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Author Topic: In your opinion who's the best goddess for releasing your sexual side?  (Read 3481 times)


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Re: In your opinion who's the best goddess for releasing your sexual side?
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2014, 12:47:21 pm »
Quote from: Siona;155239
On the flip side of that, I've known a few Christians who do shun the whole mundane thing, and don't take their kids to therapy when it's needed, or whatever else, they just do the whole pray it away thing... and if things aren't getting better, well, you're just not praying hard enough. I don't think that's a very healthy approach to anything, personally. (And just to be clear, not suggesting that the original poster is looking to take such an approach, just speaking generally.)

However, pagans I've met don't totally ignore the spiritual approach, but do recommend taking both the mundane and spiritual approach. Of course pagans are all different, and there are some who do recommend mundane over spiritual, and even those who recommend spiritual over mundane. Ask a bunch of pagans for advice, and of course you'll get a bunch of different sorts of recommendations. ;)

That's true. There are certainly Christians who won't go to a therapist or even a medical doctor. Some of these make the news when their children die from treatable diseases while their parents pray over them.

I don't want to give anyone the impression that you shouldn't try to reach out to a deity to ease any of the issues in your life. I think that having a good relationship with a god or goddess can make healing a lot easier. That said, I wouldn't expect it to rapidly speed up the process and effect a dramatic change in a short period of time, like the OP indicated she wished.
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Re: In your opinion who's the best goddess for releasing your sexual side?
« Reply #16 on: August 10, 2014, 02:58:16 am »
Quote from: PrincessKLS;155183
A little off topic, but why is it, socially it seems acceptable for plain Christians to just depend on their all-around god and use mundane (including therapy) tools for their ills, but within the pagan communities, you are actually pushed more into the idea of not depending on a god or goddess for everything and always doing mundane tasks to overcome issues? I'm not saying anyone should be 100% dependent on  a deity is good, (although some people insist on this idea) but it's a bit of a double standard I've observed through these forums throughout the years. I mean, to get technical, it seems like a lot of pagans now are moving more toward an aethistic or agnostic style of thinking where you basically don't need a diety and it's almost like true magick is leaving the world. What's going on with that? Sorry to get off topic and yes, I know pagans and Christians both have different ideals and even different mindsets but it seems stigmatizing in a way to search out deities for help, that's the feeling I'm getting. Although that's kind of the point of polytheism. There's a reason why in my original post that I talked about trying mundane things to overcome my blockage such dating sites, and yes of course therapy, I've tried. What's wrong with me wanting to do something way out there and different? It's funny that in my situation I'm stigmatized by the pagan community for being a pagan who worships Jesus and Mary but if I want to add a specific god or goddess from another pantheon for a specific purpose, it's somewhat taboo.


It's a legitimate question and I'm afraid I'll have to call recent history to my aid in answering one part of it. It doesn't have much to do with pantheon choices from my perspective.
Nobody is stigmatizing you or anybody else about this.

 You say you are a college student so I'm assuming ( but I could be wrong) that you were not around a couple of decades ago, or even one decade ago when neo-paganism really started to grow. One of the fundamentals of many kinds (but not all kinds) of paganism is it lacks both doctrine and orthopraxy. Add this to the media getting ahold of the resurgence in interest in all things 'paranormal' and what happened was a lot of 'magical thinking' ( in the psychological sense) started to flourish A lot people felt that with very little work, commitment and research on their part, they command great powers to do their bidding . One candle, some nice crystals ( often synthetic or illegally mined) , say a few words usually not understood and whoop! Thy wish is granted. I don't know about this forum though I see it's been around a loooonnnggg time in modern pagan terms so I'm sure it's had it's share of people coming by begging for a spell! a spell! please give me a spell! for problems small or big.  Or 'Give the name of a deity, any deity! who will give me what I want! (but usually not wanting too much in depth knowledge or work to do)

It's with the big problems that trouble, disappointment and sometimes serious real time consequences came a'calling. Too many unscrupulous people were happy to prey upon the people who had newly discovered paganism and (sometimes at a price and sometimes just for ego gratification and sometimes out of their own ignorance and sometimes....just because some people are unrepentant dicks) too many poor souls who had watched too many 'Buffy' or 'charmed' type shows had their minds and too often their health messed with .

Responsible pagans wanted to curb the excesses and while wanting people to keep their curiosity and enthusiasm up, also warn them about the sometimes dire consequences of the 'magical quick fix'.

It was excruciating reading posts from people who were suffering some terrible but ultimately fixable disorder talk of 'lighting a candle to goddess X to help make the spell work' and save the time and money of going to a doctor for a potentially serious problem.

Or to put it another way, if your plane develops engine trouble at 40,000 ft., a bottle of Bach's rescue remedy is probably *not* going to bail you out .

So people who practiced paganism of all kinds became more responsible and conservative in their advice giving. And perhaps because of some of the excesses that they have witnessed involving pagan type religions, started to err on the side of caution and the mundane more in public because of the potentially nasty consequences of giving spiritual or magical advice to someone who wasn't really equipped to understand it or use it wisely.

I myself am happy to see this though I understand how it could look contradictory. As with many things, time helps. When people know someone will do the reading and gain the experience necessary, they tend to be more free in sharing their own experiences and some of these are *quite* magical:)
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