Author Topic: Grimoire for the Green Witch?  (Read 9702 times)


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Re: Grimoire for the Green Witch?
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2012, 11:08:30 am »
Quote from: MadZealot;41592
Having re-thought it, I wouldn't characterize her that way either... but I definitely get the impression she is not a lady to be messed with.

Yeah. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, IMO.
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Re: Grimoire for the Green Witch?
« Reply #16 on: February 07, 2012, 03:22:49 pm »
Quote from: Katefox;2975
Grimoire for the Green Witch -- Ann Moura

I must be in the minority as I find this book to be a wonderful reference, for the most part. I'm not very "ceremonial" in my practice, so I generally skip the first half of the book which contains a lot of rituals for sabbats and other "formal" occasions. However, part of the reason I like the book is that it does not go into any more details than needed for someone that just needs a reference book (for correspondences, meditations, etc.) to work off of. I've got my own viewpoints on things and don't really need another book telling me the history of witchcraft, the philosophy, etc.; all I wanted was something to refer to when I needed some help finding out what herb or stone to use in a situation, or some help composing my own spells.

Perhaps the reason I can feel comfortable using this book is because I have never read any of her other works. I'm not tainted by any foolishness she might have included in previous books.


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Re: Grimoire for the Green Witch?
« Reply #17 on: June 09, 2020, 10:42:27 am »
Grimoire for the Green Witch -- Ann Moura

Has anyone heard of/read this book?  Is the information in it generally good, or are there things I should watch out for?

I found the most charming used bookstore yesterday, and picked up this book (it was only $12.50) because it looked like a good reference.  It's got point form information on all sorts of things, rituals & spells, herbs, Tarot & other divination techniques, correspondences...  It's a copy of Ann Moura's personal Book of Shadows, so I assume it's going to be specific to her path in some places, but I'm hoping it can serve me as a useful reference, and to give me some ideas in creating my own path.

But yes, anyone care to give their thoughts on this book?

Grimoire for the Green Witch from Ann Moura was one of my first grimoires I had invested in, wanting to find out more about Green Witchcraft.
I find a lot of information in the book helpful for a Beginner, perhaps also interested in Wicca. To name some Pros there are tons of correspondences, symbols and explanations for the basics. Which I will admit at the time, trying to learn a bunch of stuff, lists and explanations were great. But that is about all it actually gave me.

To name one of my biggest Cons throughout the entire book; It is all very Wicca. And I do not mean this in a "lets bash Wicca" manner. I have absolutely no problem with that religion. What I have a problem with is Authors picking the titles of their books poorly. Anne Moura makes it look like Green Witchcraft equals Wicca. Which, it surely does not! You can be a green witch and have absolutely nothing to do with Wicca in any way shape or form and vice versa. So the title of the book itself IMO is completely wrong, and people that are not on a Wiccan path are buying it and getting a total wrong idea right from the start. She should have named it "Grimoire for the Green Wiccan". And not even on the back does it state ANYWHERE that she is Wiccan…it just says she is a Practitioner of Green Witchcraft. But when you take a look at the rituals and the belief system behind it all, anyone who is not a Beginner will most likely understand my rant. I just think it gives a beginner the wrong impression. No religion in this or the next world can own the word Witch.

I didn’t notice much of any Christianity bashing, but I only read that one book. So I wouldn’t know what was going on in per say other books.

Sincerely, G
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