Tarot Spells (June 2009)

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Call them spells, prayers, affirmations, programs, rituals, visualizations, or meditations. It matters not what name you give to your magical machinations. The real magic comes from your ability to focus your personal power, infuse it with your desire and intent, and then release it out into the universe. When I work spells I like to use the tools I know best: candles, quartz crystals and tarot cards. I use the cards to represent the people and circumstances involved in the situation that I wish to create. I use the candles to help invoke the goddesses, gods, entities, or guides that I will appeal to for help in reaching my goals. I use the quartz crystals to augment my personal power and direct it outwards.

In tarot divination, the beautiful artwork, rich symbolism, and archetypal images portrayed on the cards help the reader bypass the limitations of the individual conscious mind and dip deep into the collective subconscious for impressions about the past, present, and future. A similar principal holds true when the tarot cards are used for spell work. Since the tarot is universal in scope, the complete spectrum of reality is portrayed by the symbols on the cards, with every conceivable scenario of experience represented.

The first step, whether you are personalizing an existing tarot spell or creating one of your own, is deciding exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. Next, assemble the tools you’ll need to complete the spell. Create a proper atmosphere for spellcraft by preparing yourself and your altar or work area as you would for any sacred ritual. Set out the various items for the spell. Center and ground yourself with several deep breaths or a few moments of quiet meditation. If your spell calls for candles and incense, light them and then invoke your deities or guides. Study the cards that represent your desired outcome.

Always speak the words of the spell clearly and with conviction. Focus on the outcome as if it has already been accomplished, and then release it out into the universe. As you snuff out the candles and incense, thank the attending deities for their assistance.

The secret to success in spellcraft lies in your facility for visualizing your goal as clearly as possible and directing your energy toward it with total concentration. After choosing cards that portray what you want to achieve, focus your attention on the tarot’s images.

Make up a story based on the scenes depicted on the cards. Infuse your intent with desire and let it go. Trust that it is working.

If you are using your tarot cards for divination, spellcraft, and personal development exercises, you’ll definitely need to own several different decks. Some spells specify that you should leave the cards out where you can see them, place them in a spell box, or carry them around with you for a period of time. Others may require that you write on them, sew or bind them together, or even burn, tear, or bury them. Moreover, you may not want to perform readings with the same cards you’re using for your spell work. Fortunately, most popular tarot decks are relatively inexpensive. Also, you can usually find used tarot decks for sale on eBay, at garage sales, or in used bookstores. Another idea is to scan or photocopy your deck, and use the printouts or copies instead of the actual cards in your spell work.

The most important thing to remember when performing any spell is that you need to believe in what you are doing for it to work. Although tarot cards and other tools are extremely helpful when performing a spell, the real magick comes less from the spell’s elements than from your own power and belief in a successful outcome. Whenever possible, you should also take action in everyday life to help your spell along.

Lost Pet Spell

Use this spell to help find a lost pet or entice a runaway to return home.

In the following example “A” is the signifactor, a woman whose pet cat has run off. The woman and her cat are represented by the Queen of Wands. The cards used to bring the cat home are: 2) Six of Cups — nostalgia, renewal of old ties; 3) Strength — overcoming obstacles; 4) The Star — hope, healing, progress; 5) Ten of Cups — home, family, happy reunion.

Candle #1 symbolizes attraction and is pink
Candle #2 symbolizes healing and is white
“B” is an herb — in this case catnip
The crystal is rose quartz for love

(candle #1)(candle #2)
Place the cards, candles, catnip, and crystal on your altar or other safe, private spot. Light the candles. Focus on your lost pet. Imagine him or her returning home. Say:

Oh, Artemis, Lady of the Beasts,
And Protector of all animals
Shield (pet’s name) from hurt or harm
Keep him/her safe and warm
Watch over him/her from day to day
And guide him/her home, at last to stay
(Pet’s name) called and (pet’s name) won
By my will — It is done!

Focus on the end result as if it has already happened. Hold the image for as long as you can, then let it go and release it out into the universe. As you snuff out the candles, thank Artemis for her help. Place the cards, crystal, and herb in a spell box, envelope, or drawer and keep safe until the desired outcome has been achieved.

Prosperity Spell

Choose a significator to stand in for you. Pick the cards, candles, and essential oil that best convey the outcome you desire.

In the following example “A” is the signifactor, a man seeking a more prosperous life, and is represented by the King of Pentacles. The cards used to attract wealth are: 1) Wheel of Fortune — representing the positive changes he seeks; 2) Ace of Pentacles – a new source of income; 3) Nine of Pentacles — self-reliance and freedom from monetary concerns; 4) Ten of Pentacles — financial security

Candle #1 is green and symbolizes abundance
Candle #2 is gold and symbolizes wealth
“B” is the incense (choose from bergamot, basil, cinnamon, or honeysuckle)
For the crystal choose green tourmaline, malachite, opal, or tiger’s eye

(candle #1) (crystal) (candle #2)
A 1 2 3 4
Place the cards, candles, and crystals on your altar or other safe, private spot. Light the candles and the incense. Focus on the cards. Imagine the results you wish to achieve. Open your hands and say:

As I open my hands
Fortune’s Wheel turns in my favor
My financial worries recede
And Prosperity comes to me
As I will it, so may it be!

Make up a little story based on the cards you’ve chosen. Focus on the end result as if it has already happened. Hold the image for as long as you can, then let it go and release it out into the universe. After you snuff out the candles and incense, place the cards and crystal in a spell box, envelope, or drawer and keep safe until your desired outcome has been achieved.

Crone’s Protection Amulet

An amulet is a power object that has been magically prepared to protect its owner. Because the following ritual for consecrating the crone’s protection amulet calls on the goddess Hecate for protection, it works best when performed on the night of a new Moon, when the heavens are dark, since the dark of the Moon is Hecate’s special time. You will need:

Tarot cards: The High Priestess and The Moon
Candles: black and silver
Crystal or gemstone: clear quartz or moonstone
Essential oil: protection blend, cypress, or dragon’s blood
Small pouch or drawstring bag

Place the tarot cards, candles, and quartz crystal or moonstone on your altar or other safe, private spot. Light the candles. Focus on the tarot cards and imagine the results you wish to achieve. Hold the crystal or gemstone over the black candle. Pass it through the candle smoke. Hold it over the silver candle. Pass it through the candle smoke. Now say:

Oh wise and ancient goddess Hecate
Guardian of the Dark Night
Grant me your protection
And illuminate my way
When the Moon hides her silvery light

Anoint the crystal or gemstone with a few drops of essential oil and say:

Protection called, protection won
By the crone’s will, it is done

Leave your crone’s amulet on the window sill overnight so that it can soak up the energy of the dark Moon. In the morning put it in the pouch or bag. Carry it with you wherever you go.

House Blessing

Use this house blessing to cleanse your home or office of negative vibrations. The best time to perform this clearing ritual is on the night of a new Moon.

Tools you will need:

Sage or cedar smudge stick bundle
Small bowl or ashtray
The Emperor card (protection)
The Star card (hope and healing)
The Moon card (overcoming fear and insecurity)
The Sun card (joy and contentment)

Light the smudge sticks. Hold the lighted bundle of smudge sticks over the bowl or ashtray. When the sticks begin to smoke, walk toward the northern most point of your home or office. Fan or blow the smoke ahead of you as you walk. Place the Emperor card on a windowsill or small table in the north corner of the house and say:

Earthly Father, please guard and protect this house

Walk toward the southern most point of your home or office. Fan or blow the smoke ahead of you as you walk. Place the Star card on a windowsill or small table in the south corner, and say:

Wise Star, please bring the light of hope and healing to this house

Walk toward the eastern most point of your home or office. Fan or blow the smoke ahead of you as you walk Place the Moon card on a windowsill or small table in the east corner, and say:

Lady Luna, please drive fear and insecurity from this house

Walk toward the western most point of your home or office. Fan or blow the smoke ahead of you as you walk Place the Sun card on a windowsill or small table in the west corner, and say:

Lord Sol, please bring the warmth of joy and contentment to this house

Leave the cards in place until the next full Moon. As you collect the cards, you may offer a brief thank you to each for assisting in this ritual.

Love Charm

The purpose of this charm is to draw new love into your life. It will attract new friends and acquaintances. Among those who become your friends, there may be one who will become your special someone. The charm itself won’t cause another person to fall in love with you. You will have to accomplish that on your own.

The only materials you need to construct the charm are a couple of cards from an old tarot deck, and some pink or red thread or cord. Choose a card to represent yourself, and another one to represent your ideal love.

Study the card you’ve selected as your representative. Imagine that you’re transferring your inner essence into the card. When you look at the card, imagine your own face looking back at you.

Study the card that you’ve selected as representative of your soul mate. This card should not refer to a specific person, but rather to someone you hope to meet. Now, you are going to infuse the card with a composite of the traits you are looking for in a lover. Imagine that you are transferring all those qualities into the card.

Take your pink or red cord or thread, and tie the two cards loosely together. Place them somewhere where they won’t be disturbed. You should meet someone within a few weeks.

If after you meet that person, the relationship does not work out, be sure to unbind the cards. If no lover appears within two months, dismantle the charm by untying the cards and returning them to the deck. Wait about a month and then try constructing the charm again.

About Phyllis Vega

Phyllis Vega is a professional tarot reader and astrologer. She has been a New Age counselor and teacher for more than three decades. Phyllis is the author of 10 books, including Romancing the Tarot, Power Tarot (with Trish MacGregor), What Your Birthday Reveals About You, Your Magickal Name (with Debra Vega), and Celtic Astrology. Her new book, Erotic Astrology, will be in the stores on July 17, 2009.

Phyllis also does tarot readings and teaches workshops on a variety of topics including, SpellCraft, Crystal Power, Candle Magic, and Past Life Regressions at Five Sisters on South Dixie Highway in Pinecrest, Florida. Phyllis works out of her office in Miami, Florida where she is currently writing a new tarot book and giving private tarot and astrology readings in person and over the telephone. She can be contacted through her website.