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Author Topic: Index of Academic Book Reviews on  (Read 7049 times)


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Index of Academic Book Reviews on
« on: May 02, 2012, 03:57:43 pm »
There are a large number of Academic Book Reviews on our old web site. Here is a list (with links) of these reviews.

    [*]The Acropolis in the Age of Pericles [Hurwit]
    [*]Aegean Greece in the Fourth Century BC [Buckler]
    [*]Affairs and Scandals in Ancient Egypt [Vernus]
    [*]The Age of Augustus [Eck]
    [*]Alexander the Great [Heckel]
    [*]Ancient Archives and Archival Traditions [Brosius]
    [*]Ancient Democracy and Modern Ideology [Rhodes]
    [*]Ancient Greece: Art, Architecture, and History [Belozerskaya]
    [*]Ancient Greek Athletics [Miller]
    [*]Ancient Greek Religion [Mikalson]
    [*]Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition and Assumption [Shoemaker]
    [*]Ancient Voices, Modern Echoes: Theatre in the Greek World
    [*]Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflections: Philosophical Perspectives on Greek and Chinese Science and Culture [Lloyd]
    [*]Aphrodite's Tortoise [Llewellyn-Jones]
    [*]Archaeologies of the Greek Past [Alcock]
    [*]The Archaeology of Syria [Akkermans]
    [*]Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt [Rossi]
    [*]Aristotle on Life and Death [King]
    [*]Arkadia and its Poleis in the Archaic and Classical Periods [Nielsen]
    [*]Army and Power in the Ancient World [Chaniotis]
    [*]The Ascension of Authorship: Attribution and Canon Formation in Jewish, Hellenistic, and Christian Traditions [Wyrick]
    [*]Aspects of Empire in Achaemenid Sardis [Dusinberre]
    [*]Athens: Its Rise and Fall [Lytton]
    [*]Athenian Democracy [Rhodes]
    [*]The Athenian Experiment: Building an Imagined Political Community in Ancient Attica, 508-490 BC [Anderson]
    [*]Augustus and the Family at the Birth of the Roman Empire [Severy]
    [*]Aulus Gellius: An Antonine Scholar and his Achievement [Holford-Strevens]
    [*]The Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic [George]
    [*]Bilingualism in Ancient Society [Adams]
    [*]Boats of the World [McGrail]
    [*]Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World [Powell]
    [*]Bookrolls and Scribes in Oxyrhynchus [Johnson]
    [*]Bound by the Bible: Jews, Christians and the Sacrifice of Isaac [Kessler]
    [*]A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society and Culture [Pomeroy]
    [*]Burial Customs in Ancient Egypt [Grajetzki]
    [*]By Being, It Is: The Thesis of Parmenides [Cordero]
    [*]Byzantium [Loverance]
    [*]Byzantium Viewed by the Arabs [El Cheikh]
    [*]The Cambridge Companion to Homer [Fowler]
    [*]The Cambridge Companion to Ovid [Hardie]
    [*]A Casebook on Roman Family Law [Frier]
    [*]The Castellani Fragments in the Villa Giulia [Hastrup]
    [*]The Centaur's Smile [Padgett]
    [*]Children and Childhood in Roman Italy [Rawson]
    [*]Christian Identity in the Jewish and Graeco-Roman World [Lieu]
    [*]Citizen Bacchae: Women's Ritual Practice in Ancient Greece [Goff]
    [*]Classical Literature: A Concise History [Rutherford]
    [*]Comedy and the Rise of Rome [Leigh]
    [*]Coming of Age in Ancient Greece [Neils]
    [*]A Companion to the Ancient Near East [Snell]
    [*]A Companion to Archaeology [Bintliff]
    [*]A Companion to Homer's Odyssey [Morrison]
    [*]A Comparative Study of Thirty City-State Cultures [Hansen]
    [*]The Complete World of Greek Mythology [Buxton]
    [*] The Creation of Heaven and Earth: Re-interpretations of Genesis 1 in the Context of Judaism, Ancient Philosophy, Christianity, and Modern Physics [van Kooten]
    [*]Crossroads of History: The Age of Alexander [Heckel]
    [*]Crossroads to Islam [Nevo]
    [*]Cultural Politics in Polybius's Histories [Champion]
    [*]The Curse of Ham [Goldenberg]
    [*]Daily Life in Ancient Rome [Carcopino]
    [*]Declamation, Paternity, and Roman Identity [Gunderson]
    [*]The Derveni Papyrus: Cosmology, Theology and Interpretation [Betegh]
    [*]The Discovery of Freedom in Ancient Greece [Raaflaub]
    [*]Discs of Splendor: The Relief Mirrors of the Etruscans [Carpino]
    [*]Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? [MacDonald]
    [*]Documenting the Roman Army [Wilkes]
    [*]The Dominion of the Dead [Harrison]
    [*]Early Greek States Beyond the Polis [Morgan]
    [*]Earthly Paradises [Carroll]
    [*]The Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World [McGinn]
    [*]An Ecstasy of Folly: Prophecy and Authority in Early Christianity [Nasrallah]
    [*]Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West [Gillett]
    [*]Eros on the Nile [Mysliwiec]
    [*]Eroticism in Ancient and Medieval Greek Poetry [Petropoulos]
    [*]The Etruscans. Art, Architecture and History [Borrelli]
    [*]Eudaimonia and Well-Being [Jost]
    [*]Even More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis [Nielsen]
    [*]Exiling the Poets [Naddaff]
    [*]The Female in Aristotle's Biology [Mayhew]
    [*]Flavours of Byzantium [Dalby]
    [*]"For Salvation's Sake": Provincial Loyalty, Personal Religion, and Epigraphic Production in the Roman and Late Antique Near East [Moralee]
    [*]From Ikaria to the Stars: Classical Mythification, Ancient and Modern
    [*]Games and Sanctuaries in Ancient Greece [Valavanis]
    [*]A Genealogical Chart of Greek Mythology [Newman]
    [*]Gentile Impurities and Jewish Identities: Intermarriage and Conversion from the Bible to the Talmud [Hayes]
    [*]The Graven Image Representation in Babylonia and Assyria [Bahrani]
    [*]Greek and Roman Historiography in Late Antiquity [Marasco]
    [*]The Greek Cities of Magna Graecia and Sicily [Cerchiae]
    [*]Greek Epic Fragments [West]
    [*]Greek Historical Inscriptions 404-323 BC [Rhodes]
    [*]Greek Gods, Human Lives [Lefkowitz]
    [*]Greek Sacred Law: A Collection of New Documents [Lupu]
    [*]Greek Mysteries [Cosmopoulos]
    [*]Hacksilber to Coinage [Balmuth]
    [*]Handbook of Classical Mythology [Hansen]
    [*]Happy Lives and the Highest Good [Lear]
    [*]Hellenicity [Hall]
    [*]The Hellenistic Period [Bagnall]
    [*]Heraclius: Emperor of Byzantium [Kaegi]
    [*]Herodotus and His World [Derow]
    [*]Herodotus: The Histories [Macaulay]
    [*]Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars [Mikalson]
    [*]Hesiod's Cosmos [Clay]
    [*]The Historians of Ancient Rome [Mellor]
    [*]The Homeric Hymns [Cashford]
    [*]The Homeric Hymns [Rayor]
    [*]Homer's Iliad [Jones]
    [*]Homeric Megathemes: War - Homilia - Homecoming [Maronitis]
    [*]Homer's Sun Still Shines: Ancient Greece in Essays, Poems and Translations [Miller]
    [*]Homosexuality and Civilization [Crompton]
    [*]The Horse and Jockey from Artemision: A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Period [Hemingway]
    [*]Hortus: The Roman Book of Gardening [Henderson]
    [*]Housing the Stranger in the Mediterranean World [Constable]
    [*]Icons of Power [Janowitz]
    [*]The Idea of European Community in History [Chrysos]
    [*]In the Grip of Disease: Studies in the Greek Imagination [Lloyd]
    [*]In Praise of Christian Origins: Stephen and the Hellenists in Lukan Apologetic History [Penner]
    [*]An Introduction to Roman Religion [Scheid]
    [*]Inventing Superstition from the Hippocratics to the Christians [Martin]
    [*]The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity [Isaac]
    [*]An Inventory of Archaic and Greek Poleis [Hansen]
    [*]Isocrates and Civic Education [Depew]
    [*]Japheth in the Tents of Shem [van der Horst]
    [*]Jews and Gentiles in the Holy Land in the Days of the Second Temple [Mor]
    [*]The Jews in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae and in the Cities of Campania Felix [Giordano]
    [*]A Journey into Platonic Politics: Plato's Laws [Whitaker]
    [*]Knossos: The South House [Mountjoy]
    [*]Landscapes, Gender, and Ritual Space [Cole]
    [*]The Law and the Courts in Ancient Greece [Harris]
    [*]The Law Most Beautiful and Best [Clark]
    [*]The Legacy of Alexander [Bosworth]
    [*]Life, Myth and Art in Ancient Greece [Stafford]
    [*]The Lindian Chronicle and the Greek Creation of Their Past [Higbie]
    [*]The Lost World of Pompeii [Amery]
    [*]Love, Sex, and Tragedy: How the Ancient World Shapes Our Lives [Goldhill]
    [*]Magic and Divination in the Ancient World [Ciraolo]
    [*]Magic and Rationality in Ancient Near Eastern and Graeco-Roman Medicine [Horstmanshoff]
    [*]Marcus Tullius Cicero, Topica [Reinhardt]
    [*]Martial Epigrams Book Two [Williams]
    [*]Megara Hyblaia and Selinous: The Development of Two Greek City-States in Archaic Sicily [De Angelis]
    [*]The Metamorphosis of Magic from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period [Bremmer]
    [*]The Mind of Egypt [Assmann]
    [*]Mother of the Gods: From Cybele to the Virgin Mary [Borgeaud]
    [*]Myth and History in Ancient Greece: The Symbolic Creation of a Colony [Calame]
    [*]Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern Historiography [Liverani]
    [*]Myths of the Underworld Journey: Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' Gold Tablets [Edmonds]
    [*]The Odyssey [McCrorie]
    [*]Oxford Readings in Classical Studies: Euripides [Mossman]
    [*]Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Volume XXIV [Sedley]
    [*]Panorama of the Classical World [Spivey]
    [*]The Path of the Argo: Language, Imagery and Narrative in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius [Clare]
    [*]Peloponnesian Sanctuaries and Cults [Hagg]
    [*]A Penelopean Poetics [Sedley]
    [*]Philosophy in Late Antiquity [Smith]
    [*]Plato [Rowe]
    [*]Plato on Knowledge and Forms [Fine]
    [*]Plato's Cratylus [Jones]
    [*]Platonopolis [O'Meara]
    [*]Plato's Art of Caring for Souls [Planinc]
    [*]Plato's Euthyphro and Clitophon [Bailly]
    [*]Pleiades Setting [Sidwell]
    [*]Pliny the Elder's Natural History: The Empire in the Encyclopedia [Murphy]
    [*]Poetry, Theory, Praxis [Csapo]
    [*]Pompeii [Cooley]
    [*]Popular Tyranny [Morgan]
    [*]Prayer, Magic, and the Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World [Noegel]
    [*]The Protogeometric Aegean [Lemos]
    [*]Return to the One: Plotinus' Guide to God-Realization [Hines]
    [*]Revelation [Witherington]
    [*]The Revival of the Olympian Gods in Renaissance Art [Freedman]
    [*]Roman Art [Stewart]
    [*]The Roman Banquet: Images of Conviviality [Dunbabin]
    [*]Roman Dacia. The Making of a Provincial Society [Hanson]
    [*]The Roman Gaze [Fredrick]
    [*]Roman Sex 100 BC - AD 250 [Clarke]
    [*]Roman Propertius and the Reinvention of Elegy [DeBrohun]
    [*]Roman Religion [Ando]
    [*]Ruling the Later Roman Empire [Kelly]
    [*]Rural Athens Under the Democracy [Jones]
    [*]Sage and Emperor [Stadter]
    [*]Salt and Olives: Morality and Custom in Ancient Greece [Dillon]
    [*]Science and Mathematics in Ancient Greek Culture [Tuplin]
    [*]Seianti Hanunia Tlesnasa: The Story of an Etruscan Noblewoman [Swaddling]
    [*]Side-by-Side Survey: Comparative Regional Studies in the Mediterranean [Alcock]
    [*]The Significance of Votive Offerings in Selected Hera Sanctuaries in the Peloponnese, Ionia and Western Greece [Baumbach]
    [*]Simone Weil's The Iliad or The Poem of Force [Holoka]
    [*]Spartacus [Urbainczyk]
    [*]Spartan Society [Figueira]
    [*]Theocritus Idylls [Verity]
    [*]The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations [Netz]
    [*]The Trojan War [Thompson]
    [*]The Vindolanda Writing Tablets [Bowman]
    [*]Vergil, The Aeneid [Caldwell]
    [*]Virgil: The Aeneid [Gransden]
    [*]Virgil Aeneid 11 A Commentary [Horsfall
    [*]What are the Gospels? A Comparison with Graeco-Roman Biography [Burridge]
    [*]Women and Humor in Classical Greece [O'Higgins]
    [*]Women of Ancient Greece [Brule]
    [*]Women of Byzantium [Connor]
    [*]Women's Religions in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook [Kraemer]
    [*]World of Myths [Warner]
    [*]World of Myths: Volume Two [Fernández-Armesto]
    [*]The Writing of Orpheus [Detienne]
    [*]Zooarchaeology in Greece [Kotjabopoulou]
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