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Author Topic: Writing: Rejoicings  (Read 453 times)


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« on: April 03, 2019, 08:22:02 pm »
These prayers form a part of my Rites and are loosely based on the Odes of Solomon.  They are mostly devotional, but they embody in poetic form some of my underlying theology.



I am the repose of the Christ.  He loveth me, and I love him, I love him!  He hath placed a crown upon my head, and I delight in him, and he hath made the crown to flourish and blossom, and I am satiated with the fruit thereof.  I am not dry and sterile, for he hath made me like a tree planted by rivers of water.  I bring forth fruit in my season, and my leaf shall not wither.  These rivers are his love, and they well up in me, nourishing and sustaining me.


I was crowned by God, and through Love’s Will my Spirit became free, and the chains fell from my wrists.  My countenance was transfigured; I was born anew, and my heart rejoiced in him.  I sought Wisdom, and my acquaintance thought me strange, and yet she condescended to me with her gentle lovingkindness, she lifted my thoughts to her, and showed me the way to freedom.  The whole world became my body, and kindness glorified me.


The Christ placed the Chalice to my lips, and my thirst was quenched, and the waters of my Heart became spacious and expansive.  A stream broke forth from me, and it became long and broad.  It flooded and carried away the church, and the heavens and the earth became my temple.  I languished in the waters until I became the waters, and I flowed over the earth to assuage dry lips and to heal the brokenhearted.


God is my helper and protector.  My joy is the Lord, and I am the beloved, flooded with fruit.  His darkness embraceth me on every side, and from the darkness hath shone a piercing light.  He hath engulfed me with his kindness, and mysteries sprang from my lips.  He took flesh that I might mingle with him.  He came clothed in symbols that I might become him, and I did not tremble at his terrors, for I had knowledge of his grace, and the love in me soothed me and made his countenance gracious unto me.


My heart was rent in pieces, and yet from it flowers blossomed and fruit from the Lord.  Through the splitting of my heart my love was exposed, and I was filled with love.  The brokenness of my heart became my salvation, for he healed me, and I delighted in the fragrant ointment of his holy Spirit.  I put on the beauteous raiment of my Christ, and I took joy in the aroma of my Lord.  There is no wasteland in my heart, for I love him, I love him!


As Christ is surely my mother, as surely is he my joy and consolation.  I need not beg of his mercy, for his tender kindness is ever in my heart sustaining and nourishing and healing me.  I turn to thee at all times.  Thy gentleness woundeth me.  I taste of the drink of the Lord, and its sweetness is mingled with my joyful weeping.  I look at him, and his gaze is upon me always.  I am his beloved and the only one of my mother.


I drank the sweet milk of the Father.  The Son was my cup, and by the holy Spirit I received the waters of abundant life, and my lips were graced with ecstatic speech.  I became the Mother of God, for I became the bearer of a sea of mercy and an ocean of grace.  They drenched me.  They were beneficial to me.  The peoples of the world became the limbs of my Body and I their Head; even so, every man and woman is a Star, and every Star weareth a crown.
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