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Author Topic: A profound experience from the past. Thoughts ? Or please share your experiences  (Read 2041 times)


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Thinking back through my life one experience stands out as being profound and I've never really been able to explain fully why I felt the way I did at the time. It happened when I was around 14 or 15 years old so around 1990.

I was hiking with the outdoors group that I'm still a member of in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia at the time. Being young and full of energy I was walking some distance ahead of everyone else and as I knew where we were going ie climbing a particular steep rocky hill top I was not afraid of becoming lost as the rest of the group was sure to meet me at the top. The weather was verging on a thunderstorm but without much lightning. It was grey and cloudy with light misty rain. The very top of the hill required some scrambling as we call it - basic climbing and this took me up through a layer of low cloud which surrounded the hilltop. Upon reaching the summit I stood at the top for some time. I could see the clouds in motion above me and below I could see the hilltop but not anything below. It was as if I was standing on an island up in the clouds. At this point I remember feeling very alone but not afraid, despite the possibility of being struck by lightning. I felt very close to the rock I was standing on, in tune with nature and the earth, almost part of the elements around me but very insignificant. The air felt electric, flowing around me and charged with some kind of force I had not felt before or since. I did not want this feeling to end but eventually the rest of my group caught up with me and I felt if I stayed there staring up at the sky in the rain they might think I was a being a bit strange. Their presence dispelled the sensation quite a bit but not entirely. We walked along the top for a while and then descended through the low cloud or mist and down the other side. After passing through the mist the feeling lifted but left me wondering what the heck I had just experienced.  

I know part of this powerful feeling was the adrenaline from scaling the hilltop but I had climbed high remote places before and this was very different. In later years I walked for four days in the Australian Alps and although I thoroughly enjoyed the trip nothing comparable happened. Its very hard to put into words but it made a huge impression on me and its a memory that will stay with me forever.

Could this have truly been an interaction with a God / Goddess, Deity or Spirit ? From what I have learned here and from other sources I feel it could well have been. At the time I did not know what to make of it. It certainly felt outside the realm of normal life experience. I guess this is a question only I can answer myself but if anyone has any thoughts on this feel free to post them.

Does anyone have a specific profound experience to share which they feel is an interaction with a God / Goddess or Deity from their past or even more recently ? It would be great to read about other people's different experiences.


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Quote from: Oskar;191363
Does anyone have a specific profound experience to share which they feel is an interaction with a God / Goddess or Deity from their past or even more recently ? It would be great to read about other people's different experiences.

You're absolutely right, it is something only you can decide or answer for yourself; though you're hardly alone.

I don't recall if I've ever shared any of my own, ther've been a few, but this one is among the most recent and the one time I've ever interacted on such a level with a Divine Being. It's also the one that finally brought me to the one belief system that resonates with me.

This happened a little over a year ago, while I was sleeping. I had just begun learning about and practicing Rune magic and learning the lore about a month or two previous. I can still recall this incident pretty vividly. I don't usually dream though I do project or whatever. So I normally can tell the difference. This was one of the latter and yes, we'll call it UPG since it is entirely my own experience.

I became aware of my own existence suddenly and in a very dark place. I mean dark, as in the darkness had texture it was so absolute. I was standing on a cliff or precipice on a mountainside and aside from this, the darkness, and the Other who was there there was not a singe other thing to be seen. The Other beckoned me with a withered hand to come closer. When I got to Them they held out a black leather bag and said "Take out your Rune".

I reached in and took hold of the first Rune my hand touched and withdrew it. It said "HAGALAZ" in all-caps, Times New Roman font with serifs (I had to learn this stuff in college, don't know why). The Rune itself was engraved on a stone that was so black I can't describe it very well; even in my native language. It was like it was made of Darkness itself, or out of the stuff that Darkness came from. The Rune itself was not the "H" or "*" as is displayed in all the Rune sets I can find.

At that point I was sent back to the Waking World and ever since then things have changed for me. I looked for anyone who could help me with this for months before finally meeting an Asatruar who could read Runes. After a reading where he was actually spectacularly accurate, I confided in him my real reason for asking the question I did. After describing the Other to him and admitting that the closest I'd come to discovering anything was that it may have been one of the Norns. However, he said the description more accurately describes Hela.

He also said that since She did not retrieve the Rune stone from me that I'd been allowed to keep it and bring it back and that once I'd done that, the soul of that Rune became a part of mine as well.

Probably not the Rune I'd have chosen for that, but I can't, and won't, argue with the results. I am definitely a lot happier now than I was before and can feel a real, concrete, connection to something real and outside of myself for the first time in my life.
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