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Author Topic: Bastet & Pahket and animal mating  (Read 1095 times)


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Bastet & Pahket and animal mating
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:41:01 am »
I've seen other's mention about seeing others dreams and interacting with their gods / goddess so though I would share this one.


I've placed this here simply from the fact I can't say which parts were dream, which parts were vision and which parts were something else. Yet it clearly held all three facets as in some areas I was clearly aware I was awake but the imagery was being played out upon the third eye, other areas I'm not so sure of. With that disclaimer let’s get down to the discussion parts.  In places I have added notes as I pondered the dream / vision and what it triggered in my mind.


I had just lay down (this would be the night of the 14th of January) as I was not feeling too well and figured I’d try to catch a few zzz's. As I lay there all of a sudden I was aware of sitting almost cross legged before a giant statue of Bastet. As I looked upon it a large brazier lit up and the flame rose into the air to illuminate the entire image of Bastet

Next I watched a second brazier alight and the flame revealed a similarly giant statue standing upon a raised dais. Upon this dais stood a statue of Pahket. Both Bastet and Pahket statues were of the sort that had a human female body with the head of a cat. Only a slight difference of the ears was the clear difference between the two statues.

A third Statue was then illuminated by a lighting brazier, which revealed a large statue of Artemis standing upon a raised dais. The statue revealed was more aligned to the Ephesos Cult statuary than any of the Hunting Goddess statues of Artemis. Yet it had facets of the Mistress of animals statues as two creatures stood beneath her hands.

A forth statue was then illuminated by another blazing brazier, this one revealing a statue of Hekate / Hecate. Her statue was more of a single headed young woman than the traditional three facing heads.

As I sat (Knelt?) before them I was aware of an opening between the two statues to the left and the two to the right. While I could not see what was in the opening I had a sense of something there.

I need to point out that I knew I was awake during this and knew it was being played before my third eye. The background noise was nearly masked out but just enough presence to know it was there.

I also had a sense of making offerings to each of the goddess before their statues but I can't tell you what the offerings were. I knew I made them but I have no idea or recall of what it was that was offered.

This pretty much ends the awake stage of the whole thing.

Note - The order is the two Egyptian Goddess stand to my left, the two Greek goddesses stand to my right. The area they stand in seems to be a half moon temple with pillars that stand slightly behind the statues, almost un-noticed. The area between the two sets stands out for its lack of a statue being visible, almost like one might think and entry / exit would be but it didn't feel like that but like something stood back in the shadows and watched but I was unable to see it.

Note - Artemis was the first to claim me doing so when I was still a pre-teen back in the late 1960's. Yet all four really became active about the same time, late 1990's as I was on a Mediterranean deployment for 6 months. Artemis appearing in her many forms she is known by, i.e. Ephesian Artemis, Artemis Tauropolis, Artemis Orthia, Arcadian Artemis, Agrotera Artemis and her association to Athens and her Arketoia. Hekate / Hecate was also pushing her presence, especially when we were in the sea area that borders Turkey and Greece, passing through the Bosporus straight into the Black Sea. Bastet and a bit later Pahket appeared to me when we were off the coast of Africa, though not Egypt.

Note - Over the following months I would read more about Artemis which further led me into discoveries about Bastet and Pahket. Especially the way Bastet and Pahket were equated to Artemis by the Greek settlements in the areas and the time frames of each. In many ways all of them sort of blur in the way one moves into another as I research them.

Note - In some ways it reminds me of a vision I had many years ago of a very ancient Panther headed goddess (Mafdet / Maftet) who came out of a haze and spoke to me. She is Egyptian in appearance but may actually come from a much older culture. When you talk of the sands of time you can see it dusted upon her clothing in every way.

Note - I don't recall any noise or sounds with the statues. Which in retrospect was strange considering the significance of the braziers going off and the impression of the flames size and presence? When I was with the statues I was mostly aware of my breathing and openness when in the animal form it was more heat, dust, fur and blood and heartbeat.

NoteThe layout almost matches an altar I had designed some time ago.  The altar would be half-moon shaped with a foundation row that would consist of Artemis - Hecate / Hekate to the left a central opening then another foundation row of Pahket and Bastet. Before each would be their name engraved into the wood, while a votive type candle sits in the wood in front of them. A second tier sits above and behind them. Above Artemis & Hecate / Hekate would sit a spot for he whom I only know as the Huntsman. Above Pahket and Bastet would be a second tier upon which would sit a candle and name place for Sekor.

Note - The whole thing would only be abt 1.5 ft. to 2 feet tall, abt 3 ft. wide and abt 4 - 6 inches deep on each level. It would look something like back stepping stairs from the side. I thought about it almost a year ago but every time I tried to start it something would always prevent it. Perhaps that is part of this and this is part of the final tweak to the layout.

The next thing I am aware of is I am in some cat form and have joined with a female that I think is Bastet though I am aware of a large figure watching over us. We have mated as I know I have snagged the back of her mane with my teeth and we are still joined. Yet I can hear a voice telling me to wait as the release is as important as the act. I recall that cats have spurs on their penis and they must wait for the penis to soften less the spurs rip and tear. Yet the voice tells me that is not the reason for this waiting.

Note - The cat type is sort of hard to identify. At one point it is clearly a wild cat type head I am looking upon, long thin ears and sort of a flat squared head shape. Not the rounded shape you see with a lot of smaller house cats, especially not the typical rounded head you see depicted on so much of her statuary. Later sort of a lioness shaped head with the tawny color and larger squared head, yet I admit it could be the same head as above but simply a different vantage point.

Note - the figure's looking on are clearly lioness in head shape and facial structure. I know them to be Bastet and Pahket as I look to them and in some ways they represent stages along the Nile. Which I suppose is true in that Bastet is associated to the delta region of the Nile and Pahket is more along the middle region of the Nile and harsher areas. Though neither of them is equated to the harsher Upper Nile region where you originally found Sekhmet before the union of the Lower and Upper Kingdoms.

From a shamanic type sensation it is almost like taking on a spirit spouse. Yet while the male is dominate in the coupling it is not his dominance that is the point of this.

I am sure it is Bastet that I have mated with and joined with yet the figures looking on are also Bastet and Pahket. I can hear them speak and talk about how this stage is done but not completed and that another coupling remains to be joined.

Now neither Artemis nor Hekate / Hecate are present for any of this nor does it seem to interest them. So I am inclined to think it is something specifically to do with the Egyptian goddesses for this.

Next I have images of what I think is Bubastis (sp) but also images of The Grotto of Artemis near Benni Hassen where the temple to Pahket is located. Some faint recall of what looks like hieroglyphs but at the same time I know they are not but they are some magical images or symbols.

There is much that is still in that haze of did I see it or didn't I and thus is really random and disconnected. Yet what do you think.

I probably should also note that both Pahket and Bastet have been really quite for some time so this is really forceful and in the face with a sudden urgency to it.


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