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Author Topic: Thoughts on a Novice and Beginner's experience?  (Read 806 times)

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Thoughts on a Novice and Beginner's experience?
« on: June 02, 2012, 04:58:14 am »
While I'm not relatively new to magic and the concept of using energy, I won't say I'm even intermediate at it. And I'm not new to the occult either. Really, I'm asking this question for my boyfriend.

He recently had his first experience with using energy with a specific goal in mind. He's in another state visiting family and I was very upset over something that isn't important at this juncture. He is a skeptic, but quite frankly I've always noticed a bit of ability in clairaudience. There are ghosts in my grandmother's house, whom I live with, and when we're there alone he often gets paranoid because he hears them walking around or even talking. I'm more likely to see shadows, but honestly I usually only see them very late at night when I'm tired and/or just finished meditating or energizing my chakras. My strong points are empathy and clairsentience, what little clairvoyance I have usually shows in dreams.

Anyway, today, the only thing he could think of to comfort me is to tell me repeatedly how much he loved me and to, basically, fling his energy with the hope that it would make me feel better. I'm sure those with more experience know that the energy is gonna take that vague direction and run with it, which it did. Once he told his energy to go off on an epic adventure to cheer me up he actually felt a sensation of strength leave his body. Followed by feeling drained and then becoming overwhelmed with emotion. Here's something you should know, one of the things he often says to himself, and to me, is that he wished he could take my pain away so that he'd feel it instead because he feels strong enough to handle it. And then he gave his energy a vague instruction.

I didn't feel his energy right away, just a sort of swirling motion in my head somewhere between swaying and true dizziness. This isn't vastly unusual for me because I'm an empath, but between the sweet words of affection and this energy I didn't know I was getting I was feeling LOADS better. I did start to feel it though, because he's an extrovert and I'm an introvert (and shucks I'm a scorpio and he's a sagittarius) and his energy is vastly different from my own. It's bright and vibrant and pushy like a five year old demanding a hug. Eventually you just laugh and hug it. It's overwhelming sometimes for me and my body that runs on much calmer energy. He actually asked me if I felt any different, which I did, after which the energy became more insistent on being noticed.

This led to a nice discussion where he said he'd give my worldview a chance. I tried to send his energy back to him, but it wouldn't budge :rolleye:: This was while we were talking about the possible reasons for why he's tired and feeling emotional when that's usually me and he informed me that he didn't want his leftover energy back. It's currently keeping me company in my aura, and it's so potent I could play with it lol

Anyway, I invited him to do a mini-experiment and had him describe his "happy place" for me. Basically I was going to try and project my energy into his happy place. The first time we tried a voice said to him "gobackgobackgoback". This was also while he was trying to envision his happy place and found himself feeling as if he was on a beach, though not quite seeing a beach. The voice wasn't malevolent, it sounded like it was in a rush and it startled the hell out of him. I calmed him down and changed the way we did it and did my best to flare out my aura so my energy would be really obvious and we tried again.

This time there were people hitting rocks with mallets and iron bars and then he saw something dark blue with teeth that looked like stone flying circles near the ceiling. All he remembers is the teeth, the color, and that it probably had wings. He got scared and "ran out" by opening his eyes before he tried again. He saw my image in his happy place and grabbed me, and remembered what my energy was colored like and supposed to feel like and felt calmer and everything stopped so the room was empty except for us.

This whole time I'm sitting with the ball of his energy leftover from his successful attempt to cheer me up in my lap. I figured his own energy would be a great focus point to use as a zipline for my energy and I started to feel it "vibrate." That's the closest word I can think of, not so solidly as say, a cellphone, but a vibration of sorts nonetheless. I also felt anxious and focused more on sending him calming and loving energy and thoughts. Eventually the ball of his energy started to feel heavier and vibrate slower as if it were calming down. Then I had the distinct impression he was going to sleep and that there was something to ask him about. I did have to get his attention through a text, because he wasn't responding to my mentally telling him to wake up XD

Anyone have any thoughts on this experience?
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