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Author Topic: About the Paganism for Beginners Forum (Special Rules)  (Read 13631 times)


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About the Paganism for Beginners Forum (Special Rules)
« on: June 23, 2011, 05:18:38 pm »
Forum Purpose:

Our message board often has discussions and debate on the various Pagan religions at a fairly advanced level and members tend to assume in these discussions that those participating are at least fairly knowledgeable in the basics. This can be fairly intimidating for those who are just starting out and do not yet have that basic knowledge or who realize after reading this message board for a few days or weeks than much of what they have learned from some of the "101" books they have read simply may be incorrect. This board is to provide a place where people asking questions are assumed to be beginners (instead of assumed to be knowledgeable).

All beginner level questions about Pagan religions belong on this board.

Additional Rules for this Forum:

1. In the absence clear evidence to the contrary, members with long experience in Pagan religions should assume that questions asked and issues raised in this board are being asked or raised by beginners and try to answer them accordingly. This is not the board for sarcastic answers or rudeness because the poster is completely misinformed or ignorant. You are a teacher here. If you cannot at least try to be a good teacher, don't post. Note that this does not mean that you cannot firmly correct misinformation or the like, it just means that you need to do so nicely.

2. Questions and issues posted here are assumed to be from beginners who are interested in learning from our more experienced members. If you are not interested in hearing the answer(s) if those answers differ from what you want to hear, you might want to rethink posting that particular question or issue. You are, of course, free to believe what you wish but please don't lecture our more experienced members on how they must be wrong if their teachings are different than what you have read in books you found in the New Age/Pagan section of the bookstore or the like -- especially if a number of people are telling you that the information is incorrect.

3. While we ask our more experienced members to be polite in refuting incorrect information and dodgy ideas, The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum is devoted to critical thinking, so expect to see incorrect information and ideas mercilessly (and often bluntly) shot down and be aware that if there are likely mundane explanations for something, they are generally going to preferred to supernatural explanations. If this is unacceptable to you, chances are that The Cauldron is not the message board for you.

4. If you are new to Paganism, you should read our web site's Pagan Primer page as it will explain what Paganism is (and what it is not) and provide some very basic background material (such as the definition of Paganism/Pagan Religion used by this board and some examples of the many different Pagan religions. Remember that "Paganism" is an umbrella term for many Pagan Religions who often have very little in common with each other in beliefs and practices.

5. Don't forget that all members normally have access to our the boards in the "Religion and Philosophy" category where more advanced discussions on Pagan religions take place. You can learn a lot from reading some of the discussions there, but don't be upset if some of what you read there is over your head. Everyone was a beginner at one point.

6. This board is intended for beginner level questions and discussions. The staff reserves the right to move more advanced discussions and questions to the appropriate board in the Religion and Philosophy area of the board even though this will mean every does not have to be as nice.
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