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Author Topic: Potentially new and confused!  (Read 2058 times)

Aster Breo

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Potentially new and confused!
« Reply #15 on: July 20, 2012, 12:51:25 am »
Quote from: Bluecreed;65116
Nicely put... Thank you! So is it fair to say that the "Devine" could be interpreted as "Mother Nature" in a sense?

Sure.  That's definitely one way of viewing the Divine.  And if it resonates with you, you might want to look into pantheism and panentheism.

There are many pagan paths that include a strong nature-based component, some of which deify nature (such as in the Person of Gaia or another earth goddess) or worship it directly in some way.  Others incorporate holidays and festivals based on the cycles of nature (as in druidry) and/or agriculture (such as the Wiccan wheel of the year).

Again, there are many ways to approach this -- some already established and shared within a specific Tradition, others unique to individuals.

Quote from: Bluecreed;65116

I think it is "cool" to try and believe there are multiple Gods/Goddesses as in Greek and Egyptian, but ultimately I may lean towards a single creator - but is that just my Christian background trying to structure my new thought processes? Not sure!

Maybe, maybe not.  Many pagans are converts from Christianity.  Some of us bring cherished -- or simply deeply ingrained -- ideas and beliefs with us.  Others work hard to clear out those ideas and try to start with a "clean slate".

Either way, you should do what is right for you, regardless of what others do.  And realize that beliefs often evolve over time.  What you believe now may change.

Quote from: Bluecreed;65116

I get it... THIS is what I should be writing in my Book of Shadows? The thought processes and confusion and feelings?

If that's what you want to write about, sure.  ;)

My suggestion is, yes, write about what you're thinking and feeling as you start this journey.  Then add other things as you come across them.  When you need to, you'll be able to look back and see your own process.

Just FYI, the phrase "book of shadows" is typically used to refer to a journal, often including spells and such, kept by a witch.  Of course, you can call your journal anything you want to.

Quote from: Bluecreed;65116

Now... I have read many things on here where people say they talk with their Gods... Like talk and have conversations... This perplexes my rational mind a bit. Do they (are they) really having a conversation with something or are they just talking to themselves?

Maybe both.  Who knows?

Seriously, the answer to that depends on one's concept of deity.  Some people see deity as being separate entities.  Others see deity as a part of ourselves.  Others as some combination.

I can only speak to my own experiences with Brighid.  On those occasions when I've actually heard Her voice inside my head, it felt nothing like the ways my own thoughts feel.  However, I believe there is some way in which we are closely connected to the gods.  I can't define that any better, though.

Quote from: Bluecreed;65116

I apologize for all the questions and casting doubt on the whole thing, but I am truly trying to find my way. You all have been very patient so far and I thank you!

There is no need to apologize for asking questions.  That's how we learn.

And I strongly encourage you to doubt.  Critical thinking is an essential skill for navigating a spiritual path.  You have a brain.  Use it well.  :)

~ Aster
"The status is not quo."  ~ Dr. Horrible


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