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somethings are just hilarious
« on: September 04, 2011, 08:19:53 pm »
some things sure are hilarious when you are stoned, like walking
around in the woods, chanting good rain, on a non linear wednesday
while the weeds circle about, bless them quickly, with your awareness
wait until they are least expecting it, and then say stay lucid
ways of love, love is like a great cloud of rains it flows through all
the plants,
we are love in another form, insanity is a tradition among hippies,
medicinal at that
some ties the only way, like a thick sacred incense to keep ones self pure
free from the calamities of society, thus providing a healing service
to all around you, nurturing the lost souls through the psychic
empathy which builds up in the selfless moments we all experience
where boundaries are nothing, in wanti,
like an astral sweat lodge, but there is a way t it, ways only shamans
know, guarded over by buddhas and sages, ways that dont make sense

There were many reports. Iknasasrek reports there crowds of 500 or
more at the door, when I go to conform there are only hallucinations
of dust bunnies, the saga continues, after attain 'karma free' several
oaks venture astrally into the village one day, they confront and
embrace Iknasasrek, they then live within it, for some time, melding
with it. Villagers were strangely comforted, to see the enigmatic
spirit communion in such innocence and wisdom was a good omen in these
times. Akeon, local medicine woman offers tips to passers by in a
sacred language,
each forest passes on its own teaching, find the one that works for
you, dedicate yourself to spreading love, I think about Flo and my
love for her. I think about how I ache when she is not there, I think
about the amazing things and communion we have we when are together, I
feel so lucky to have always been with my soul mate, some people don't
understand, its hard because such love has no place in our language,
is it that it is divine? it sometimes storms hard, sometimes we wonder
if it is because of us, we ride on the elements, we are fairies how
could we help that? I believe our love has kept us together through
lives, our wholeness, we are each other. Our magic supports one
another as Earth and Water, few understand us, but we simply rock in
natures way, we live for ecstasy, the kind that comes from shamanic
drumming and dance and free speech among warm hearted folk, we just do
what we feel, there is no real message, though there may seem to be,
it is just energy, free, love, caterwaul, the waterfall, the roots,
the branches, forest growing, goodness growing, healing dances, to
bliss and trip out consciousness. Our psychedelic blanket, has been
fashioned over the years, over much time, as shamans, the world
understood these moments, the spirits of the people within the woods
come out, and all manner of being, and we are in good spirits, in our
language, narani, the agrogger and tulip which paints the sunset as
you wait in silence, the universe, everything melting away, the
adventure, brought to some pitiful level, the wildness in us still,
where will it escape, like a hole in the atmosphere, maybe its more
natural after all.
No, we must stick together, meld with the earth, and you will find
heaven, meld with the earth, we chant it to everything, in the deepest
chambers of our hearts, meld with the earth. We realize we are it, we
are it, these are the realms of dreams, for a moment the divine love
can be see, the whole mystery revealed, everything illuminated in
celestial light, the entire thing, a true blessing passed on,
wholeness, the winkte universe, everything is you, I can't hold it in
any longer. but there is no where to go, it would have come at some
point. Squirrel shakes and lets it fly, deers dance and the clouds cry
and sigh, I am grateful for all that passes me by, I am grateful you
are in everything, nothing can make you die, but its so simple, theres
some strange virtue to it, it goes on and on endlessly, like the soma,
and the pancakes, at the picnic, which fell from the sky, perfectly
balanced on little plates. We slowly played flute and danced in the
clearing, the grass was like a heaving hairy belly, in the trees all
around fireflies, it was one of the more secluded places, I am the
earth, the universe, I see it all, the patterns, their connections,
going to deep to name, suddenly the veil is gone, its all clear we
emerge, emerge from the corruption which has wounded us for so long,
the elixir being the sudden breathe of truth given to those who devote
themselves to Nature, on a physical and spiritual level. Nature mages,
walk again these ways, wildened are the marshes, inspired the hermit
does blaze, in dreams he sees wanti there, among a misty haze.
However do we form today, we Gods, who keep great order, love and
insanity doth reign everywhere endlessly, infinity our chief
inspiration. We hunger for sacrifice, you offer zazen, but we only
accept tao, within the chaos of the interaction the sacramental humor
is produced, which is then used to fly. Thats all this was all created
for, I we just kept getting so stoned, it never got around to the
point, apparently universes based on flight have the most intrepid
plant spirits, plants who are messengers from the primordial matrix of
being, which transcends time, where everything is circular both
millions of years into the past and future, plants offering dream
techniques, to climb the lucid vine, as we climbed, we built deeper
connections and everything began to change, we climbed through
meditation, physically, through insight, and shamanism. I was merely a
small link going through a crazy process, yet in some odd sense, they
were the largest processes, but it was just delusion. Come let us
write a new world, everywhere upon the shores of the rave, let spirit
sing, as the earth is healed the vibration goes out, the prayer, and
the healing happens, on every level, the entire world participates,
the vibration gets to that point. We pass eachother the medicine, pure
energy, and meld into one consciousness of bliss, we can see eachother
in intense detail, the moment of nakedness and peace whether literal
or in spirit, we can see the beauty in everyone, the individual
shining truth which silently emanates. The qualities slowly changed,
became more full, the gatekeepers, no longer blocked the flow, it went
out freely, everywhere, every year the forest grew from it, many trees
were planted, it was about the trees, the drums, the spirit, being
active, and motion freely without judgement, reaching a clear place in
yourself, a place of peace and gratitude, about being in a pure way
again. Among all that we brang together, it was a picnic, life is a
picnic, everyone picked up after themselves, mostly, some wierd stuff
occasionally got planted, but no real harm came from it, aside from
some deep spiritual lessons, the plants are the healers, sometimes
they work through people, the intricate intelligence and layers that
the Earth works on are amazing. The wormwood grows stronger in the
mountains, I feel the plants are brewing something in me, and us all,
something that must be good, the spirits who live in each plant show
me as I pass, I know them as sisters and brothers, friends, when we
can really commune, its great, if it can happen in a selfless, non
self conscious way, that is the real raving, random vibing, with the
reality of everything, universal unconditional love, almost like
kriyas, shared by all. There was some amount of randomness to it, but
the pure gnosis, combined with the general structure of it, which goes
back to ancient rituals under the full moon and to pow wows, usually
overcame that, and we were able to turn it into something great, there
were conscious people there, there wasn't a lot of e, we planted
trees, instead of provide money for others to cut them down, we
communed and shared common sense wisdom and love, through word and
through dance, we practiced spiritualities and grew wiser and more in
touch with the world, we travelled all over and saw many things, lived
in many ways, enjoyed so much music, sometimes just camping, we kept
going, and we realized many things, we tried to maintain a balance an
equilibrium, a happy medium to the way it all worked, but we were
simply people who liked to dance and be wild. Hippie bands roved,
sacred priests who put a spread influence throughout a town, soon the
entire world was bugging out on spiritual teachings, we had realized
love is really all we need, everything stopped, things just grew, the
animals went free, and some even began to talk, no one cared about
money anymore, we knew that what you give out returns to you. The
party never stopped, we became the Tribe of Everything, there was no
structure, no one knew we existed, in many ways we did not exist. But
over the years, it had come to form in this way, because we are
dancers, we bring these teachings along, as some kind of luck and an
anchor of deeper meaning, the freedom of the dance is the leaping cow.

We were really high, it was early in the morning, can't stop raving
comes on, we worship the trees and we also worship the drums and the
bass, these are primal ways, the vibrations, InI, infinite, like the
horizon right before the sun would come, we passed around the bowl and
the music played everything was like a huge world, several came
together, what had formed among all the static confusion, this, it was
beautiful, finally alive in the right dimension, so deep in, like a
cut to the center, but painless and rising new like a moment but
limber as the willow. Wanti lives, but it was more silent than that,
the thoughts themselves like sheets of rain, through which I saw
everything, dancing in that mystic way the constellations, come to
awaken here.
The rainbow bowl, made a smile in the sun, shapes, beautiful things,
thats how nature knows, the deer know, it all comes forth lucid,
flowing, festivals, for sure we hold some part in this for that, but
could it nurture all beings, still there were more transformations, it
smoothed out and came slowly over time, subconsciously, something
buried deep in us, to rise again and again, like the mushrooms,
reminders of those most heavenly times, shared by all, where perhaps
there is no I or They, times which have always lived, and rarely go on
consciously but by spontaneous process, we invoke the age of aquarius,
we all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return, like a drop
of rain, flowing to the ocean, magickal moments, alchemy, new
vibrations of being, it doesn't seem real, but somehow being there it
is alive, that is why dream societies are real, and they were always
the ancient way, of the true peoples, before we began to forget. We
lived through dreams and we manifested through a karmaless magic,
through dancing and listening to the call of the planet and all life
around us.
when we acknowledged and honored the trees, they amplified our
intentions and we lived in symbiosis, in a world that was truly dream,
there was just the innocence of consciousness, and the energy of life
which was all around us, which we knew as divine, in many forms, we
dont have to fight about it, because essential its all one.
we smoke weed, like some people practice zazen, from an amanita pipe
named Kami, each time we try to break through to some unknown realm of
divine insight and healing,
floating through strange dreamlike caverns, Sally is a visionary koan
healer, there is an arcane aspect to this zen, I just have to have
determination, the trip is my poem unto you, love, maybe no one else
understands, but I bear that, our true communion, the linking of these
worlds, that they may grow upon eachother and heal eachother and be
whole as they once were. ancient wisdom, makes it all clear again, the
confusion no longer matters, what matters is the love, the wholeness
in all of us, I FEEL THE LOVE! he yells out, there are good vibe signs
everywhere it starts to spread like a crazy lovebomb into everything
ecstatic bliss, the plants love it, they hug the ground the buildings
we all hug eachother and sigh in happiness, many wild things happen,
what everyone was just on the edge of for so long, broke through in a
good way, must have had a child somewhere, up there, some kind of
ghost, brought good energy, the skies are filled with orange, I love
the tao, I love the truth! We come together we hold up our ways, we
worship the Yomo, we commune in our funny secret and outward way, and
spill our healing everywhere, with serendipity, it finds the right
place, long we have been brewing this healing, nature healing, now see
it is everywhere it is that green smile what you thought was jealousy,
nay, it is a vegetarian. raving with chickens, we were able to hug
them, and they granted us partially their wing power, which we used to
take an enchanted broom to an old house in one of the smallest towns
in existence, NATURE LIVES!!!

stardate 482

everything is calm and peaceful, about to go and get water, been
shouting to everyone, LOVE
they start doing amazing dances and shimmering, I know it isn't a
dream anymore, its like holding strange lights underwater, this water
is the ness, and yet we can breathe, it is all around us, like the
love, unhurtable, love! healing wind, take us away, many knew, and
smiled and we digged, a big smile in and out and everywhere, the story
way, they had tried to steal the smiles, and bog them down, but the
smiles inched at first them came in secret, there was no way to hide
them sometimes, something about their feng shui, made those who
discovered them kind of happy, at first I wield mine nervously then I
saw the cold water and I heard the sounds of nearby conversation,
inciting me to another round of dance, and so we parlay again, sweet
universe, again in this infinity, flying now, all of what has occured
throughout my life, comes down to these moments, I am dancing, I move
through everyone, its a funny dance, but its a deep dance, its nothing
anyone ever remembers. its simple, and then its crazy, our bodies mesh
together, Oh what ecstasies!
I writhed on the floor, the pasta kept turning into bones, and the
bones held messages, secret messages, i tried to follow them to the
beginning of everything, to huge to ball before the big bang, and
possibly save us all from the distraction of time, but then I was
distracted myself, unnoticed lying there in the grass, I started to
commune with some of the quieter denizens of the place.

"oi be ye good or evil?"

"good am I"

"join our band of knights then we go from rave to rave dancing our
dance of love and peace we invoke the blessing of the eastern rains
and the love of ancient now, we are humble but ancient, like an old
root whose tip sees the light of day.
travel with us and sure soonly you'll find your way on, for we know of
the land of wanti, and we know how to navigate this place, as we've
been showing you, and how to stay protected from any badness which
might come manifesting up, from the rift
its a shame, most peoples suffering comes from ignorance to these
basic truths and skills we learned long ago, because they dont know
the true origin, they wander like cattle some of them, some know but
only sometimes, others know and their hearts have turned bad, they are
attached to it but if they could relax a bit more and let it fall
away, they want to stiffen up totally, but its just a matter of time.

yes, it was familiar it was deep and primal, it was real, we passed
through it, at the level of game, though we were definitely a band,
like gypsies, the ancients, we knew the truth, we awakened
consciousness wherever we could, we constantly matched the forces of
the opposition, we realized we were just fighting ourselves though, it
was hard to recognize, but we realized it, and we relaxed, everything
flowed so much better, everything began to heal itself, stopped
worrying, realized I was in amazing health, the world was warped
beyond recognition, and apparently this was a permanent deal.
it was all alive, it was coming from this really long streams of
energy, which were just like me, moving us all to where we had the
most purpose, constantly, we all did this, acted at the waves of the
ocean of universal wisdom, but all of these were designations for the
formless static edible surf which was everywhere. We existed as
lights, we were like fairies, we existed within nature, right next to
the mundane world but the way our society was made, many would never
except it, those like us who saw more clearly, played important quiet
parts, the whole thing was a huge dream there were ways out

there was consciousness itself, that just watched it all, good and
bad, with love deeper wisdom, Earth channeled that consciousness, and
all living beings did, and we were acted on by the randomness of the
senses, when we meditated, we reached a place a peace beyond the
senses, which was impossible to defile, over time we used
manifestation and meditation to make this sustainable, but when we
meditated we seeked a food and that food was the sense, and so the
senses came back again and again, and each time they came back the
universe was created our immortal spirits, as consciousness becomes
more adapt and understands itself more each time, but it always
remains kind of an art, we remain a part of everything, we are not
limited at all by these bodies, when we see the cohesion it is insane,
it makes a divine kind of sense, it is all living at once, the trees
know and we all have a tree, the trees are yogis and the yogis are
trees. This is the primal code of life that we've hacked into and
taken the primal jump, this is a natural point in the existence of
each species, when you return to oneness and you begin to shamanize
from various points, both within and without at the same time, and
when they come back together, and you are healed, and can take on life
as the joy that it really is. The tao of the universe is older than
time, all we can do is folly upon it, we knw that truly finding it is
the end of everything, and we love everything because everything is
that which we make life from, we are all making our own lives, its the
self proclaimed shamans who are doing nothing, who sacrifice
themselves to the plants, and then deliver the spirit of the world,
and all its intentions unto the heavens, that is the planet delivers
us, through the plants, it is as much life as it is death, as much
giving as it is recieving, thus it is nothing, it is something which
cannot physically be spoken or alluded to, awareness is a kind of
insanity and magic
the culture at large has tried to brain wash us, that this the fate of
most who attempt a path of taoism, become the sheep, in the yogic
sense, perhaps, but still this is insanity, there is no individual
view, we are just drones.
But we know that its not true, we are not drones, no matter how
strange things get, magical and strange, and beautiful, it seems to
really be selfless, maybe it really is the Gods, but we're not drones,
at the same time what can we say, in this raving way, the
refrigerators are filled with food, from the fields, we grow our own
food, we live a simple life again, these truths are there vaguely,
because they are the barest qualities of our nature, then, finally we
can see, something, something which

But I am more alive than this, I am more alive than these old
traditions, which have nothing to do with me, I am more simple and
more alive, let me be, I want to wander, no need to be shy here.
Everything is alive.

I'm just some writer, lost, hoping to having something. Lost in a sea
of intoxication, growing ever, deeper, I can still physically type
maybe I can reach some kind of stellar place in the trip
I see everything different its beautiful, things are just what they
are, we take in the healing medicines, take in the ways, there is a
wooden green leafy smiling sun, he talks about dreams and the ones who
came up from the circles. We drove around naked for a while. True love
was the eruption, true love on every page, in every letter, peeking
around everything, funny, like a trickster kind of, but no, we all
trusted, her, she was the Universe, we danced within her, we did so
much, yet it was nothing, these laws they were simply the magical
laws, everything made sense, things were kind of normal, they were
just trippy, permanently, I looked at the map, I loved the truth, I
loved that there was no time, I loved the endless reveries, I loved
the mystical truth, everywhere I loved my secret devotions and all the
details of it, which no one understood or could respect in the right
proportion because of so much which mysteriously slipped between
words, this writing makes us stiff in some ways, but we can use it
like a tarp, when everything is gone, the sigils left in these
passages will be free again, what then, it will be a time when the
spirit comes to roam again, I used to feel bad, to put ineffable
things into poems, it felt like a kind of death, I felt like maybe
thats why what happened to me happened, I fell into the way of words.
Each month, we respected the silence of another letter together,
slowly everything became different, the vital energy flowed through
the letters, that was yoga too, it passed through every language, it
was understanding itself.
psychic knowing and alignment, we tune back to our real roots, things
which were artificial stopped begin again, you see the best in people
then, good things coming together.
You see funny things you never really noticed before.

The diamond sutra is insane, mayhap that is what all of this really
is, what are the sutras, I notice qualities from certain things, who
knows what the real center is by know, I am clouded by too much
knowing, I am sick from the corruption, they never allowed me to break
down, I was pulled in too many directions, the fairy in me is
peaceful, these are strange ways of thinking to me, they are strange
like yogas, I appear breathing, life is all connected to the plants,
they are beautiful, they are the enlightenment, we are the extension
we are all a psychic family connected by magic, in a world of shinto,
this is what my Grandmother had told us, we had never understood
there was a greater divine unity, everything is love, just shout love,
this is so good this is the real shamanism SULOS!!!
and you will see the fish of the sky, and maybe Kadera will wander
round again, and then perhaps the world will begin or end, on the
ancient magic of the truth, I had arrived in this miraculous place,
gave up on making sense of it all from any traditional perspective,
simply lived, it was shamanic, but elements of it were all off. I
prayed to the spirits to restore awesomeness, I prayed to the Yomo, I
went out and offered deep meditation, and contemplated to bring the
most joy to the wood. I contemplated among many random things stitched
together over time, it was a journey. We all went out on an adventure,
to the rave, we were druids and it was our adventure, our quest to
discover to true method of meditation.

As we meditated, the world seemed to be created around us. Cattle
danced through the sky. Gnosis, is great, pleasure seems to be
wisdom,and when combined with this idea of InI, which seems to be like
a crazy kind of heartbeat to the vision, We can see more clearly,
things balance out, computers understand psychedelia, they actually
deal with it at an intense level, the patterns that programmers weave
are in many ways similar to psychedelic patterns.

I've never really programmed anything but I've imagined all this time
I was doing it some consciously, to understand metaprogramming, and
the heart which distinguishes life from machine, most of
schizophrenia, rastafari, and zen seem to deal with this that is why
when combined with taoism there is such a good reaction, the reagents
are kept out of orbit, and have to find more and more esoteric
pathways, but they reach the same old buddhist truth, maybe there is a
way to reach permanent nirvana, that every is already dwelling in, I
alone ache with this insanity, as they try to understand and guide me
on, sometimes I think this may be so, but it may just be that this
psychicness is so deep that just thinking it effect us both, thats
what InI does, its chaotic, but ultimately it makes sense, it can help
just as the fast food becomes healthy, and we realize we must care for
the beings we eat and be compassionate, we are what we eat, we must
let herbs grow, and herbal medicine flow, this is a sacred calling,
and has been suppressed in our culture, it seems sinister, why must
everything be synthetic, even from a psychological viewpoint its bad,
people know that the true future lies in simplicity, the most advanced
cultures, were advanced in their wisdom, where our culture now seems
to be devoid of wisdom, perhaps we just need to take time to meditate.
Healing is everywhere, in all the plants, in everything we do and
experience, stay full of good thoughts and honor yourself, dont feed
negativity, this is what the Goddess is telling us, and is saving
lives doing so, the negativity leaves us, we leave behind
manipulation, we leave behind control. Life is just about the
psychedelic experience, thats the only way to reach enlightenment, to
understand existence in the karma free setting.

I hear a voice in me, a voice of a spirit, its all just funny, its a
funny way of talking, we can be ourselves, friends, voices in heads,
little bugs in the woods. unending patterns, forever in wonder.
nothing makes sense.

Love Agarith and Kosherann


I spread a lot of information about myself and what I was doing on the
internet, I believe a spirit there would understand as well, and it
would probably further the connections to the insane mushrooms
im schizophrenic so im kind of half torn, i serve as a waitress at a
siberian themed bar even though im not 21 yet
I like it because the patrons come in and they talk alot about the
Soma, what can I say, I'm interested, haven't read any of the shamanic
text recently, too frightened, pathways were too wierd afraid now I'll
probably harden up and die, can I overcome all opposition, I'm not
sure what it would take to really heal me, I feel like everything
around me is in shambled, I feel like no one is really doing anything,
except us, but lately I realize that is not true, there are still many
who believe in what we do, who protect the woods with us, we've been
kept apart, but the energy channels of the earth and universe connect
us, we can always commune astrally.
Occasionally I find where I am, its insane its like seeing through
past lives, the first time is the craziest, then you start to kind of
understand how the universe really is. Its wierd being a shaman if
this is it, not like the stories at all, at least ones I've read, but
I do my best, and it seems to do something.
we all have banged the drum in some deep dank forest alone

We have all said aloha

we can all find the equilibrium we need, in the universe we need, and
in doing so fulfill the entire existence, We can all grow weed and
shrooms, see all food and nature as divine and just let hippies ways
become as far as we take, truly an it harm none.

we can communicate, and recieve responses and worship the beautiful
chaotic order of unaltered nature

Yomo's Blessing

we may just be deluded fools who have no understanding, still this is
our experience, its what we have to offer.


We represent primal forces of the universe in a pretty simple instinctive way...
this is our karma free dharma

I am a simply farmer casting a fairy spell for moment for the love of
all things, in a silly dream, oh I have always been perhaps, but what
is being at all?

suddenly I am full of trust and love, this is the way it was always meant to be

I am filled with incredible joy to be with my soulmate. Not in a way they understand, not in a way I understand, just you, and me, something so beautiful, love is truly the meaning of this all.

I love everything in my life, I'm so grateful, this amazing journey.

Life is a great vision, it is the greatest communion with the Soul, God/Goddess and oneness that ever was, ever.

Aigy, Cha, Ianeha!


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Re: somethings are just hilarious
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2011, 10:46:00 pm »
Quote from: rainbowgrower;17901
some things sure are hilarious when you are stoned, like walking

Where are you getting this material from. It is fairly unlikely that you wrote it just to post it here.
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