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omg! Hello!
« on: July 11, 2011, 08:58:47 pm »
Is that a squirrel?

Lovely attention-getter is it not?
Anyway, I am Eldritch Taranis. The first name Eldritch was given to me by my spirit guardian when he and I first met. He first appeared to me as a serpent and then appeared as half-man-half-stag. He is referred by some as Herne, others by Cernowain, some by Cernenus, god of nature, god of the astral plane and the Underworld; Great Father; "the Horned One." I sometimes refer to him as "Hu Gadarn." The name Eldritch is really explained to be my past life name and ironically the same person my guardian, Hu Gadarn (Cernunnos), guarded. Taranis is the name of one of the Celtic deities from Britain. He is also known as "The Thunderer"; who is associated with the wheel symbol and the eagle. He ca be similar to Jupiter. Taranis's known properties are: Power, Movement, Knowledge, Magic and Leadership.

How did MY path start?

Okay let's start out from the beginning. I was born into  a  protestant family that held pagan and witch blood hidden from   themselves. My mother knew her grandmother was a descendant of a   Scottish witch trial victim and also knew that her grandmother practiced   in secret. I found this out through my aunt and later my mother. At  the  moment, my aunt is a practicing pagan and my mother is still on the   tight rope deciding which pool to jump into. How does this apply to  me?  Well I used to be an all out church go-er. Too far out that I  practiced  it like a ritual. But the change gradually happened when I  started going  to church camps. First step into the woods and I felt the  trees. I felt  them like I can hear them. It was then when the ancient  blood inside me  came into the light. I was no longer protestant, I grew  on from then  into a child of the Earth.  
 When I grew, I ventured into Wicca.  That was more of a trial and  error experience. So I left that path  because I disliked the main  worship toward the Great Mother/Goddess. You  see I am more of a  equality person. I believed each gender needs the  same amount of  attention, so that is what lead me to the Celtic pantheon  and  traditions. I learned that ancient Celtic pagans never looked down  to  the women if the women wanted to enter war or take a leadership role.   But Celtic paganism was too general of a term for me and it included   many of it's polytheistic branches to be worshiped, so I decided to take   the one where I heard the trees and earth more, Druidry. That is what I   am now and I am proud.

Prayers of knowledge, protection and love. Give thy readers these three and more positive blessings.
Eldritch Taranis
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Re: omg! Hello!
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Quote from: EldritchTaranis;4067

Anyway, I am Eldritch Taranis.

Welcome to TC!
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Re: omg! Hello!
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Quote from: EldritchTaranis;4067
Is that a squirrel?

Squirrel???  *hides*

Welcome to the Cauldron!  don't let that nasty rodent jump on my head!


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