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Author Topic: Celtic or Other?  (Read 5339 times)


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Re: Celtic or Other?
« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2016, 10:52:33 am »
Quote from: winterleaf;194533
You couldn't have said this in a PM?  Isn't there a time-limit you can put on re-editing any way?  I did put in a reason for the edit.  But since no-one has yet replied, the additional information hasn't done harm.

Yes I'd be happy to reply to you privately in future, so why couldn't you tell me this privately?  This doesn't seem very fair and - if anything - is more disruptive to the flow of conversation than my editing ever was.

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We moderate publicly here. It helps ensure that staff actions are transparent and accountable. And, yes, we do have a hard limit on edits; it's set for as short a time period as the software will allow (about 15 minutes, I think).

Publicly disputing a moderation call, however, is a violation of our rules. When you signed up on TC, you clicked to indicate that you had read them and would follow them; you had another opportunity to read them when I included the link in the above reminder notice. If you think you were moderated unfairly, the appropriate course of action is to privately contact the Assistant Message Board Coordinator or the Message Board Coordinator with your concern - or in this case, the Co-Host, Randall, since I am the Message Board Coordinator.

This is your first formal warning for rules violation; I strongly suggest that you ensure that you're familiar with those rules so as to avoid future violations.

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Re: Celtic or Other?
« Reply #16 on: August 31, 2016, 11:52:55 am »
Quote from: Naomi J;193847
I primarily say Gaelic, but I have Brythonic polytheism in my practice too. I can't use the term 'Celtic' anymore though - too loaded. I used to call my practice that because it was mixed between Gaelic and other things, but it's too easily misunderstood (especially by people who think I'm not serious in my practice, when I use the term).

At the same time, I think some Pagans who critique 'Celtic' ignore the way that the term has been used by colonised peoples to reclaim their power. It is very much used today. Which raises the question, for me, of how we as Pagans honouring Irish/Welsh/Brythonic (etc) gods actually relate to the cultures of the descendants of their followers. It's an issue that I'm still working through.

Is Celtic so bad of a term? Most of our knowledge on the people we call the Celts is from the Gaelic writings and welsh and there is so little information we have and so much overlap between the writing we have. There was also probably enough variation within the Gaelic culture the the variation within might have been more than the differences between these too groups of people. Thus the term Celtic allows us to use as much information as we can get from what little we have left.


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