Dreams, Past Lives, and Tarot (August 2009)

Part 1 – Dreams and Tarot

dreams photoBoth dreams and tarot help you to tune into your inner-self. They bring you messages that you can use to resolve life’s problems. Since dream images are often obscure and difficult to comprehend, tarot can be used to help you to understand their true significance.

It is my belief that the messages of your dreams are as important, or more important, than any information you glean during your waking hours. Dreams serve as intermediaries that allow you to experience other levels of reality. I created The Dream Interpretation Spread to help you translate the language of the psyche into practical terms that your conscious mind can understand and put to good use.

Before you can interpret a dream you must be able to remember it. Keeping a dream journal serves two purposes. First it provides a permanent account that you can examine, analyze, and review. Writing down dreams also serves as a stimulus to memory. The more time you spend recording and thinking about your dreams, the more dreams you will remember. When you are about to fall asleep tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. When you wake, write down everything that you recollect, even the smallest fragments.

Once you are able to recall your dreams you will want begin decoding their messages. Usually the meanings of a dream’s symbols are obvious, and translating them into everyday terms relatively easy. However, sometimes the significance of dream events is difficult to understand. When this happens tarot can be extremely helpful.

Dreams are a bridge between the material and nonmaterial worlds, blending elements of both. The smaller the gap between waking and dreaming consciousness, the more closely connected you are to your higher self. Nurture your ability to remember and understand your dreams and you will find yourself constantly in contact with your inner voice which is the source of much of your power and creativity.

Dream Interpretation Spread

  1     2     3     4
       5    6    7
          8     9


1-4) Factors that describe your dream.
5-7) How these factors influence your waking life.
8-9) What the dream images are trying to tell you.
10) How you can best use this information.

Tarot Dream Game

The original version of the Dream Game was the brainchild of Chicago actor Gary Joy, who created it as a remote viewing exercise. At the time Gary and some of his friends were into testing their psychic abilities. One member of their group would go into another room, concentrate on an object, and the others would try to pick up information about that object.

When Gary first signed on to the Prodigy Internet Service he got to know some people who were posting letters in a dream topic. The members of this group were also interested in the subject of remote viewing. Since they could not get together in person, Gary devised the Dream Game as a way for them to test their remote viewing ability through their dreams, and then share the results via the Internet.

In this version of the game the object sent by the Sender is always a tarot card.

Dream Game Rules

The Dream Game employs a Sender, an Observer, and an unlimited number of Dreamers. The object of the game is for the Dreamers to dream of the Senders’ selected object. The game is played for a specific number of nights decided upon in advance by the players.

The Sender: The Sender is responsible for selecting a card from the tarot deck. Each night before going to sleep, or anytime during the day, the Sender concentrates on that card, “sending out” images of it to the Dreamers. Part of the Sender’s job is to provide the Observer with detailed information regarding the card being sent.

The Dreamers: The Dreamers’ goal is to dream about the Senders’ card. During the duration of the game the Dreamers record all remembered dreams (including dream fragments). At the end of the game, each Dreamer gives a copy of his/her dream record to the Observer.

Observer: The Observer acts as witness. At the beginning of the game the Observer receives detailed information about the card from the Sender. The Observer and Sender are not to tell any of the Dreamers what the card is until the end of the game. At the end of the game the Observer studies the dream records, searching for hits and correlations.

A “hit” is a dream that actually contains the name of the chosen tarot card or images from it. A “correlation” occurs when the Dreamer dreams about something related to the meaning of the card. For example, if the card was the Queen of Wands, any dream about a queen, flowering branch, sunflower, wand, crown, throne, lion, or cat would be considered a hit. Any dream that contains an independent or self-employed woman or one with a fiery wands nature could be considered a correlation. Of course, the aforementioned images and meanings relate to the Rider Pack and may vary according to the deck that the Sender is using.

Part 2 – Past Life Exploration and Tarot

There are many ways to access past life memories. You might get a past life reading from a psychic; undergo hypnotic regression with an experienced past-life therapist; learn self hypnosis; use guided imagery meditation tapes; or study dream analysis. Or, you could simply examine your current life for likes and dislikes that might be holdovers from a previous existence. Known as the Resonance Method this means of analyzing strong tendencies, emotional and physical problems, moods, habits and talents is a simple and safe way of uncovering past life data.

No matter which method you use your answers may prove to be rather, sketchy with few clues to what concerns you most about a particular past life experience. Because the symbolism of tarot transcends time and space, it allows us to tap into the past, present and future in this life. Therefore it seems only natural to take it a step further and use the tarot to amplify and clarify past life data as well.

You may use the following spreads after you have received some past life data through one of the aforementioned methods. Or, you may use this spread as a means of garnering new past life information.

Past Life Spread


2        3       4      

5        6        7

8        9       10
      11   12

      13    14

1) Basic soul nature coming into the past life in question
2) Environmental factors
3) Early years
4) Education
5) Occupation
6) Family life
7) Love life
8) Other relationships
9) Social status
10) Accomplishments
11-12) Lessons learned during the past life in question
13-14) Ways in which this past life impacts on your current life

Past Life Spread For Couples

Use the following spread after you or your significant other has received some data regarding a past life in which you were together. It can help you clarify your impressions. You may also use this spread as a gateway to accessing new past life information.

1         2          3

4          5         6


1) Your basic soul nature coming into the past life in question
2) Your significant other’s basic soul nature coming into the past life in question
3) Shared past life environment
4) The nature of your relationship in that past life
5) Lessons you learned during that past life
6) Lessons your significant other learned during that past life
7) How that past life impacts on your current lives

About Phyllis Vega

Phyllis Vega is a professional tarot reader and astrologer. She has been a New Age counselor and teacher for more than three decades. Phyllis is the author of 10 books, including Romancing the Tarot, Power Tarot (with Trish MacGregor), What Your Birthday Reveals About You, Your Magickal Name (with Debra Vega), and Celtic Astrology. Her new book, Erotic Astrology, will be in the stores on July 17, 2009.

Phyllis also does tarot readings and teaches workshops on a variety of topics including, SpellCraft, Crystal Power, Candle Magic, and Past Life Regressions at Five Sisters on South Dixie Highway in Pinecrest, Florida. Phyllis works out of her office in Miami, Florida where she is currently writing a new tarot book and giving private tarot and astrology readings in person and over the telephone. She can be contacted through her website.