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Author Topic: Forever in The Broom Closet  (Read 4372 times)


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Re: Forever in The Broom Closet
« Reply #30 on: January 04, 2013, 10:43:27 pm »
Quote from: NCPilot;86758

So, has any other adults had this same problem, or am I just a giant wimp?

I'm another adult who will likely always be in the religion closet.  While my parents aren't actively religious, and haven't been in some time (never my dad, except for a couple time attending church with my grandparents when I was very young), they've recently been giving off religion vibes. Momma seems to be coming back to the JWs, and I heard Daddy got Jesus a couple years ago after a co-worker ministered to him. My husband's family is full of fundamentalist preachers, lay preachers, etc., and the family reunions are very similar to a tent revival...The cousins that I associate with are also Evangelical. Actually, with the exception of one Catholic coworker, everyone I know is conservative fundamentalist evangelical.

I also live in a very Evangelical and conservative area, in the Bible Belt.  When others invite me to church, I usually just say that I don't attend religious services and leave it at that.

I love my family, and don't want to lose them, so I don't say anything. My side doesn't typically discuss religion anyway, so it's not that hard. They know I don't attend religious services, and I've stated that I don't want a preacher at my funeral when the time comes. I have separate Facebook profiles -one for family and friends, and one under another name for ADF. My husband's grandfather tells us we need to be in church every time we see him.

While I never, ever considered coming out while my grandmother was alive (it would have killed her, worrying about me), I did suddenly decide on New Year's Eve that I wanted to tell my sister. It started to really bother me that no one close to me, except my husband, knew this important part of me, and I wanted to tell someone. She isn't remotely religious, and from conversations, I think she has a lot of the same baggage I do from our religious upbringing. However, we've never been really close. I doubt she would say anything, but I'm afraid to risk it. My husband advised against it.

My husband, for the record, is fine with my path. He's agnostic and doesn't really care about religion at all.


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Re: Forever in The Broom Closet
« Reply #31 on: April 17, 2014, 07:58:39 pm »
Quote from: NCPilot;86758
Well, to family anyways.  All of my friends know of my religious belief but my family still think that I'm just a lapsed Christian.  No one in my neighborhood knows either.  For the record I am 28 years old, I do live on my own and have my own job.  

As to why I keep my pagan belief hidden.  Well mostly because I live in North Carolina, which is part of The Bible Belt.  I also run my own business, and I never ever mix politics, religion and my business together.  The only thing my clients know about me is that I provide a service that they pay for and that's it.

As for why my family doesn't know.  Because honestly I love my family, my mom, dad, brother and my brother's family, and while religion doesn't get brought up very much (once in a blue moon), when it does I play the role of the lapsed Christian.  

Basically my family doesn't know because I love being a part of my family and I do not wish to be disowned.  However, I can't sit in church everyday falsely praying to a god that I disagree with.  

So, has any other adults had this same problem, or am I just a giant wimp?

I am also firmly in the broom closet and have no plans to leave it in the near future.  My parents are irish lace curtain Catholic and my inlaws are extremly devout christains.  One of my sister-in-laws travles the globe trying to convert those posessed by demons and witchcraft ( Buddhists at the moment) to chriatianity ao they dont burn forever in hell.:sick:

However I am concerned because my husband knows and fully supportsd my path but I wonder what will happen when we have children.  I want them to beleive what ever speaks to them.. not what they are brainwashed to beleive as I was...


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