The law and magic

Sometimes when I am out doing my hulk smash it might look strange to some people and sometimes the cops even show up. I am truthful with them every time, lets say  9 out of 10 times I get to be on my way but I have been arrested for doing what “we” would call magic. Healing the Earth is one of my favorite because you get to feel the earths energy and its truly amazing but its loud and if it  hit someone it would definitely kill them so I always do this at night away from the average person. But like I said it does alarm some folks and the last thing I ever want is to make people uneasy. So what I am asking is if any other people out there have this same experience, do you keep doing it or do you go into hibernation mode once you are fed up with getting into trouble even though your helping?
I don’t expect any replies…. cause you should already know I already made up my mind 8)

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Anxiety, OCD and Practice

Hi all,

I noticed there was already a thread following this line of thought, but I felt my contribution might take a tangent/be slightly long for a thread response. Also, I wanted to add a personal spin on it, which will involve a bit of story on my part.

For as long as I’ve been Pagan, (and before then), my practice has been hampered by my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I didn’t have all the terms, at first, to understand that this was the case, however now that I do through the faithful education of counselling I can finally find out more about it in the context of paganism, and others struggling with the same. This search led me to this blog post here, which tackles the topic:

Since early on in my practice, I’ve avoided spellwork altogether, and ritual more often than not. My introduction to Paganism came through books like Gill Edwards ‘Stepping into the Magic’, which emphasises the role our thoughts and feelings play into making magic. While inspirational at first, I soon found this new mindset really distressing – some of my thoughts absolutely terrified me, and the thing is, the more terrified I was of them (and pushed them away) the worse they got. This hasn’t gone away over the years, though I have gotten better at responding to them. What anxiety brain added to the mix was the fear that, if I thought bad thoughts (which happens to everybody, come find out) they would become real. When combined with enacted ritual, spellcraft and a practice, those thoughts became more and more a threat to me. They’re the reason I still, to do this day, have only ever done two spells on my own after 6 years of varying interest in witchcraft, and 3 years in paganism.

That tactical avoidance has not helped me in the long term. While it might work for others (I wouldn’t want to assume or pass judgement on lives I haven’t lived), it hasn’t worked out for me so far. If anything, that avoidance seems to have fed the anxiety, signalling to me that it’s something I should run away from, be afraid of. Pushing intrusive thoughts and anxieties away hasn’t seemed to help.

I can’t say much about how intrusive thoughts or the OCD symptoms I’ve been able to identify with help from the counsellors work. But from what little I have learned so far, a possible way for me to manage them is through acceptance of them/making some level of mindful peace (if unsteady). Part of that acceptance, it seems, is finding a way to integrate my pre-existing mindfulness practice with my paganism. This, so far, has worked out a bit better. A lot of the advice on the blog post, such as focusing on what my body is doing and believing that the energy is already there/happening also feel right to me. Another coping strategy I’ve used is to reach out to a spiritual guide I’ve recently found to be nearby a lot, for help performing the action I need to do. This also works well. It almost feels like that spiritual guide knows what’s going on, sometimes, and is there to keep an eye. But maybe that’s just me.

One issue I find recurring is the feeling that, because of this sometimes overwhelming fear of messing up badly enough in a spell/ritual to create negative energy due to my mental health, I’m not Pagan enough. This I have mentioned before, but felt worth pointing out again to illustrate the extent to which that anxiety fed into my views on my own practice. I, of course, don’t genuinely believe that in principle. But it’s another aspect of my mental health I suspect I will have to learn more about, build coping strategies or shift mindsets around going on.

I also struggle to know where to draw the line with my practice, sometimes. I can snowball into more and more, redoing a gesture because I don’t know if it was right, and then redoing and redoing. If I decide that something is part of my practice now, that’s it, I have to do it. If I stop doing something, I worry a deity, entity or just cosmic blasts I was working with are going to be annoyed. Which in some cases may be true, but given that I’ve attempted to sever many spiritual connections in order to avoid this possibility, it’s unlikely. A ‘one attempt’ rule might need to be the new something.

These are all new avenues for helping, things I didn’t even consider until now. For years, a persistent feeling followed me. Every time I thought of doing a spell, even something like sending energy to someone in need, I was afraid that a bad thought would appear, or I’d mess up, and end up causing more harm than good. I might still think of magic as the genie that’s been aggrevated into making all my wishes become nightmares, no matter how innocent the ask. But maybe, with this new information, I could work towards a better relationship with my spiritual as well as my mental wellbeing.

Sorry if any of this seems a bit simplistic or uninformed. I feel very small with my problems, but I hope my tone hasn’t trivialised them to others dealing with the same.

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Spiritual healing

This is what I do and so far it has worked, some of my family members and friends have fallen ill and it’s tough to sit back and not do anything.

To heal a person from a physical  ailments,  Such as heart attacks, kidney failure , intestinal diseases, etc, etc. I do this…
1. Visit the person
2.  Find out exactly what the doctor says is wrong with them
3.  Find out what remedies are available. And do the research and know all you can about whatever it is that is causing the illnesses and think positive about the treatments they are currently receiving.
4. Tell your loved one everything will be alright.
5. This is the hard part … You have to really mean this. To whatever deity you hold at the top of your totem. You have to be 100% ready to trade your life for that person. Every second that person clutches to life yo have to plead a soul for a soul. Energy can not be destroyed but it can transfer. Repeat number 1.4.5 as many times as it takes . When I’ve done this I felt really sick and out of focus my work was affected lasted until the person got better. I know a lot of people have had people in their life’s pass away and would of traded places with them in a heart beat and I’m sorry :'(  but their is more to life then meets the eye, you have not failed them your love and support goes a long way. I can only speak for my experience so please don’t get frustrated if what I say sounds ludicrous. And modern medicine is wonderful it works, this is just another form of medicine, I really hope it works for someone out in the world and is willing to try it, no better feeling then helping someone you love and care about.


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Hello fellow magi

First and foremost I am happy to be apart of a community that believes in the mystical arts. I been practicing my craft for almost all of my life. At first I didn’t really know what to call it, thinking most of my “spells” were just coincidence or luck but as I grew older and more knowledgeable I soon realized their was more to it then I could of imagined. I mostly practice healing magic. I like to heal people animals and the earth. I rarely use my gifts for self benefit. I get great satisfaction when I help for the greater good. My path so far has brought me to a higher understanding of the laws of science and also the laws of the unseen veil that surrounds all of this physical world.  So I just want to thank The Creators of this website for making a safe haven for people like myself.

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Religious animosity

What’s the deal with religious animosity? Why religions and denominations bash each other?

In Greek paganism there are two theogonies, Hesiod’s and Orpheus’. Do pagans attack each other over which theogony is true or false or heretic? NO.

But at some point in history ”heretics” arose. And the Orthodox and Catholics hate at each other (their dogma).

Will religious animosity end? >:(

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Sacred Bundles

I’m interested in creating a few sacred bundles for the gods I worship. However, I’ve not created any before, so I’m not entirely sure how best to go about it. I wanted to see if anyone here has created one before, and what their experiences with it have been.

So, what form does your sacred bundle take? What do you put in there? And how do you use it during rituals?

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Hello! I am RoseWolf, or just Rose. I am a 34 year old single mother of a pre-teen. Plus an old man rat and a mini panther.

In my practice I am a Gray Witch of the Celtic Pantheon and a Shaman (novice). A solitary practitioner, I do enjoy social gatherings and getting to talk shop with others. I am also an empath (as is my daughter). I enjoy Tarot & Oracle Cards and yes, I have a problem with being unable to say no to a new deck calling my name. Oracle Decks are a serious weakness. I also Throw Lots/Bones, and feel the words of my ancestors and guides strongly through this practice.  I also do candle magic and enjoy writing my own spells. My basis comes from a Hereditary Tradition. My Matron is The Morrigan, and my Patron is Manannan mac Lir.

Otherwise, I’m an avid reader and love to write. Maybe one day I’ll be a published author. I enjoy getting out into nature and hiking about. I love just being around my tribe/chosen family. I am sarcastic with my humor and love puns and dad jokes. I can be a bit literal… so I apologize for any potential misunderstandings.

Please never be afraid to engage me in conversation.

Brightest blessings, dear-hearts.

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