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Author Topic: Lesser known deities  (Read 1684 times)


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Lesser known deities
« on: January 15, 2016, 07:44:50 am »
Do anyone have any suggestions how lesser known deities could be integrated in an annual or monthly pattern of late imperial syncretic worship?  Perhaps it is not advisable?

On a daily basis, I restrict what I do to Vesta, Janus, the Genii, the Lares, the Penates, the Sun, Aeon and Vesta.

On an ad-hoc basis, I add Arete, Natura/Physis, Phanes Protogonus, Bonus Eventus and the deities from the Chaldaean Oracles.

Weekly, I add the planetary deities, or at least I try.

Monthly, I add a local river goddess, Artemis-Diana, Selene-Luna and Lunus-Mensis. Earlier, I tried to mix Greek and Roman to a higher degree, but it is easier for me to use a solar calendar than a lunar one, so I returned to a solar calendar (Gregorian, not Julian). It is better do do things correctly, than to perform rituals imperfectly. I am bad at appeasing Mania, and Hecate comes in in my practice by the Chaldaean Oracles rather than occurring in appeasing rites.

Annually, I add the deities associated with festivals celebrated on a household level (not the purely political affairs), and the Dii Consentes of the month.

My question is now: Do you think, that I ought to integrate the lesser known deities in some form of pattern, and then how?

Martianus Capella mentions:
Salus, Favores Oportanei, Nocturnus, Lar Militaris, Lymphae, Dii Novensiles, Discordia, Seditio, Lynsa Silvestris, Mulciber, Lar Caelestis, Favor, Tellurus, Terrae Pater, Filii Jovis, Favor, Celeritas, Solis Filia, Secundanus Pales, Fraus, Veris Fructus, Junonis Hospitae Genius, Lar Omnium Cunctalis, Neverita, Valetudo, Favor Pastor, Sancus, Fata, Dii Publici, and Janitores Terrestres.

PGM IV.1115-66 mentions the aerial spirits Phogaloa, Romidoue, Aganasou and Othaua.

The seven fates of the so called Mithras liturgy (although the choice of title is debatable):
Chrepsentaes, Meneschees, Mechran, Ararmaches, Echommie, Tichnondaes and Erou Rombries.

The Pole Lords of heaven:
Aieronthi, Mercheimeros, Achrichiour, Mesargilto, Chichroalitho, Ermichthathops and Eorasiche.

Is it appropriate to include the names Dionysius, Bacchus and Fufluns in the list of names when addressing Pater Liber, adding 'sive quo alio nomine te appellari volveris'?

Ought Carna, Cardea and Cerus be worshipped at some point during the year?

Or would it be ill-omened to mention in a audible way someone who correctly and exclusively would be addressed by a Flamen, Pontifex, Regina Sacrorum, Flaminica, vestal or collegiate priest only, and that at good-omened times only? I am very wary of mentioning Sancus audibly, since I do not own a black puppy, and dog-sacrifices are forbidden by law where I live anyhow. I have been considering baking bread-puppies, intentionally burn them, and then store them in the fridge, so that purification from mentioning deities not to be mentioned could be done in a very smooth - and legal - way.


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