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Author Topic: Index of Pagan Book Reviews on  (Read 9169 times)


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Index of Pagan Book Reviews on
« on: May 02, 2012, 03:52:19 pm »
There are a large number of Book Reviews on our old web site. Here is a list (with links) of these reviews.

    [*]The 13 Original Clan Mothers [Sams]
    [*]2001 Spell-a-Day Desk Calendar
    [*]2001 Tarot Wall Calendar
    [*]2002 Goddess Wall Calendar
    [*]2002 Witches' Datebook
    [*]2002 Witches' Wall Calendar
    [*]2003 Herbal Almanac
    [*]2003 Magical Almanac
    [*]2003 Moon Sign Book
    [*]2003 Wicca Almanac [2]
    [*]2003 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac
    [*]2004 Sun Sign Book
    [*]2004 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac
    [*]2005 Herbal Almanac
    [*]2005 Magical Almanac
    [*]2005 Wicca Almanac
    [*]2005 Witches' Almanac [Pepper]
    [*]2005 Witches' Calendar
    [*]2005 Witches' Datebook
    [*]2005 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac
    [*]2006 Herbal Almanac
    [*]2006 Magical Almanac
    [*]2006 Witches' Calendar
    [*]2006 Witches Datebook
    [*]2006 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac
    [*]21st Century Wicca [Hunter]
    [*]The 21 Lessons of Merlyn [Monroe]
    [*]Advanced Candle Magick [Buckland]
    [*]Advanced Wiccan Spirituality [Saunders]
    [*]After the Ecstasy, the Laundry [Kornfield]
    [*]Alchemy at Work [Eason]
    [*]All Around the Zodiac [Tierney]
    [*]Am I A Hindu? [Viswanathan]
    [*]American Folk Magick [Ravenwolf]
    [*]American Indian Myths and Legends [Erdoes]
    [*]The Ancient Art of Faery Magick [Conway]
    [*]Ancient Pagan Symbols [Goldsmith]
    [*]And Banish With Laughter [Soror Diotima]
    [*]Antagonists in the Church [Haugk]
    [*]The Apple Branch [Kondratiev]
    [*]Apprentice to Power [Roderick]
    [*]Aradia [Leland] [2
    [*]Are We Living in the End Times? [LaHaye]
    [*]Ariadne's Thread [Mountainwater]
    [*]Around the Roman Table [Faas]
    [*]Astral Projection Plain & Simple [Phillips]
    [*]Astrology for Beginners [Hewitt]
    [*]Astrology & Relationships [Pond]
    [*]Be a Goddess! [De Grandis]
    [*]Before You Cast A Spell [McColman]
    [*]Beltane [Grimassi]
    [*]Between The Worlds [Myers]
    [*]Book of Druidry [Nichols]
    [*]Book of Hours [Gillotte]
    [*]Book of Shadows [Gonzalez-Wippler]
    [*]A Book of Pagan Prayers [Serith]
    [*]The Book of Wizardry [Rumstuckle] (Children)
    [*]Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft [Buckland]
    [*]Bud, Blossom, & Leaf [Morrison]
    [*]Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul [Telesco]
    [*]Candlemas [Amber K]
    [*]Candle Magic [Auer]
    [*]Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon [O'Gaea]
    [*]Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara [O'Gaea]
    [*]Celestial Goddesses [Hunt]
    [*]Celtic Astrology [Vega]
    [*]Celtic Fire [Van de Weyer]
    [*]Charting Your Spiritual Path With Astrology [Clement]
    [*]The Cherokee Herbal [Garrett]
    [*]Christianity: The Origins of a Pagan Religion [Walter]
    [*]Circle, Coven & Grove [Blake]
    [*]Circle of Isis [Reed]
    [*]Circle Round [Starhawk]
    [*]The Circle Within [Sylvan]
    [*]The Closing of the Western Mind [Freeman]
    [*]Color Magick [Buckland]
    [*]Cooking By Moonlight [Allrich]
    [*]Cooking by the Seasons [Allrich]
    [*]The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews [Cunningham]
    [*]The Complete Book of Numbers [Pither]
    [*]The Complete Guide to Divination [Eason]
    [*]The Complete Guide to Labyrinths [Eason]
    [*]The Complete Guide to Psychic Development [Eason]
    [*]Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt [Hornung]
    [*]Covencraft [Amber K]
    [*]The Craft [Morrison]
    [*]The Craft Companion [Morrison]
    [*]Crafting the Body Divine [Galenorn]
    [*]Crafts for the Spirit [Lundy]
    [*]Creating Home Sanctuaries With Feng Shui [Mitchell]
    [*]Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from The Ancient World [Gager]
    [*]Dancing Up the Moon [Lysne]
    [*]The Dark Archetype [Dumars]
    [*]A Dark Muse [Lachman]
    [*]Devoted To You [Harrow]
    [*]Discovering Kwan Yin [Boucher]
    [*]Divination For Beginners [Cunningham]
    [*]Drawing Down the Moon [Adler]
    [*]Dunwich's Guide to Gemstone Sorcery [Dunwich]
    [*]Earth Magic [Weinstein]
    [*]The Earth Path [Starhawk]
    [*]Earth Power [Cunningham]
    [*]The Elements of Ritual [Lipp]
    [*]Embracing the Moon [Galenorn]
    [*]The Enchanted Diary [Woods]
    [*]Enchantments [McCoy]
    [*]Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft [Grimassi]
    [*]Essential Energy Balancing II [Stein]
    [*]The Essential Golden Dawn [Cicero]
    [*]Essential Wicca [Tuitean]
    [*]Everyday Magic [Morrison]
    [*]Everyday Tarot Magic [Morrison]
    [*]Exploring Chakras [Shumsky]
    [*]Exploring Native American Wisdom [Dancing Feather]
    [*]Exploring Numerology [Lawrence]
    [*]Faery Healing [McArthur]
    [*]Fifty Years of Wicca [Lamond]
    [*]Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa [Correal]
    [*]Finnish Magic [Nelson]
    [*]The Forest of Souls [Pollack]
    [*]Full Contact Magick [Cuhulain]
    [*]Garden Witchery [Dugan] [2]
    [*]Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration [Heselton]
    [*]Ghosts, Spirits & Hauntings [Telesco]
    [*]Goddess in the Grass [Foubister]
    [*]The Goddess Path [Monaghan]
    [*]Gothic Grimoire [Konstantinos]
    [*]Greek Religion [Burkert]
    [*]Green Spirituality [Romani]
    [*]Green Witchcraft [Moura]
    [*]Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard [Zell-Ravenheart]
    [*]Grimoire for the Green Witch [Moura]
    [*]The Grimoire of Lady Sheba [Bell] [2]
    [*]A Grimoire of Shadows [Fitch]
    [*]The Haitian Vodou Handbook [Filan]
    [*]Handfasting and Wedding Ritual [Kaldera]
    [*]Healing Ground [Tuley]
    [*]Healing Mudras [Mesko]
    [*]Heart of Tarot [Amber K]
    [*]The Hermetic Tradition [Evola]
    [*]A History of Pagan Europe [Jones]
    [*]The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries [Budapest]
    [*]Hoodoo Mysteries [Malbrough]
    [*]How to be a Ghost Hunter [Southall]
    [*]How To Be A Wicked Witch [Telesco]
    [*]How To Communicate With Spirits [Owens]
    [*]How to Write for the New Age Market [Webster]
    [*]If You Want to Be a Witch [McCoy]
    [*]Illuminations [Ashcroft-Nowicki]
    [*]The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies [Franklin]
    [*]In The Circle [Hawke]
    [*]Incense [Neal]
    [*]The Inner Temple of Magick [Cooper]
    [*]Inside A Witches' Coven [McCoy]
    [*]Invoke The Gods [Trobe]
    [*]Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch [O'Brien]
    [*]Isis Magic [Forrest]
    [*]The Joy of Sects [Occhiogrosso]
    [*]Lammas [Franklin]
    [*]Liber Null and Psychonaut [Carroll]
    [*]Lid Off the Cauldron [Crowther]
    [*]Life's A Witch [Horne]
    [*]Lily Dale [Wicker]
    [*]The Lore of the Bard [Rowan]
    [*]Mabon [Madden]
    [*]Maiden Magick [Brondwin]
    [*]Magic for Lovers [Silverwind]
    [*]Magic of Qabalah [Trobe]
    [*]Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses [McColman]
    [*]Magical Creatures [Pepper]
    [*]Magical Herbalism [Cunningham]
    [*]Magical Meditations [Galenorn]
    [*]Magickal Mermaids and Water Creatures [Conway]
    [*]Magical Rites from the Crystal Well [Fitch]
    [*]Magickal Use of Thought Forms [Ashcroft-Nowicki]
    [*]The Magician's Workbook [Tyson]
    [*]Magick, Shamanism, & Tao [Herne]
    [*]Magick of the Gods and Goddesses [Conway]
    [*]The Magickal Life [Crowley]
    [*]Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts [Conway]
    [*]Making Magick [McCoy]
    [*]Making Talismans [Farrell]
    [*]Many Lives, Many Masters [Weiss]
    [*]Mapping Your Birthchart [Clement]
    [*]Mastering Candle Magick [Telesco]
    [*]Mastering Reiki [Tompkins]
    [*]Mastering Witchcraft [Huson]
    [*]The Meaning of Witchcraft [Gardner]
    [*]Medicine of the Cherokee [Garrett]
    [*]Meditation [Lorenzo-Fuentes]
    [*]Meditations with the Cherokee [Garrett]
    [*]Modern Magick [Kraig]
    [*]Modern Pagans [Vale] [2]
    [*]Monsters [Greer]
    [*]The Moon & Everyday Living [Pharr]
    [*]Moon Tides, Soul Passages [Simms]
    [*]Mudras [Hirschi]
    [*]Music, Witchcraft and the Paranormal [Willin]
    [*]My Life with the Spirits [DuQuette]
    [*]The Mysteries of Mithras [Nabarz]
    [*]The Mystic Foundation [Penczak]
    [*]The Narrow Land [Reynard]
    [*]Necronomicon [Tyson]
    [*]Never Again The Burning Times [Orion]
    [*]The New Book of Magical Names [McFarland]
    [*]The New Encyclopedia of the Occult [Greer]
    [*]Northern Mysteries & Magick [Aswynn]
    [*]Old Stones, New Temples [Campbell]
    [*]On the Trail of the Women Warriors [Wilde]
    [*]The Origins of Psychic Phenomena [Gooch]
    [*]Out of the Shadows [Coughlin]
    [*]The Outer Temple of Witchcraft [Penczak]
    [*]The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth & Religion [Price]
    [*]Pagan Christmas [Ratsch]
    [*]The Pagan Path [Farrar]
    [*]Pagan Parenting [Madden]
    [*]Paganism [Higginbotham]
    [*]Paganism: A Beginner's Guide [Moorey]
    [*]Pagans & Christians [diZerega]
    [*]Pagans and the Law [Eilers]
    [*]Palmistry Quick & Easy [Hazel]
    [*]Past Life & Karmic Tarot [McCoy]
    [*]Pendulums and the Light [Stein]
    [*]Philosophy of Wicca [Fisher]
    [*]The Pickingill Papers [Liddell]
    [*]Pocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality [Knight]
    [*]Pocket Guide to Crystals and Gemstones [Knight]
    [*]Pocket Guide to the Tarot [Oken]
    [*]The Pocket Spell Creator [Connor]
    [*]Polarity Magic [Berg]
    [*]Positive Magic [Weinstein]
    [*]Power Tarot [MacGregor]
    [*]Practical Candle Burning [Buckland]
    [*]Praise to the Moon [Hawke]
    [*]Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess [Jones]
    [*]Prime Chaos [Hine]
    [*]Professional Tarot [Jette]
    [*]Progressive Witchcraft [Farrar]
    [*]Putting the Tarot to Work [McElroy]
    [*]Real Magic [Bonewits]
    [*]The Real Witches' Coven [West]
    [*]Real Witches' Year [West]
    [*]The Rebirth of Witchcraft [Valiente]
    [*]Reclaiming the Commons [Donahue]
    [*]Rede of the Wiccae [Mathiesen]
    [*]Reflexology For Beginners [Vennells]
    [*]Refuge: Tales of Myth and Magick [Soror Diotima]
    [*]The Rites of Odin [Fitch]
    [*]Ritual: Power, Healing, & Community [Somé]
    [*]Rocking the Goddess [Paige]
    [*]Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs [Kowalchik]
    [*]Romancing the Tarot [Vega]
    [*]Runic Palmistry [Saint-Germain]
    [*]Sabbat Entertaining [Polson]
    [*]The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt [Clark]
    [*]Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt [Antelme]
    [*]Satan's Conspiracy [Maxwell-Stuart]
    [*]Scottish Witchcraft [Buckland]
    [*]Seasons of the Witch [Monaghan]
    [*]The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah [Leet]
    [*]Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires [Leitch]
    [*]Secrets of Western Sex Magic [Frater U.D.]
    [*]A Seeker's Journey and Initiation into Wicca [DeMartini]
    [*]Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch [Shanddaramon]
    [*]Sexual Ecstasy and the Divine [Galenorn]
    [*]Sexual Secrets [Douglas]
    [*]Signs, Symbols & Omens [Buckland]
    [*]Silver's Spells for Love [Ravenwolf]
    [*]Silver's Spells for Protection [Ravenwolf]
    [*]Simplified Qabala Magic [Andrews]
    [*]Sisters of the Dark Moon [Wood]
    [*]Solar Arcs [Tyl]
    [*]Sons of the Goddess [Penczak]
    [*]Soul Purpose Astrology [Koolman]
    [*]The Spell of Making [Blacksun]
    [*]Spellcraft for Teens [Rain]
    [*]Spells for Teenage Witches [Baker]
    [*]Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders [Telesco]
    [*]The Spiral Dance [Starhawk]
    [*]Spirit of the Witch [Grimassi]
    [*]Stealing Jesus: How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity [Bawer]
    [*]SuperSleep [Mahaney]
    [*]Tarot & Magic [Kraig]
    [*]Tarot for a New Generation [Renee]
    [*]Tarot for All Seasons [Jette]
    [*]Tarot for Beginners [Hollander]
    [*]Tarot for the Healing Heart [Jette]
    [*]Tarot for Self Discovery [Braden]
    [*]Tarot Tells the Tale [Ricklef]
    [*]Taliesin [Matthews]
    [*]Talisman Magic [Webster]
    [*]A Time For Magick [Simms]
    [*]The Teen Spell Book [Wood]
    [*]Thorsons Way of Wicca [Crowley]
    [*]Teen Witch [Ravenwolf]
    [*]Teen Witch Kit [Ravenwolf]
    [*]Teenage Witch's Book of Shadows [de Benzelle]
    [*]The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft [Penczak]
    [*]To Light a Sacred Flame [Ravenwolf]
    [*]To Ride a Silver Broomstick [Ravenwolf]
    [*]Totem Magic [Galenorn]
    [*]The Training and Work of an Initiate [Fortune]
    [*]The Tree [Buckland]
    [*]The Tree of Life (3rd Edition) [Regardie]
    [*]True Hauntings [Denning]
    [*]The Triumph of the Moon [Hutton]
    [*]True Magick [Amber K]
    [*]True Magick (2006 Edition) [Amber K]
    [*]Understanding the Tarot Court [Greer ]
    [*]The Urban Pagan [Telesco]
    [*]The Urban Primitive [Kaldera]
    [*]Vibrational Medicine [Gerber]
    [*]The Virtual Pagan [McSherry]
    [*]The Visitants [Tevelein] (Fiction)
    [*]What's Your Wicca IQ? [Wildman]
    [*]Wheels of Life [Judith]
    [*]Wheels of Light [Bruyere]
    [*]When, Why ... If [Wood]
    [*]When Someone You Love Is Wiccan [McColman]
    [*]Which Witch is Which? [Telesco]
    [*]White Spells [Abrev]
    [*]Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner [Cunningham]
    [*]The Wicca Cookbook [Wood]
    [*]Wicca Demystified [Lankford]
    [*]Wicca For Couples [Drew]
    [*]The Wicca Handbook [Holland]
    [*]The Wicca Herbal [Wood]
    [*]Wicca Unveiled [Rhodes]
    [*]Wiccan Beliefs and Practices [Cantrell]
    [*]A Wiccan Bible [Drew]
    [*]A Wiccan Formulary and Herbal [Drew]
    [*]Wiccan Rituals and Blessings (CD) [Starhawk]
    [*]Wiccan Roots [Heselton]
    [*]Wiccan Spirituality [Saunders]
    [*]Wiccan Warrior [Cuhulain]
    [*]The Wiccan Wellness Book [Perry]
    [*]Wiccan Wisdomkeepers [Griffyn]
    [*]Wild Girls [Monaghan]
    [*]A Witch Alone [_Green]
    [*]The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca and Neo-Paganism [Buckland]
    [*]Witch Crafting [Curott]
    [*]A Witch's Book of Dreams [Allrich]
    [*]The Witch's Circle [Simms]
    [*]The Witch's Familiar [Grimassi]
    [*]A Witch's Notebook [Ravenwolf]
    [*]The Witch's Shield [Penczak][2]
    [*]The Witches' Craft [Grimassi]
    [*]Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed [Valiente]
    [*]Witchcraft: An Alternative Path [Moura]
    [*]Witchcraft and Magic in 16th and 17th Century Europe [Scarre]
    [*]Witchcraft and the Mystery Tradition [Grimassi]
    [*]Witchcraft and the Web [Nightmare]
    [*]Witches [Holzer]
    [*]A Witches' Bible [Farrar]
    [*]Witching Culture [Magliocco]
    [*]The Women's Book of Healing [Stein]
    [*]A Woman's Book of Rituals & Celebrations [Ardinger]
    [*]Women Who Run With The Wolves [Estes]
    [*]The World's Most Haunted Places [Belanger]
    [*]Write Your Own Magic [Webster]
    [*]Your Book of Shadows [Telesco]
    [*]Your Magickal Name [Vega]
    [*]Yule: A Celebration of Light & Warmth [Morrison]
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