The Moon in Astrology

Moon photoThe Moon’s position in the natal chart is extremely significant, and second only in importance to the placement of the Sun. The Moon is the place to look when seeking the private side of an individual, the person that others don’t see. Your birth Moon shows how you come across emotionally. Your Moon’s sign is about the ways you express and deal with your feelings. It signifies unconscious patterns of behavior, and reflects the types of relationships you are likely to form and how you interact with the people around you.

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Your Sun sign describes your façade, the outer you and how you present yourself to others. Your Moon sign describes your inner nature and interior hidden self. When you understand a person’s Moon’s sign, you gain greater insight into that individual’s needs, moods, and sensitivities. Because the Moon influences your deepest thoughts and fantasies and illuminates your innermost feelings, its sign shows what you really care about in life, and what you will be happiest doing or being.

The Moon represents the feminine or yin principle. The domain of the Moon is the subconscious mind and its relationship to emotions, instincts, habits, intuition, psychic ability, dreams, and memories. The Moon’s rulership includes women, conception, pregnancy, birth, childhood experience, emotional security, home, family, and the public. The archetypes connected to the lunar principal are the goddess, the mother, the queen, and the nurturer.

Like the Sun signs, the Moon signs are grouped by the three modes of being (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water).

The Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) initiate change. Fast moving and goal oriented they make things happen, and then they often lose interest and move on to something new.

The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are tenacious and determined. They complete, solidify, consolidate, and preserve the changes initiated by the Cardinal signs.

The Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are flexible and adaptable. They take what the Cardinal signs have designed and the Fixed signs have built, and fine tune, alter, and adjust it to fit changing circumstances.

The Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are fiery, enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, and impulsive. Although filled with vitality, they work and play so hard that they can easily burn themselves out.

The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are down-to-earth, practical, careful, and efficient. Although they are grounded and extremely well focused, they tend to be over-cautious and stubbornly resistant to change.

The Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are intellectual, communicative, sociable, and intuitive. Innovative ideas are their forte, but they are often more concerned with probing and understanding theoretical concepts than seeking practical applications for their discoveries.

The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are compassionate, imaginative, impressionable, artistic, and psychic. They tune into emotions the way other signs tune into radio or TV stations. Although their empathy makes them want to help everyone, it can also make them feel defenseless and vulnerable.

Aries Moon Sign – Impulsive

Aries demands a great deal of personal freedom and you vigorously resist attempts to dominate or tie you down. As a natural rebel you prefer making your own rules to living under other people’s restrictions. You don’t much care about the opinion of others, and almost never follow advice when it’s offered. Since diplomacy is not your strong suit, you generally come right out and say whatever you are thinking. As a born leader you thoroughly enjoy the authority and responsibility that goes along power, but what you really seek is total dominion over yourself and your own interests.

Ardent Aries loves passionately and with a whole heart. However, you tend to view love as another of life’s exciting adventures. For as long as it lasts your romance may be quite idyllic, with days that are filled with fun and nights filled with pleasure. However, when love dwindles into ordinariness you quickly grow bored and restless. Once you decide that an alliance is finished, your inclination is to end it as quickly as possible and take off in search of new experiences.

Taurus Moon Sign – Tenacious

In Taurus the Moon may be even better placed than in its own sign Cancer, because the stability of fixed-earth steadies and calms the erratic lunar influence. This Moon emphasizes the material side of life, and you enjoy all of its comforts including lovemaking, good food and drink, art and music, and relaxing in pleasant surroundings. Sensual and romantic, Taurus thrives on physical contact; no lover of yours is likely to want for affection or attention.

You don’t do well under pressure and can’t be rushed or forced into anything. When pushed to your limits, you respond by digging your heels in and becoming incredibly stubborn. However, once you settle on something or someone you rarely change your mind. Since you don’t enter into relationships lightly, when you make a promise or commitment you stick to it.

Your proud nature makes it difficult for you deal with slights and rejection. Bulls may forgive, but they rarely forget. Your propensity for bearing grudges makes you waste precious time and energy by doggedly hanging on to the memory of old resentments engendered by personal insults and disappointments.

Gemini Moon Sign – Clever

In lively Gemini the Moon’s influence becomes somewhat erratic. Lunar twins have keenly developed imaginations and minds that appear to be permanently stuck in overdrive. Mentally you are the “Fast Freddy” of the zodiac, and no other sign is a quicker study, or processes information faster. A born critic, with an inclination toward loquaciousness, your tendency is to analyze everything and then discuss what you’ve discovered with anyone who will listen. Your skills as a speaker and writer make you a perfect fit for any career where communication plays a major role, such as journalist, broadcaster, teacher, actor, salesperson, or preacher.

Although you take great pride in your own self-sufficiency, you are essentially a “people person” and love nothing more than getting out and spending time with friends and acquaintances. You like being where the action is, and you hate to think that you might be missing out on anything important. A walking encyclopedia of information with an affable open manner and the ability to converse with anyone on any subject, you are a welcome addition to any party or gathering. Like a chameleon you have knack for blending in with any crowd, causing some to label you superficial and others to wonder whether or not they actually know you at all.

Cancer Moon Sign – Emotional

The Moon is in its natural home in Cancer, the sign of its rulership. Lunar crabs are nurturing, creative, imaginative, patient, and intuitive, but also very, very sensitive. Members of this sign are among the most emotional in the zodiacal family, and also the most easily wounded by perceived slights and rebuffs. You are extremely self-protective, and although you are strongly motivated by your emotions, you are also afraid of them.

You rarely show your depth of feeling openly, preferring to hide your vulnerability behind the protective façade of your crab shell. Thus it is often difficult for people to understand where you are coming from, or know where they really stand with you.

Those born under this influence are strongly impressionable with an artistic temperament that works best when allowed to function at its own pace. You cherish the past, and have an extremely retentive memory and the ability to store away impressions, reactions, feelings, and information until the time comes for you to put them to use. Many artists, artisans, chefs, musicians, actors, poets, historians, antiquarians, and teachers were born under this Moon sign.

Leo Moon Sign – Dramatic

Many of the Moon’s natural characteristics are modified or nullified in Leo, the astrological home of the Sun. Here the Moon’s power is stable, positive, and upbeat, and even its shadowy side seems less dark than in other signs. Lunar Leos command respect, and are optimistic and ambitious with an instinctive urge to rule. They don’t like being told what they can and can’t do, and they generally function best in positions of authority.

Naturally extroverted and dramatic, you gravitate toward center stage and bask in the attention, admiration, and applause of your audience. Your warm, generous nature wins people over, and your easy-going charm and wonderful sense of humor keeps them interested and entertained. You have a flair for the dramatic and performing comes naturally to you. When nothing is happening that you find interesting or amusing, you may try to raise everyone’s spirits by playing some music, singing a song, recounting a dramatic incident, or telling a joke or funny story.

Virgo Moon Sign – Practical

The shifting, changing effects of the Moon are much less evident in the steadfast sign of Virgo. Stable, serious in outlook, and modest in demeanor, your mental powers are especially keen and you have an intelligent, thoughtful way of looking at things. You bring a sense of professionalism to everything you do, and could find success in virtually any occupation that demands accuracy, precision, and a keen eye for detail. Your practical realism makes you good at business and managing money, and your concern for security keeps you focused on long-term goals rather than immediate profits.

You have a discriminating mind and a critical nature that automatically questions everything you see and hear. Your approach to life is closely allied to your practical, pragmatic outlook. Basically you are skeptic who rarely accepts anything at face value, and you carefully sift through information and ideas searching for kernels of truth. Lunar Virgos are more practical than scholarly. You consider the pursuit of knowledge merely for the sake of learning a waste of precious time, preferring to focus on subjects that are useful.

Libra Moon Sign – Practical

The cardinality of this sign energizes the more tranquil characteristics of the Moon. Lunar Libras are ambitious, but somewhat slower to react than members of the other cardinal signs. Still, despite occasional bouts of laziness, you manage to motivate yourself enough to accomplish your personal goals. Scales are especially good at strategizing and planning projects, but often get bored before the actual work is completed. However, your specialty is teamwork and cooperation and you’re usually able to charm someone into helping you finish the job.

As the sign of esthetic perception, Libra accentuates the Moon’s allure of glamour and enchantment. The scales appreciation for beauty and all the finer things in life is unmatched by any other sign. You have a keen artistic sense, and an instinctive understanding of music, dance, art, drama, and literature. Many born under this influence have considerable talent along these lines, and you could be a professional artist or entertainer, or simply a patron of the arts.

Scorpio Moon Sign – Penetrating

This is generally considered a difficult lunar placement, because Scorpio’s intensity exerts a powerful influence over the emotional nature of the Moon. Your Scorpio Moon endows you with a deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth. Yours is a fighting spirit, with tremendous determination and a strong instinct for survival. Your specialty is recovering from setbacks that might devastate a less tenacious individual. You have an uncanny ability for bouncing back from failure, defeat, disappointment, illness, and even the very threshold of death’s door.

Lunar scorpions are able to concentrate their energies and focus on their objectives with a passion that sometimes approaches obsession. Always interested in what lies beneath the surface, your instinctive urge is to keep digging until you get to the bottom of things. This is an excellent placement for researchers, detectives, physicians, anthropologists, engineers, occultists, and psychotherapists.

Sagittarius Moon Sign – Enthusiastic

Sagittarius is a dual sign represented by the centaur, a mythological creature with the upper torso of a human growing out of the body of a horse. The Sagittarian centaur is usually depicted with feet firmly planted on the ground, and holding a bow and arrow pointed upwards toward the heavens. The duality of your nature comes from the split between your earthy animal instincts on the one hand, and your philosophical, rational mind on the other.

In Sagittarius the Moon is restless and unsettled in mind and body. Its archetype is the wanderer who explores both the material world and the realm of ideas. You require a great deal of personal freedom in order to fulfill your goals and follow your dreams. Typically archers love to travel and meet new and interesting people. A lover of nature and the outdoors, you thrive on lots of exercise and constant activity. Yours is an impatient, adventurous spirit that impels you to rush headlong into any enterprise, situation, or relationship that sparks your enthusiasm.

Capricorn Moon Sign – Ambitious

The sensitive, ever-changing Moon is basically ill at ease in Capricorn’s cool, controlled environment of rules and regulations. Naturally serious, industrious, and ambitious, you tend to place practical considerations ahead of emotional ones. In relationships you keep your feelings tightly under wraps until you know whether or not you are on solid ground with the other person. However, once committed you make a loyal, devoted, dependable mate, lover, or friend. Emotionally you aren’t very demonstrative, but you show you that you care by taking responsibility for your loved ones and providing for their financial and material needs.

Lunar goats are efficient, responsible, cautious, and mature in attitude and outlook. You set long-term goals, and pursue them with relentless, and sometimes obsessive persistence. Your tenacity and strength of will are such that you consider no obstacle or challenge too great for you to overcome. Your staying power is unparalleled, and your willingness to work hard and put in long hours mean that sooner or later you will achieve the respect, recognition, and power that’s so important to you.

Aquarius Moon Sign – Unpredictable

The Moon is not particularly comfortable in fixed, intellectual Aquarius. Naturally cool headed and cerebral, reason is your god, and your basic focus is a mental one. You distrust instincts, feelings, and emotions as being way too messy and irrational. Although outwardly friendly and sociable, at heart you are a loner. Lunar Aquarians are the quintessential outsiders. Your unconventional outlook and eccentric, unpredictable behavior make it difficult for you to “fit in”, and at times you may suffer from inner feelings of loneliness.

As a life-long student of human nature, you’re extremely observant of other people’s action. Although especially adept at analyzing everyone else’s motivations, when it comes to your own you’re often totally clueless as to why you do the things you do. Despite your innate emotional detachment (or possibly because of it), your forte is counseling and helping others. Career fields generally associated with this Moon sign include psychology, sociology, medicine, teaching, community service, and astrology.

Pisces Moon Sign – Imaginative

Both the Moon and the sign Pisces are about dreams and emotions, and the lunar fish is the archetypal dreamer of the zodiac. Much of the time you inhabit a fantasy world of your own creation. Romantic and idealistic in the extreme, you rarely look at things straight on, or see them for what they really are. You prefer viewing life through a pair of rose-colored glasses, to dealing with its harsh realities.

Psychic ability, intuition, imagination, strong creative talents, and a deep fascination with everything mysterious are closely linked to this placement. You flourish in a creative environment, and you either have artistic abilities of your own, or a great love and appreciation for the arts. Typically members of this sign are deeply spiritual, although their faith is often more mystical than religious. Careers associated with the Moon in Pisces include: artists, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, filmmakers, fashion consultants, interior designers, florists, chefs, nurses, psychologists, practitioners of alternative medicine, and spiritual leaders.

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