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Author Topic: final fantasy 7 mythology and a mysterious ancient peoples  (Read 1328 times)


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final fantasy 7 mythology and a mysterious ancient peoples
« on: September 12, 2011, 12:39:47 pm »

read this, this is why I think there is intense lore hidden within all
forms of mythology, video games and even every day places, so we will
eventually pick up n the truth and be able to see through,
the ancients are the mushrooms, and once again we are closer to them
than we might think, they moved from different planets, and different
trees, again ideas of scale are always changing and interchangeable,
because of the nature of the process and the cycles

the real alchemical knowledge which was shamanically dismembered for
some reason, i think through the advent of judeo christian religion,
but this may not be so, maybe moreso the advent of the corruption of
those religions, which holds the key to the real reasons why we are
here, who we are etc...

"Long ago, the tribes followed the herds and the herds
produced mushrooms. When ingested, these mushrooms provided insight
into the oneness of all being."
Elizabeth from

" I believe we are all two spirits, just some of us have evolved to
the point of integration of both.  My philosophy is to represent all
fairy worshippers and pagans, not just a slice of the movement.

Fairies have always been two spirit peoples.  We know how to worship
the goddess and the god, and don't need a high priest or priestess to
do it for us.  Honestly, I'm bored with the gardenerian style
paganism, it is far too structured for me. For me, ritual and magic
are free-spirited, unburdened by rules and uncontained.  "

its a lot more chaotic than it might seem, its not just about blood,
because Barret is also and ancient, because he fights for the planet
with AVALANCHE (who could be seen as a tribe of the rainbow), and
plays out a story as Aerith and Ilfalna with Marlene as if it was some
kind of prophecy
Barret is a lot like Nuada ( the most famous 'king' of the sidhe), who
had a silver arm, Barret has a gun for a hand, the sidhe also were
said to come from the stars, yet there is a sense they had always been
within the  earth as well, like it was a natural place for them,
the fairies were also known for being both black and white, seelie and
unseelie, so maybe that explains this dichotomy and how they are
united, though seeming to come from the most different places (as
Aerith and Barret), because in truth their root is in neither

Barret expresses the most opposition toward shinra, i.e. 'exploitative
humans, ' the company draining the world, Aerith isn't so outspoken,
but she doesn't want to go with them, even though they ask her to,
their real intent is some kind of strange research

Nuada's arm healed in part by Dian Cecht, and completely by Airmid, from the
herbs that grow on her brother Miach's Grave 365 herbs, every herb in
existence, similar story to Hailie Sellasie, and also similar to
ayahuasca which is every plant in the forest

I don't know if I understand Rastafari

is Jah at Stonehenge?

just seems Jah would have more to do with that, than like, a church..
I've felt like I was at stonehenge sometimes, just for a second... and
they say stonehenge was built by black people, druids, in the old

its like zen... maybe one day I will understand, it does seem ital,
healthy, good, but theres a lot that seems like it goes against
itself, maybe its there as a distraction, or to confuse people... it
wouldn't all just be out for everyone to see, I suppose..
even though we all are InI, but can it blossom beyond where it is?

if the truth of the Yomo is Jah, but I think its different, than the
Christian YHWH or not corrupt, in the sense that they are about
mushrooms, and Jah is nature, the spirit of all things, and can be
spoken to in some way, I guess I do believe that, definitely

but when it comes to specificallly what was said, I'm not so sure or
why... always

i think moreso than YHWH I'd say Jah is Wakan Tanka

and YOU, you have the mark of both the Ancients and of AVALANCHE,
which must be why we are such good friends, and sisters...
I think the reason we moved here was because of Wanti and
because of the fairies, because of all of it coming together, also
because of the tribes... there are signs everywhere, i can't name all
of them, but to an extent everyone knows.
I want to stay, we are doing all we can to preserve that, though we
can't tell our parents everything, maybe the truth and the salvation
and preseversation is in Jesus, the Yomo, Ila, Noma, Upto, Yaveyetta,
who make up Jah...Wakan Tanka, and the whole of the way, included in
them is every being and buddha
they are already here, all around them, there is illusion but at the
essence is the faith that over comes that, the pure potential, annd
the openness, the magic happening humbly and in silence that allows
for Spirit to work and miracles to happen, for the world to be in such
harmony, for that to spread and not dwindle,

maybe its a game that was created, at a greater level, the work of the Gods
and everything is wisdom of the Creator, every single thing that
happens, we must do what we can, but also the burden is not all on us,
we all spontaneously know what to do we all work as one, just as much
as I think I am saving the forest, the forest is saving me, brought me
here, and us all here, to heal us, because this is Wanti

the ancients don't know everything, but they have wisdom about them

Tifa asks Aeris Does the promised land really exist and Aeris says She
doesn't know

and that the Cetra were born from the planet, speak with the Planet,
and unlock the Planet

and as the window was just pen and the planet spoke

it sounds like the Ancients are not manifest, and they came to the
planet, to manifest to unlock the planet, to activate the crystal of
Gaia, of which each peoples have a part, when we come together as one,
the planet speaks, it is us, we see this, our sight is clear, our way
is  pure, our actions are simple and good,

just like Wanti isn't really like a normal place, and we came here,
manifested to awaken the true potential of Gaia, shamans, chanellers
of the planet, and awaken others to the singing, in everything, to
that quietness.

Cetra or Setora, Cetra is an instrument, maybe a guitar, gaiatar, the
instrument of the planet, another way in which it speaks, and connects
to our chakras... its music, its colors, its art, its the lights, its
in nature, and in our creative expressions, its easier to understand
the fairies and fr them to come across in this way sometimes

"The Cetra will return to the Promised Land a land that promises
supreme happiness"

"What does this mean?"

"Beyond words, I don't know."

she talks about her mom and how she thought she would stop hearing her
voice as she grew up,
like I hear the Yomo
maybe the corruption is what some of these companies over time have
done to the old ways and what of their is really coming through still
but it is possible to heal from that, this wisdom is within us, there
is no way to lose it, but will we let it grow? or will we sacrifice
it, which is sometimes the temptation
it doesn't always look a certain way if you know what I mean we all
definitely have a place, in the universe... in true healing no one is
really hurt, it all happens for the greater good
what we want to know is how to really heal and how to spread the joy
and love we sometimes feel, since love begets love, and all that, we
all know it.. deep down, but, I don''t think you can force it, it has
to be done truly, or it won't really be love, but love


I  think Love, Sulos happens when you are where you need to be,
fulfilling your purpose in life

At the garlic mustard farm Marlene thought about a better way to deal
with the reactors that would cause no innocent lives to be hurt
Aeris was able to tell her about materia through dreams she would
sometimes hear a voice, if there was peace, the processes of the
reactors could be reversed
with them giving out energy to nature, instead of sucking it in, just
by ceasing temporarily, with the right materia the reactors would stop
in cycles and give no more and the Earth would naturally replenish
then, the celestial influence would grow a lot stronger, even in a
short time.
they found old buildings and tore most of them down, there was still
dirt underneath, much was planted there, now that the upper plate had
fallen and the sun came through it was the beginning of peace, the
opposites seemed to have worked as one, Shinra and Avalanche, when
they surrendered to the chaos of the present moment, a huge change
happened, the wisdom of the ancients lived on, beyond the old church
where the sunshine came through and the flowers bloomed, the same ray
of sunlight which passed the reactor that Cloud fell from. It was like
the tree she had found, there were three segments coming from the
ground, the bark was  gone and there was an image of a man, then
underneath, you could see,because it had fallen slumped, but not
completely uprooted, somehow it was still alive, but you could see a
small dark hole underneath, and the roots where covered in a fungus
and turned white below and then above there was the dark brown, like
yin and yang, truly they were both one, She sensed the fairies there.
Just as the two opposites came together, they were strangely aligned,
within a greater wisdom and chaos and intuitive neutrality which comes
from wisdom. Aligned by the divine, the Planet, the Universe, working
through them. never was either side ever too far from the source, the
life stream, the Makia energy, flowed through it all, neutral, the sun
was the same everywhere, Midgar used to be a great Forest, the
reactors were trees, it came through again, it came from the sun, from
Wanti, it was the same mythic happening, at each level there was
resonance, even in our world, there is resonance, because it is the
primordial ground of being, the core, and the principles which spring
from it which are relayed.
When they planted near the reactors, wherever they where able to find
the bare ground, very rarely and hidden the plants rose up and were
divinely blessed, they had to strength to overcome and heal in their
surroundings, usually they could not be totally hidden, but they were
able to be preserved because their magic even enchanted and inspired
those who worked for Shinra, they were the Ness, they were the herb,
Kaneh, hemp, sacred flowers. Because the Spirits, good people were
able to visit them, and learn and keep the energy right, they could
keep growing and they were great trees. They made the ground strong.
again, slowly there was more ground being found.
Over time, the entire city was overcome, like a butterfly from a
coccoon, a snail from a heavy shell, there were the equivalents,
because the land was built on energy patterns there were always there,
the people lived in the trees, which had grown and lifted some small
structures, they made hills of dirt and lived in them, and roots were
the walls, such the connection to the plants had grown, they were not
exploitative of eachother, as the Shinra would have made them,
constantly drawing out only what was most obviously useful and
ignoring the rest, causing suffering and overall failure, they worked
together within eachothers limits, didnt rush eachother and became
basically one, over time, hidden aspects of both were revealed. The
Ancients had truly returned and it was all of them all along, not
simply an effect of blood, or rare materia, as the companies were able
see, only because they were so selfish, they could not see the beauty
in everyone who had always surrounded them, because they did not give
back, they never found the infinity in themselves. or were The
Ancients a siloluqouy of the universe, an astrological happening, an
egoless spirit anima, which came and went, which through wisdom we
attracted to ourselves. The Yomo, Yaveyetta, and all of the gods, the
fruit of all the ways with compassion which is one but many. Not just
one people, but an alignment, a wytipodation, that went through an
entire existence it seemed and many many species, plant, animal, even
mineral like a generation, a certain place in consciousness, a wider
opening of the Spirit, revealing the spirits who made up all of them,
kamis, the faeries, devas, angels, Gods, the creatures of folk lore,
and the wisdom and secrets of the universe, always apparent to them
who truly seek, of right heart, because they appear at every level, at
all times, they are truly immortal, but not always awake.
As the earth awakened again in the city, it grew, even in the darkest
place, it experience rebirth, and then reunion with the rest of the
world, and so everything was healed. it was a cosmic healing, caused
by an egoless presence, working through all creation here, it was not
one group, or even one discernablephilosophy, it was the way that it
all came together, attracted by a greater divine gravity, which was
beyond even this universe, at the primordial ground.

Don Corneo's business changed to a zen bathhouse, (though there were
still beautiful women, men & transgendered folk there, but they didn't
exploit their bodies, instead they shared philosophy yoga and tea,
their earnest enlightenments, peace love unity and respect) and
people sought true love over all else, love was known as the greatest
true medicine. In Midgar, lovers renewed the tradition of planting
flowers when they fell in love to represent something deep down cozy
and special.


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Re: final fantasy 7 mythology and a mysterious ancient peoples
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2011, 01:29:27 pm »
Quote from: rainbowgrower;19304



You appear to be writing your posts in a word processing program and then c/p ing them to the board.  Sometimes that's necessary, depending on your connection or device, but please hit the 'preview post' button when you do, then go through and correct your lines and spacing.

I'm not promising that would do anything for your comprehensibility, but it would make your posts more readable for those who still struggle through them.

Thank you,
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Re: final fantasy 7 mythology and a mysterious ancient peoples
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2011, 02:29:34 pm »
Quote from: rainbowgrower;19304

"Long ago, the tribes followed the herds and the herds
produced mushrooms. When ingested, these mushrooms provided insight
into the oneness of all being."

This is really what your incoherent posts are all about, isn't it?
If it only would be insight, but - sorry to break the news to you - what you think it is and what you do post here is not.
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Confuzzled and proud. :p


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Re: final fantasy 7 mythology and a mysterious ancient peoples
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2011, 06:01:56 pm »
Quote from: rainbowgrower;19304


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Y'know, you could save yourself a lot of time and effort, and get a result that's more intelligible, better-written, better-arranged, and more fun for everyone if you just .

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