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Author Topic: Pagan Gods/Christian Gods - is there the same essences or different?  (Read 3934 times)

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Re: Pagan Gods/Christian Gods - is there the same essences or different?
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2012, 07:24:13 am »
Quote from: Rhyshadow;45390
Thing I get a kick out of about this - you're only suppose to pray to God or Jesus - the same person if you really think about it

Mary, for Catholics, has been elevated to Deity status and they pray to her all the times

And how many actually "pray" to the various Saints - thereby unintentionally elevating them to Deity status as well

Just a bit of hypocrisy there I think

Personally - every one is an individual, each with His or Her unique traits, faults and foibles.  Even Jehovah and Jeshua are individuals, not two sides of the same coin.  And they are part of the intricate web of God/Goddess and Universe.

I'd like to point out, as Christianity is my birth religion and I've had access and exposure to several denominations, that Jehovah and Yeshua are in fact, two sides of the same coin. Actually they're more like parts of a cylinder. Yeshua and the Holy Spirit are the two circles at the end and Yeshua is the actual cylinder part that takes up the most space and connects the two circles together into one cohesive shape. They are different People but one Being. It's sortakindamaybealmostnotreally like divine multiple personality disorder where the personalities are aware of each other. The Holy Spirit is part of this Holy Split Brain, as it were, though careful examination of the grammar and implications of the original Hebrew suggest that the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of God, with the understanding that Jehovah is not implicitly male like a human, nor is the Holy Spirit implicitly female. Yeshua is the only part of this trinity with genitalia at all as He is God-incarnate (and the Holy Spirit is included in this incarnation after Yeshua's baptism). It's sort of a holy family suggesting the separateness and importance of each aspect while seeing the beauty of the whole family unit. That's a personal opinion that I've adopted from research into the subject.

Someone else noted that in the original Hebrew YHWH was referred to with a plural noun, and several places in Psalms and Proverbs suggest a Feminine Face of God, if not the separate entity often named Sophia who is usually connected to the Holy Spirit. This presents of course some complications with current theology as it seems contradictory to what we are taught in church. However considering most people don't realize this trifold deity of ours is a contradiction in Himself, it's a tad bit moot. Of course, all this is to say that it's plausible that Jews and Christians (and by some proxy Muslims) have been polytheists this whole time and not know it XD I guess the warning against idolatry and the singular translation of plural nouns hides this idea from us. Also, I don't believe our theology is anything like most theology of pagan religions. I'm sure there are parallels, but ours seems a tad unique. Just a tad lol

To the OP, I would say that the Christian God (for there is only One, though "He" is made of three "parts") is not the least bit similar to pagan deities. For one thing His nature is a tad complicated, as one can see from my above explanation, not saying the others are simple, far from it, but His existence is a bit...confuzzled. Understanding His trifold yet separate nature and the way the ancient Israelites understood Him could be compared to untangling Anubis' parentage. It's tangled and complicated and largely lost when comparing His emergence in the ancient world, why He came about, and how exactly He's different from the pagan deities and how the Israelites came to worship Him.

There's a lot of translation problems, both accidental and purposeful (Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Egyptian are probably two of the most difficult ancient languages to take apart considering the characters don't conserve vowels nor do they translate easily into other languages, ancient or modern. Then of course there's the matter of personal and political agenda in the burgeoning Christian church at the time) did and still do muddle the matter intensely. Just like with any other long standing religion, time and context can change things, and there are forged materials that contributed to confusion in Rome and the Empire during the formation of the Catholic Church. Jehovah is different than the other deities of the world. He has a very distinct personality.

If anyone hasn't noticed I still very much like my birth religion, as might be evidenced by my self inclusion in the "us", "our", "we" usage in reference to Christians as a whole. I know some people have parted with Christianity on bad terms, I give you hugs and cookies and wish you didn't go through the problems with it that led you to leave. I personally didn't leave on problems with theology or severe unbearable problems with the people in my church, or problems with it being "right" for me or forced on me, so it sucks to always know I got lucky to a certain extent.

While I'm not necessarily a "hard" polytheist, I will firmly separate the God of my childhood from the ones I seek now. Besides, the other deities won't necessarily abandon you, banish you to fiery torment or otherwise punish you because you worship other gods. Christianity is monotheistic (though I've heard that some people consider us polytheistic because of our trifold deity)
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