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Author Topic: Food: Favorite "Healthy" & Easy Recipes to Make  (Read 1686 times)


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Re: Favorite "Healthy" & Easy Recipes to Make
« Reply #15 on: May 07, 2019, 06:54:15 pm »

Just had the leftovers of one that is definitely worth sharing (brought to you by the fact my nutritionist and I talked about adding more beans to my diet.) The basic recipe for this one is vegan, but you can do chicken broth and/or an egg to finish if you want.

I started with wanting to make the quick chickpeas and pasta recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but did not have tomato paste, so poked at some other recipes and used the can of good canned tomatoes I had instead. I ended up doing somewhat more pasta (a cup and a half of small shells which was two servings of pasta per the package) and so upped the liquid: two cups of broth and a cup of water got me to a thick thing that was more stew than soup, which is how I like my soups. Add more liquid if you want more brothy natured soup.)

I had it fresh Sunday, when I made it, and just had the leftovers for dinner tonight, and they were SO AMAZING once they'd had a chance to sit. (I also put a fried egg on top, because protein is a thing for me.)

My one note is that the rosemary pieces were a bit tedious, so picking up cracked rosemary from Penzey's is on my list. I'll definitely be making this one again, and it's mostly full of things that are really good for you.
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Re: Favorite "Healthy" & Easy Recipes to Make
« Reply #16 on: May 07, 2019, 07:10:50 pm »
Then I marinate it overnight in homemade or high quality Italian dressing. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

This is what I do if I bought a condiment and ended up not liking it: dump the remainder of the bottle on some chicken pieces. The roasting process seems to mellow out any overly-harsh flavors, so even something I didn't like on a sandwich or salad tastes decent as a marinade.


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Re: Favorite "Healthy" & Easy Recipes to Make
« Reply #17 on: May 07, 2019, 11:56:15 pm »
As I recover from the flu, I'm currently thinking of how to revamp my diet so that I'm more nutritionally sound and so my body is stronger. At the same time, I'm also aware of food costs, and convenience sometimes takes the driver's seat instead of other goals (like keeping my food cost low in my monthly budget, and eating healthy).
So what recipes do you have that are:
  • Healthy
  • Easy to Make
  • Easy on the Wallet
Eventually, I'd like to transfer these recipes to the new forums in the form of a SIG or some other resource. For now, let's see how this goes!

With summer upon us, it is now "throw raw vegetables in a bowl with some grilled chicken breast and put sauce on it" season for me.

My favorite is basil leaves, tomato, fresh mozzarella (a brand up here packages mini bocconcini in a tub for about $5 and that's about 4 servings) and balsamic vinegar.

Also good is lettuce, beans, corn, tomato, chicken and salsa or ketchup. Or spinach, avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrots, corn, chicken and ranch.

I just eat salads with chicken all summer, kinda. And they're pretty easy to slap together if I remember to cut/package everything on Sunday.

IDK what veggie prices are like in your area - here, they're a bit expensive. Less so if I get them from the No Frills or the local farmers' markets, and I'm hoping that the common thread throughout all these (TOMATO) will be coming out of my garden soon enough.


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