Venus in Astrology

Venus photoVenus is love. Venus is romance. Venus is beauty. Its planetary energy is peaceable, harmonious, unifying, and creative. Venus’ zodiacal sign defines your romantic persona. The planet’s position in your birth chart exerts a strong influence on your sensuality, self-image, and attachments to others. Venus’ natal placement is a clear indicator of the manner in which you approach relationships of the heart. Venus’ sign determines what gives you pleasure, how you express that pleasure, and how you go about sharing it. The planet Venus also denotes sensuality. Venusian energy relates to the principles of love and attraction, and the drawing together of two separate individuals to create a unified whole.

If you don’t know the sign positions of Venus on the day of your birth, you can look them up on the World Wide Web at Café Venus Ephemeris Tables:

The way Venus manifests itself in your chart is a clear indicator of what gives you joy. Your Venus sign defines the various ways in which you express your sensuality, how you attract love and affection, and how you go about satisfying your lover’s needs and desires. Venus also relates to the many different sides of a close relationship, and denotes friendship, compassion, and understanding between lovers.

People with Venus in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are romantics. They love extravagantly, passionately, and dramatically. Spontaneous, impulsive, and full of surprises, they are never boring. Since subtlety is not their style, they are very open about their feelings. Fire sign Venusian natives are bold and usually willing to risk rejection. Their attitude is that there are always more fish in the sea.

Those with Venus in the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are serious minded and practical. Their happiness lies in the material realm and they derive great pleasure from a comfortable, settled home life. Cautious and controlled, Earth sign Venusians take love seriously. Sensuous, tactile, and very aware of physical sensations, they have well a developed sensual side and a strong need for physical contact.

Individuals with Venus in the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) flirt with love and romance. Airy Venusians want a relationship that provides intellectual stimulation, companionship, and witty, engaging conversation. Emotionally cool, the air signs feel as much with their minds as their bodies. They need to connect on a mental level. For them, the exchange of ideas is paramount in a love union.

People who have Venus in the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are sensitive, emotional, responsive, intuitive, and empathetic. Psychically, there are few barriers between them and others, and they often pick up on what those around them are feeling. Watery natives tend to over-use their imaginations, and the combination of intuition and imagination can make them feel exceedingly vulnerable in a romantic relationship.

Venus in Aries

Individuals with this placement are assertive, enthusiastic, self- expressive, and cheerful. You want excitement and adventure in your love life. Since you are passionate and idealistic, sex and romance are equally important to you. You’re likely to experience some inner conflict between your desire for a committed relationship and your need for freedom and independence. Naturally daring and flirtatious, you tend to become competitive when seeking the attentions and affections of others. Aries is impulsive and hopelessly addicted to conquest. Venus falls in and out of love quickly. The result of this mix is lack of foresight and a general instability where long-term unions are concerned.

Venus in Taurus

The planet Venus is generally well placed in sweet-tempered, indulgent Taurus. Thanks to your deep appreciation of the physical world and its pleasures, you experience love in a straightforward, sensual, tactile manner. You enjoy good sex in much the same way you take pleasure in good food and drink, luxurious surroundings, and beautiful things. Easygoing and cheerful most of the time, you know how to have a good time and to help others to do the same. Venusian bulls need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in their romantic relationships. Basically a materialist who dislikes disruption and change, you can be quite possessive of the people and things you love.

Venus in Gemini

For the sociable individual with Venus in Gemini, friendship is as important as romance in a love relationship. Driven by a powerful intellectual curiosity, you yearn to taste whatever life has to offer. With your restless nature and diversity of interests, you’re difficult to pin down. Easily bored, you resist relationships that might become too settled and comfortable. Variety, change, and excitement provide the spice you’re looking for in your love life. You have an excitable, playful attitude toward romance and approach each new affair with optimism and high-expectation. Communication and mental stimulation are your absolute musts for any relationship to have a chance of becoming permanent.

Venus in Cancer

The emotional Venusian crab is sentimental, nostalgic, kindhearted, moody, and unpredictable. Easily hurt, and extremely self- protective, you’re seeking a safe, secure, solid love relationship with few surprises. Deeply sensitive and easily hurt, you try to hide your vulnerability behind a dignified facade. Despite your total emotional involvement in a loving union, there is a sense of caution as well. Love to you is all about home and family, and your relationship style is nurturing and motherly. You can be clingy and rather possessive of those you care about. Rationality leaves you cold. You want a life partner who is romantic and affectionate and not afraid to show it.

Venus in Leo

In Leo, Venus is dramatic, enthusiastic, and self-confident. Warm- hearted and exceedingly generous, you are lavish with your affections and attentions. Glamour, excitement, and charm mark your courting style, and you relish your role as star of your own romantic drama. Venusian lions make passionate, ardent partners, and your love is sincere and whole-hearted. A born show person, with tons of physical and emotional magnetism, you enjoy being noticed and popular. Although never one to discourage or ignore your admirers, you are innately loyal and faithful in love. Your pride and ego are so wrapped up in your relationships that any break-up is likely to be extremely difficult.

Venus in Virgo

The Venus in Virgo person is seeking an ideal lover on the one hand, and a solid, down-to-earth partnership on the other. The perfectionist in you yearns to place your beloved on a pedestal and worship from afar. Your earthy, practical side wants a loving union that functions orderly and efficiently from day to day. Either way, you are extremely selective in your relationships. Despite a sensual, romantic nature, you would rather be alone than with someone who does not measure up to your high standards. You need to feel needed and appreciated by your loved ones; you demonstrate your affection by working hard for them.

Venus in Libra

The gracious peacemaker with Venus in Libra is polite, tactful, considerate, and generally aware of what other people are feeling. Innately civilized and refined, you are upset by bad manners and go out of your way to avoid disagreements or discord. An aesthetic as well as a romantic, you like being surrounded by beauty and harmony. Love makes your world go around, and you tend to fall in love easily and often. You are charming and agreeable, traits that attract many admirers. In Libra, Venus is at her most seductive. However, your seductiveness manifests in subtle ways that are never vulgar or overtly sexual.

Venus in Scorpio

In Scorpio, Venus confers magnetic intensity and a deeply emotional romantic and sexual nature. In a love union, you’re straightforward, direct, and determined. An extremist in life and in love, you give yourself totally and demand the same type of involvement in return. Your intimate relationships are based on loyalty, commitment, and complete focus on your partner. Because your desires are so powerful and overwhelming, you can become very jealous and possessive of your loved one. When Scorpio is involved, control is almost always an issue. Although you may express your domination in minor ways, there is little doubt that you’re the one pulling the strings.

Venus in Sagittarius

The idealistic roamers and seekers with Venus in Sagittarius have a rather carefree attitude toward relationships. You are upbeat and easy to like, but not particularly dependable where affections are concerned. In fact, you can be downright fickle, and your flirtatious behavior may cause problems with potential partners. You fall in love easily, but prefer that things stay casual for as long as possible. Threats to your freedom make you extremely nervous. The key to your romantic nature is companionship and shared interests. Your ideal partner is easy-going, open-minded, willing to accept you on your own terms, and respects your need for some personal space.

Venus in Capricorn

Venusian goats are proud, dependable, loyal, and controlled. Your romantic feelings can be very strong on the inside, yet you respond with reserve and caution when it comes to expressing them. You want a loving, committed relationship, but you’re basically insecure and fearful of rejection. You would rather repress your emotions than risk exposing yourself to ridicule. Consequently, you tend to come across as lacking in warmth and spontaneity. In truth, you’re a rather romantic soul who yearns for a caring partner to share your life. When you find that person, you expect your spouse to be a helpmate as well as a lover.

Venus in Aquarius

In Aquarius, Venus is emotionally challenged. Essentially an intellectual, you live more in your mind than in your body. Despite a friendly, open nature you come off as cool and detached. Your freewheeling attitude concerning standards of behavior is unusual to the point of eccentricity. You set your own rules, with little regard for what others think. With a sex drive that is not particularly strong, romance is often the last thing on your mind. Since your head is usually off somewhere in the clouds, you may be totally oblivious when someone is attracted to you. When you do find love, it’s likely to be rooted in friendship and companionship.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in this sign is romantic, idealistic, sensitive, dreamy, and sentimental. You possess a type of vulnerability and ethereal charm that is both attractive and attracting. Naturally kind and unselfish, you willingly give whatever is necessary to help others. Yet you’re highly dependent yourself, and very much in need of a caring, nurturing mate or partner. In your search for someone to share your deep, intense feelings, you spend a lot of time falling in and out of love. Strong emotions and a vivid imagination sometimes cloud your reality. What you are seeking is an otherworldly romance that is exceedingly difficult to find on the Earth plane.

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