Lady , and The Horned One' and I knew she was totally messed up both mentally and emotionally - and this was before either of us had even spoken.

I kept this to myself for about 3 weeks - she told me nothing , so to stop myself going mad i opened the subject - told her what i 'knew' plus a lot more that had come to me in the meantime - after i had finished she just handed over a short note - dated from two weeks before - that just said - ' i wondered when you would admit it Healer'

As an established pagan witch she obviously cannot help until i ask for her help - and as SHE asked for MY help first - once we had 'contacted ' - i have decided that I'll explore it first on my own , with the help of others ' AND only once she is fully recovered from her troubles ask her guidance

So here I am - seeking answers and trying to understand everything that has and is happening - open minded but totally determined to seek the truth

You may think i'm just crackers - i sometimes think it of myself - BUT i will discover my truth

sorry if a bit long - but believe me this is a shortened version of the total story :-)


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Re: What sparked your "Rebirth"?
« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2011, 10:14:36 am »
Quote from: Legion;3422
Decided to reopen this here, as it seemed to be a popular threat.

(Link to the old stuff:

Many of us mostlikely like myself weren't pagans originaly, i for one was roman catholic, though i do believe paganism does always linger inside someone. As if it's fate.

Now i decided just out of curiosity to make this topic. So i ask everyone here who converted to a pagan path at some point in their life what made them decide to become a pagan. What sparked your rebirth?

So what made to become a pagan?

Honor and Wisdom.

I'm not really sure I had a choice, I kind of grew into paganism from when I was a child (if that makes any sense). By the time I discovered pagan religions, Wicca specifically, there wasn't much of a choice to make.

I was born into a Catholic family like all good Polish people are :p While my mom always believed in the Christian god (and still does) she did not see eye to eye with the church. Right before we moved to the US is when I lost my belief in the church as well, I still believed in god, but not much else.

I got roped into a fundamentalist Christian sect at 11(ish), and while that put me off of the religion in the end, that's also when I started asking questions. A prominent one was "why are Catholics going to hell when they worship the same god?" Looking for answers only bought more questions. After a while I wasn't Christian anymore and I didn't even realize it.

Instead of questioning Christian doctrine, I started asking different kinds of questions, like wouldn't it make more sense to have a goddess *and* a god? I was always very nature oriented and wanted a religion that reflected that. I thought that nature was sacred. In Latin class when we learned about Greek/Roman mythology I actually *believed* in those gods. I wondered if people still followed them.

None of these things bought me to paganism, their just examples of the kind of person I was growing up to be, my state of mind on religious matters and how my thoughts on spirituality evolved as I grew up.

Years down the line I was in my late teens with my own problems, by this time none of the religions I have heard of or learned about sounded good to me. The ones that might have, had doctrines I could never agree with. My best friend for some odd reason, maybe she saw some movie, got all excited about about witchcraft and wanted to research it. I had no interest but, being best friends, I went along anyways.

That was my starting point. I read about a witchcraft religion called Wicca and it immediately caught my interest. I had to deal with depression then, but as soon as I did I started reading and researching anything I could get my hands on. And I guess that's how I started.


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Re: What sparked your "Rebirth"?
« Reply #17 on: July 31, 2011, 10:39:48 am »
Quote from: Legion;3422

It wasn't ever just one thing that put me on this path (whatever that is).

I was raised in a "just believe in God" house and we attended a non-denominational, charismatic church. I never felt a connection with the Judeo-Christian God but continued to go until I was 13. Eventually, I stopped attending church and slowly backed out of Christianity. It was never a rejection of the Judeo-Christian God, just more of a breather.

I have explored many religions and Christian denominations over the years. I tried so hard to be Christian (even attended an Orthodox Church). My main hang up was I couldn't marry whom I wanted because they weren't Orthodox. I'm still years away from marriage (I'm 17) but I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years in October, and if he turns out to be the right one, I'm not going to drop him for religion. He says he believes in God, but doesn't care much either way.

Now, I don't really know where I am. Some days I believe in one Creator God. Other days, I am a pantheist. Other days, an agnostic.

I've dabbled in Witchcraft but it always felt strange to me. I always felt so awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin doing that stuff.

Honestly, I would love to be able to believe in the Judeo-Christian God because it would make my life much easier. But, I can't accept many things in the Bible and refuse to change them to say what I think they should.

I pray to whoever chooses to listen, I suppose. I would love a God/Goddess/whatever to show me in some way they existed or that they wanted me or that they've always been the one listening in on my prayer sessions, but that has yet to happen and I am not optimistic it will happen. So, I just wait for that little tap on the shoulder from Someone.
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Re: What sparked your "Rebirth"?
« Reply #18 on: July 31, 2011, 04:09:48 pm »
I was, like many here, baptised chrisitan (protestant) at birth and called myself christian untill i was about 14 years old. The schools I have attended have all (except the last one, but a priest came to the last day of school, so I consider it christian) been semi-christian i.e. going to church before christmas and easter. But eventually I grew tired of believing in a god which pretty much didn't respond to me. I started to look at other religions/faiths and eventually stomped across occultism (LaVeyan satanism) which at first seemed interresting, but I didn't quite agree with the focus on the Ego. I later came over paganism, which was mere an accident than the result of researching. Over the last years I have found out what suited me best and what I believed in, which resulted in what I believe today :-)
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Re: What sparked your "Rebirth"?
« Reply #19 on: August 03, 2011, 11:36:30 am »
Quote from: Legion;3422
Decided to reopen this here, as it seemed to be a popular threat.

(Link to the old stuff:

 What sparked your rebirth?

So what made to become a pagan?

Honor and Wisdom.

Like many here I was raised Christian. When I realized I was Queer I felt alienated by the Christian religion. I always was interested in other religions so I began to search and look for a religion to call my own. But none of the religions out there spoke to me. So I took this quiz called Belief-o-Matic and the second religion that fit me the most was Neo Paganism and so I began to research a bit and here I am! I'm still very new and I'm still researching. I'm glad I've found this forum :D


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