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Author Topic: Oh my....*what goes in this spot?* (Totally random question!)  (Read 4710 times)

Emma Eldritch

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Re: Oh my....*what goes in this spot?* (Totally random question!)
« Reply #45 on: June 01, 2014, 03:42:14 pm »
Quote from: Redfaery;148813
I usually avoid profanity. I dislike hearing it dropped casually, so I myself save it only for the rarest of occasions. Which leaves me saying things like "OH FFFFFFFfffffff....oooo...." or "SH!....iznit..."

I'm picturing you giving me dirty looks on the bus or something now. XD


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Re: Oh my....*what goes in this spot?* (Totally random question!)
« Reply #46 on: September 10, 2014, 05:52:06 pm »
Quote from: yewberry;148819
And I readily admit I love swearing.  I love language in general, so that's no great surprise.


I actually really love swearing too.  It releases something on a visceral level that using more "acceptable" words just can't, at least for me.

For the record I curse a lot (perhaps not my finest quality) and a lot of that tends to be religious (Judeo-Christian) in nature.  I tend to say, Jesus Christ (sometimes giving him the middle name fucking) quite a lot, and I may have once or twice thanked the "baby fucking Jesus."  I sometimes bring his mother and his father (both Joseph and the other one) into it.  It's a knee jerk thing for me.  It just comes out of my mouth (or at least into my mind even if I repress saying it).  I'm not sure I could fully excise it from my vocabulary even if I tried.  

When I use it as an interjection I don't see a problem with it as I'm not really invoking any deity when I say things like that.  The only time I do struggle with what term I use is when what I say could be taken as an actual plea to a higher power.  For example, "God help me," or "Lord forgive me."  I've yet to come up with an appropriate substitute for those situations.


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Re: Oh my....*what goes in this spot?* (Totally random question!)
« Reply #47 on: January 05, 2016, 12:39:50 am »
Quote from: Redfaery;148445
So something just struck me as my two cats just randomly tore across my apartment and  then paused to knock a couple of vases over intentionally (both vases and cats are unharmed). I was so amused yet horrified that I cried out "you are so mean! oh my GOD!"

I'm a polytheist. I usually make a point of saying "Oh my gods!" instead, however, it hit me that I really only worship one deity, and therefore, when I say "oh my god!" I could just as well be referring to Sarasvati...she seems to be amused by this.

Totally random observation. Please chime in with your own. Do you say "oh my gods" or what? Do you understand "oh my God!" to mean uppercase-G G-D? Or just any god, or even maybe your personal patron god? Or is it just an expression?

Am I overthinking this???? It's just....Words Mean Things!!!!:eek:

Personally I always use "Gods"  except in needing something specific in therms of help.  for example "Athena help me if I'm wrong" when talking intellectually, and similar things.  (Insert Theos here) help me (insert problem) depending on the particular situation.

I try not to use curses like "godsdammit" as I feel that could be taken as Hubris so I usually just say "Damn" or the F word instead.


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Re: Oh my....*what goes in this spot?* (Totally random question!)
« Reply #48 on: January 05, 2016, 05:23:09 am »
Quote from: Scales;148566
I have not done research on it, but I think it is less that people used it as a curse word because it was bad to say, but because people genuinely would (and still sometimes do) say 'my God,' when witnessing something horrifying, because they would want god's protection- much like a catholic crossing themself. Then it became something that slipped further and further into common use.

Once when we were driving along the motorway, we suddenly came upon a car pulled over on the shoulder going up in flames, and I shouted 'Mary, mother of god!' before I realised what I was saying, (I was never a Catholic). I guess the fact that there might have been people inside it made me feel it was neccessary to call on the one whom I perceive as the Christian goddess. :o (and fortunately, they had all gotten out!)

Usually, if I stub my toe or the computer is playing up, I tend to say, 'oh for god's SAKE' or 'oh, pox.' Not sure where that one came from.

Here is the UK, 'you bloody feckin' thing' is still a firm favourite. :)
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