Author Topic: How do I view runes? (Unicode)  (Read 8992 times)


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Re: How do I view runes? (Unicode)
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2011, 06:47:32 pm »
Quote from: Inca;11648
I couldn't see it either, and it is not the unicode itself that seems to be the problem, but the lack of support of runes in normal fonts. I installed (installing = copying to c:\windows\fonts , doubleclicking to make sure it is loaded).

Then I set in my browser my default fonts for pages to Babelstone (which leaves your pages horribly ugly) and when I reset it back to normal (Microsoft Sans Serif in my case, chose what you want) it retained the runes.

Now only to fix the fact that I don't like that way of displaying runes, but we'll work on that :)

A bit more on this:

I am running XP + Firefox.

Quote from: Inca;11649
Better explanation, better fonts:

Thanks for both of these, Inca! :) I'll check them out asap.
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Re: How do I view runes? (Unicode)
« Reply #16 on: July 09, 2013, 03:16:21 pm »
Quote from: Nyktipolos;10085
So while I'm trying to do research on the futhorc, I'm running across a pretty big problem: I can't view the runes when it's written in unicode, rather than just an image file.

This had me annoyed too on my Windows 7 Google Chrome browser, so I followed this thread and wrote up a simple set of instructions to make your Google Chrome browser properly display Unicode Runic symbols with a decent font:

  • Install latest version of Junicode font from the source forge project site.
  • Install BabelStone Moon Runes font from their official website.
  • Restart Chrome (I know, all those precious tabs are going away for a few seconds, it's unnerving! :))
  • In Chrome click the menu button, then Settings. Scroll to the bottom and click Show Advanced Settings. Scroll down a little more and click Customize Fonts... - Set Junocode as your top 3 fonts (My default was Times New Roman but this can vary). Finally, click Done.
  • I always have to adjust my font size in Chrome in this Settings screen, because I often hook my laptop up to LCD TV sets. I find that for a 42" at 1080p rez, an easy display on the eyes is with custom size 22. The Medium setting is fine on my 14" laptop WLED monitor.

I actually created an account just to share this with anyone else who might stumble upon this thread in an effort to make it easier. I hope it helps others!
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Re: How do I view runes? (Unicode)
« Reply #17 on: July 10, 2013, 08:09:15 am »
Quote from: placebo69a;115071
This had me annoyed too on my Windows 7 Google Chrome browser, so I followed this thread and wrote up a simple set of instructions to make your Google Chrome browser properly display Unicode Runic symbols with a decent font:

Thank you very much for creating an account just to post this fix for a member's technical problem!
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