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Author Topic: Is there a connection between foxes and dance?  (Read 591 times)


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Is there a connection between foxes and dance?
« on: September 08, 2012, 01:29:08 pm »
Building on my prior thread, the fox spirit ("Hanschen") who's been contacting me for a month tends to use dance to get messages through to me.

Hanschen is a pretty archetypal trickster--I don't think he's any specific spirit, because his appearance and personality doesn't match up with anyone I've heard of or read about. Or rather, he matches up to TOO MANY things.

He "cast" himself as Hanschen from the musical Spring Awakening because he's gay (same-sex practices are a recurring theme in trickster archetypes); his human appearance might resemble the Creole Baron Samedi (he's a black-haired young man with deathly pale skin); he sometimes takes the form of a black fox instead of a normal red one (some North American tribes viewed black foxes as deities); and he tends to empathize with mistreated or abandoned children.

He first sent me a dream where I was taking part in some sort of "day of the dead" street festival, and then a few days ago he danced with me in a meditation.

Quoted with minor edits from my LJ (please note, there's a lot of swearing):

This drum-and-cymbal beat started. Hanschen started dancing along to it. I don't think it was a specific dance; just this primitive, rhythmic movement. And for someone who's so tall, broad-shouldered, and generally imposing-looking, he moved really lightly and silently.


I noticed Hanschen would move in spirals whenever he asked me to join him, so I "accepted" by trying to move the same way. Then when we actually joined up and he took my hands, he THREW ME and stood over my neck in fox form. He didn't growl or snap, but I was still startled and went "WHAT THE FUCK, HANSCHEN?!"

And he went back to human form and said, "Got you!"

While we got ready for the next round, I realized that the dance's rule was to trip the other person when you join up. When we did for the second time, I yanked him off-balance and kneed him in the stomach.

Hanschen needed a minute to recover from his coughing fit, and then he went, "Good job... but you didn't surprise me." With that irritating "not quite!" smile and the finger-wagging thing.

And I was thinking, 'Goddamn you, what is your point?' So we went for a third round, and when we joined up, he changed his head into a fox's and fucking BIT MY RIGHT WRIST. It wasn't that hard, but it made me scream and go "KFSAKLNKA HANSCHEN, WHAT THE HELL?!"


Hanschen changed back and started laughing, and he went, "The rules were to SURPRISE you!"

I said, "So I could have changed into a bird or something to avoid you?!"

He face-palmed and went, "Don't GIVE IT AWAY like that."

Generally when he gives me information, I need to one-up him somehow--I had to be fast/confident enough to "catch" him before he told me what he was, and now with that trip-each-other dance, he's definitely telling me that I need to be fast and clever.

And, well, not as painfully honest.

Are foxes known for dance? I know they represent physical and mental agility, but I can't find any connections to dance in particular.
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