Dog Walking – Advice For A Safe Walk Together With Your Dogs

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A lot of canine owners will surely agree with me when I state that taking an morning walk along with your doggie is a wonderful way to begin the day. It helps continue to keep you as well as your doggies healthier, lively and also very happy, in addition it can also be an excellent way for you to bond with them.

That being said however, there are actually certain dangers that you’re exposing your doggies to each and every time you are taking all of them for a walk in public areas. This includes, traffic, being assaulted by other hostile animals, your pet accidentally running off, and more. I know it appears a little frightful however rest assured that this particular article isn’t intended to scare you but to give you some basic safety ways to be sure that you along with your dog have a nice safe walk.

Both your own as well as your doggie’s safety ought to always be your main concern everytime you take your dogs outside the house. To assist you with this, below are great tips to bear in mind when walking your pet by using a retractable dog leash.

Purchase a durable retractable leash

Something which actually worries me personally every time I’m walking my dog is if the doggie leash can get pulled or even broken off and my dog goes running off straight into road traffic. For that reason it’s essential that you choose a strong and prime quality dog leash.

When picking a retractable leash for dogs you’ll want to check the kind of lead the leash has. You also need to examine the retracting device of the leash. I like the flat webbed leads when making use of a retractable leash because they are light, very strong and unlike the cord leads, won’t injure the hands when it slips through your hand.

Once again do not ever take this for granted. Really be sure you choose a very good lead for the dog in order to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Microchip your dog

This is a no brainer. In the event your doggie does runs away, then at the very least they have got the essential ID to help other people to get in contact with you. Microchipping your canine is probably the best and most secure methods to put identification on your own pet dog. The procedure is painless plus it doesn’t cost you much. It entails implanting a chip that’s as large as a grain of rice in the scruff of your dog’s neck. Any time that portion of the doggy is scanned it’ll display all of your dog’s details like their name as well as their address.

Also it’s a good idea to have a phone number and also the dog’s name on a label in your dog’s collar.

Consider your surroundings

As previously mentioned, there could be times when stray pets or any other hazards may be present while you’re walking your pet. That is why you must be conscious of your surroundings constantly. When you notice a few stray dogs walking in front of you then it may be wise to change your course, cross the street and so on. This is a fantastic way to be sure that your dog doesn’t take in something dangerous, get into fights or get into various other risks.

There you go!

Make sure to keep safety as a key concern when walking your canine friend. Do not ever take selecting a dog leash without any consideration and pick one that will really offer your pet security.

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Kevin Greers is a dog lover who is dedicated in providing pet owners important resources to help care for their pets. Click here to check his recommendation of best dog leash.

Halloween Music to Complete Your Halloween Party

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So Halloween is round the corner and people are curious to enjoy this special fun holiday. Halloween can be one of the most wonderful holidays that people can enjoy. Right from the Halloween party music to weird costumes, everything about this juncture is worth enjoying! Basically, it helps you in relieving stress and doing something different in a year. Halloween party music is a way for everyone to get engulfed into enjoyment and experience enthusiasm with special music.

There are some of the most fantastic songs for this holiday that can bring out the real feel of Halloween. This can be great for those who are planning for the Halloween party at their own home! Basically, the music adds the feeling, a special touch and of course, the real essence of Halloween. When you go out to search for the Halloween music list, you will easily find some of the most popular “zombie numbers” to dance on and these will definitely add the touch of specialty to your party. Halloween music list search becomes important especially for those who are organizing or hosting the party at their home or somewhere else. Definitely any party is incomplete without music and when it comes to Halloween party music, you definitely have a range of choices.

Ranging from “Thriller” of legend Michael Jackson to “Witchy Woman” of The Eagles, you will find a whole pack of Halloween music list. If you are organizing or hosting the Halloween party, you will definitely not like to miss out on the spooky music flowing in the background and bringing out the real essence of this juncture. “Abracadabra”, “Sympathy for the Devil”, “”Devil with a Blue Dress on”, “”Witchcraft”, “I Put a Spell on You”, “The Time Warp”, “Lil’ Red Riding Hood”, “Highway to Hell” and many more can simply be added to your Halloween music list to bring out the zombie effect in the party. Get the CDs, create a mix and match of old and new Halloween songs and let your Halloween party be complete. Halloween party music that has scary sounds in the background will definitely not be a cheesy experience, but will make your party complete.

You can search for the Halloween party music with the words like “classical Halloween music”, “scary Halloween music” and many more words. Just try a combination of few words and begin your search on the Internet to get the best Halloween music list. Some of the suggestions that can be added in your Halloween party music include “Super Freak” by Rick James, “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, “She Blinded Me with Science” by Thomas Dolby, “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley and “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. All these songs and the others mentioned above can be added in your Halloween music list to bring out the scary effect in party and complete the occasion with its real quintessence.

By the special Halloween party music, you can make your party complete and ensure that everyone got in the real spirit of Halloween!

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By Ashish Pandey. Your Halloween party would remain incomplete without the real sense of Halloween, the Halloween party music. You can get some of the suggestions for your Halloween music list from here.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is probably the most ancient festivities still celebrated at present all across the globe. It emanates from the Celts of ancient Eire getting together at the end of the summer season to consecrate the harvest having a festival named Samhain. This kind of festival has been adopted as well as adapted through the centuries by various nationalities and religious groups.

Even so, many of the customs and practices from earlier times have made it through until today and can be obviously seen in our Halloween celebrations and Halloween party decoration ideas, especially when enjoying the Halloween holiday with ringing doorbells for candies and a Halloween party. Halloween would not be complete without the conventional Halloween party decorations.

So here are several Halloween party decoration ideas to enhance your magical, spooky and terrifying theme of Halloween.

Lighting is just about the most important of the Halloween party decoration ideas. You are hoping to convey an air of menace, mystery and spookiness with your lighting. You can get chains of Halloween lighting ready to hang up or premade lanterns which might be either battery operated or require a candle. Naturally no Halloween night time would be complete without the Jack-O’-lantern carved from a pumpkin. You can also buy glow in the dark sticks that may be placed in your home and garden or worn to supply that weird effect.

Once you set out to embellish your home for trick or treating, remember that an important objective is to show that trick or treaters are encouraged. One thing I’ve learned in recent years is to ensure your door is lighted in some way so that trick or treaters realize you are home. Door accessories, Halloween wreaths and Halloween window clings as well as lanterns outside the house your door furthermore show that your family is joining in the Halloween fun.

Decorating within your home is a must in case you are having a Halloween get-together. A few simple accessories can change your house into a haunted house or you can go the whole way to make the night a thrilling, chilling experience making use of Halloween decoration tips from a range of sources such as magazines, party shops as well as on line websites.

Halloween Graveyard – A fantastic party theme is to convert your house right into a graveyard. Do this by simply collecting several branches, painting them black to make a dark-coloured Halloween tree. Stick them in a pot of dirt or sand and decorate them with spiderwebs and spiders. Make some Halloween tombstones out of cardboard or perhaps foam and place around the place. Involve your mates in the fun by painting or carving their own names on them. You can buy Halloween crows or ravens to add just a little foreboding to your graveyard or perhaps you can make these birds using cardboard boxes with a few dark feathers attached on them.

Halloween Coffin – This is simple to do. You could make your own Halloween coffin out of cardboard and fill with Halloween treats for instance eye ball sweets, jelly snakes and creepy crawlies. The odd hand or skull will offer a surprise. Employing a fog machine will add the ultimate touch for your graveyard theme. Many fog machines are water based and to use.

Indoor Halloween Lighting – When decorating your home focus on the illumination. This should be darker and spooky, trying to produce as much shadow as possible. Next, create your Halloween ambiance with dangling cobwebs around your house. Have hanging spiders placed wherever they are most likely to be bumped into. Halloween pumpkin heads or scarecrows and Halloween skulls may be used or hung in places such as the toilet to shock your guests.

Spooky Shadows – If you did not get adequate spookiness naturally out of your Halloween lighting, one of the easiest to do Halloween party decoration ideas is shadows. Cut out scary shapes for instance ghosts, witches on broomsticks, black cats, bats etc affix these to the flashlight and place it at a strategic location to catch everyone’s eye.

Wall Decoration – Finally, while this tip may not seem to match the other Halloween party decoration ideas, it genuinely might be a lifesaver! If you need to cover up a background then opened up black plastic rubbish bags and carefully put these up. These can furthermore help to safeguard your wall from accidents with refreshments etc. The black bags can be embellished with spiders and spiderwebs to disguise them.

Halloween Dishes and Goblets – To keep the decoration Halloween theme, offer your guests their party food on Halloween party plates and serve drinks from Halloween goblets. You can buy lots of Halloween decorations on-line. Having a cauldron to serve your punch out of will likely add to the mood. You can add ice cubes that include jelly pests with red food coloring to appear as fake blood.

It’s really challenging to go too far “over-the-top” with your Halloween party decoration ideas. This is probably one occasion when more is okay it all boosts the mood and fun of the evening.

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By Trey Gill. is a source for all things Halloween for children and provides the ideas you will need to make Halloween a safe and fun occasion them.

Seven Tips to Green your Halloween

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.  When we have the opportunity to be whomever we want for a day, and indulge in practically anything we want, the atmosphere is ripe for an all-out enchanting celebration.

Halloween does tend to create a tiny bit of guilt in some of our minds, however.   May of us try to deal with the idea that tons of money and resources are spent on an event that happens on just one day out of the year.  In addition to the slightly consumer-driven feeling that is often associated with Halloween, concerns over the quality of Halloween treats linger in the minds of some people, especially parents.

It’s important to enjoy holidays. 

Celebrations like Halloween allow us the chance to get together with friends and family, and be light-hearted in a world that has many challenges and obstacles.

Holidays like Halloween can and should be celebrated from a mindset of joy, for ourselves and for the world we live in.  Celebrating an eco-friendly Halloween is the best way to honor our own joyful life, and to ensure that those who come after us will be allowed the same pleasure.

Greening your Halloween can be as simple as making sure that you use as little resources as possible, and choose eco-friendly products when you must buy.

When we must purchase something, because living and enjoying life means we’ll have to buy things occasionally, it’s important that our purchases be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

When thinking about green Halloween costumes, eco-friendly Halloween party décor, and organic Halloween food, there are so many easy ways to make sure that we’re doing out part to safeguard our health and that of the planet.  A balance between fun and responsibility can be had, personally and environmentally.  It’s simply a matter of finding great resources for eco-friendly Halloween supplies.

Here are 7 tips for greening your Halloween…

1. Eco-friendly Halloween Costumes – The best “green” Halloween costumes come from recycled or repurposed items like old hats, shirts, capes, pants, shoes, and more.  When you have a special Halloween costume in mind that requires a more unique piece or outfit, consider an eco-friendly Halloween costume made from 100% cotton, silk, or felt.  Eco-friendly Halloween costumes do not contain any toxic materials, like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which can irritate the skin and “off-gas” into the environment.  PVC or plastic Halloween costumes release cancer-causing dioxins into the air, and they are not recyclable either.  Choose eco-friendly Halloween costumes that are made from natural, chemical-free fibers. There are tons of great “green” Halloween costumes available.  Just choose what you want to be.  Dragon, spider, vampire, or princess?  There is an eco-friendly Halloween costume for almost anyone, at any age.

2. Natural Halloween Makeup – There are so many great Halloween costume ideas that require face painting and special makeup application.  While you may look fantastic, who wants a load of toxic chemicals all over their face?  Traditional Halloween makeup is filled with dangerous, synthetic substances.  Non-toxic, natural Halloween makeup includes natural face makeup, organic nail polish, and natural nail polish and makeup remover to take it all of when Halloween is over.  Are you going to be a clown, frog, furry animal, or even a piece of candy corn for Halloween?  It’s easy to find eco-friendly Halloween makeup that will make you look exactly like the character you’ve imagined.

3. “Green” Halloween Decorations – Whether you’re decorating your house to welcome trick-or-treaters, or preparing for an eco-friendly Halloween party, you’ll want to find eco-friendly Halloween decorations that are durable enough to be used multiple times.  Single use décor is not exactly the most environmentally friendly way to decorate for a Halloween party, so when you can buy Halloween decorations that will stand the test of time, you’re on track to having an eco-Halloween.  If you must purchase Halloween decorations that will be used only once, make sure they come from recycled or post-consumer materials like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, or other natural sources.  Green Halloween decorations are much better for the Earth than plastic décor, which often just ends up in landfills after Halloween is over.  To decorate your home for trick-or-treaters or for a party, choose fun and whimsical eco-Halloween decorations like felt banners, hay bale table place cards, or recycled paper confetti.

4. Eco-Halloween Treat Bags – Instead of grabbing a plastic or paper bag to collect Halloween “treats” in when trick-or-treating; opt for an eco-friendly Halloween treat bag than can be used for years to come.  You’ll find spooky and scary Halloween treat bags, or Halloween treat bags made to look like silly pumpkins and pretty witches.  The best “green” Halloween bags are made from felt, which is sturdy enough to ensure years of use.

5. Organic Halloween Treats – Are you passing out “green” Halloween treats this year, or supplying a party with organic Halloween desserts?  Conventional Halloween candy and cookies are often filled with tons of chemicals like artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.  Chocolate in many Halloween treats is most likely sourced from suppliers that don’t follow Fair Trade guidelines.  Milk and sugar that’s included in most Halloween treats comes from sources that may exploit animals.  When “greening” your Halloween, choose organic Halloween treats like organic cookies and candies.  You can even make your own organic Halloween cookies with cute, eco-friendly Halloween cookie cutouts.

6. “Green” Halloween Party Favors – Do you need ideas for eco-friendly Halloween party favors?  When you want Earth-friendly Halloween party favors to give to partygoers or trick-or-treaters, reach for Halloween party favors that are made with sustainable materials.  Eco-friendly pencils, recycled crayons, and “green” LED flashlights are wonderful and inexpensive party favors for Halloween.  You can also give little eco-friendly staplers shaped like animals or little packets of flower seeds that kids can grow themselves.

7. Eco-friendly Halloween tableware – When you’re setting your table for an eco-friendly Halloween party, use your regular china or porcelain dishes, or opt for a fast and easy solution to Halloween tableware.  Single-use plates, cups, and utensils are not the “greenest” way to prepare a table, but when you must use disposable tableware, choose items made from recyclable and compostable materials.  Bamboo plates and cups are completely biodegradable, and are grown without harmful chemical fertilizers.

By following these 7 tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween, you’ll be doing your part in protecting the planet while having the best “Green” Halloween ever.

About the Author helps you choose Eco-friendly options. Green product reviews, news about Eco friendly production methods, education on fair trade and green certifications, and more, we simplify the challenge of greener living.

Squirrel Proofing Bird Feeders – Techniques to Squirrel-proof Feeders

Squirrels can eat all the food in a bird feeder in minutes. This article discusses the two main methods for keeping squirrels from eating all the food you put in your bird feeder.

English: Squirrel eating from bird feeder. Thi...
Squirrel eating from bird feeder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are really two basic approaches to keeping squirrels out of your bird feeder.  The first is to simply try to block them from getting to the feeder.  There are two common types of bird feeders that do that.

Baffled Bird Feeder – By simply restricting access to the the food in the feeder, you frustrate them and they move off.  The advantage to using a baffle is that it more or less separates the squirrel proof barrier from the feeder itself, so that the bird have free access to the bird seed, and any size bird can still use the feeder.  This is often the more aesthetic approach.  This is often done by pole mounting the feeder, and putting the baffle on the pole.  Other types use a hanging arrangement and the baffle forms a roof over the feeder.

The disadvantage of this approach is that squirrels can leap large distances, and are incredibly agile climbers, so that they will often find a way to land on the actual feeder and bypass the baffling.  With the top mounted feeder you may also find a squirrel smart enough to climb down and cause the feeder to swing, and while they may not gain access to the feeder itself they can cause the bird food to spill to the ground, where they can get all the food they want.

Caged Bird Feeders – Another very common solution is to use a caged feeder.  These are easy to spot, the construction includes some type of cage around the actual feeder area.  It’s a fairly open mesh, and in fact a tube style caged feeder looks similar to an electronic bug zapper with the open mesh surrounding the tube.

Caged feeders are better at keeping the squirrels out of the feeder, but they can still get to it and scare off the birds that are trying to use the feeder.  This is often the case when you are trying to attract smaller birds.

The second approach to getting rid of squirrels in your bird feeder is to move them out.  The much more effective types of squirrel proof feeders are those that cause the squirrel to fall off or be thrown from the feeder.  There are two types of those feeders as well,  weight activated feeders and the battery powered or electronic motorized feeders.  While this won’t harm the squirrels they are fun to watch in action.

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By Jon Ruppel. To see more on squirrel proof feeders, or other ideas like squirrel baffles for your bird feeders, or other birding accessories like bird baths go to

How to Make a Baby Gift Basket

This article suggests a way to turn a fairly standard baby gift into something that really looks nice and will be remembered.

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Most people find it hard to find and decide what type of new mothers gift they should give on baby shower. Well, of course, offering various needs of the newborns like feeding bottles, diapers, baby garments, pacifiers and baby cribs is already given but what makes this more special is when you present it creatively. What can you say about personally making a baby gift basket? Well, the pregnant woman will surely appreciate this great gesture. So, below are great tips that you could follow for you to make baby gift basket. We don’t want you to have a tough time so we will make it simple and step by step process:

Step 1: Determine what stuff you wish to include in this baby gift basket. Some examples are baby diaper, stuff animals, balloons, baby garments, teddy bear and other baby items. So decide how many goods could fit in the basket.

Step 2: Get a attractive basket that you’ll use to hold all these stuff. Of course, this makes your gift artistic, so you must ensure to find wonderful kind of basket.

Step 3: Collect all the stuff that you decided to present and organize it attractively inside the basket. Well, you do not need to be artsy and all to get this done, just make sure that it appears attractive altogether.

Step 4: You should use card board or any hard material and place it inside the basket for it to be more robust in holding all the presents.

Step 5: Use clear gift-wraps to keep the stuff inside the gift basket.

Step 6: Use lace to make the baby gift basket more inviting and chic.

Besides putting baby items like discussed, you could also add presents for mom like scrapbook, gift certificates, books and other stuff. It is really advisable to come up with this baby gift basket than giving traditional baby gifts. With this, you will be able to show to the expectant mother how excited and happy you are for her and the baby.

Now you do not have to worry about new moms gift every time you attend to a baby shower.

About the Author

I am Jennifer Green, mother of two cute boys, daughter of a loving mother. I enjoy buying gifts for my mom since I was 14 years old. I find it really fulfilling to be able to make her smile. Now that I am already a mother, I believe I understand more how to pick and buy gifts for a mom. With this, I started a website, hoping to be able to help people out there to pick gifts for new moms, Christmas presents for mom and anything for her. I hope to be able to share this passion with all of you and of course, I wish to help you come up with best gift ideas for mom.

How To String Beads

This article is an over view of the tools required, the different stringing materials their characteristics, and things to have in mind when making string bead jewelery.

Chevron bead and Indian glass bead strings
Chevron bead and Indian glass bead strings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning how to string beads to make a necklace or bracelet is a wonderful way of expressing your creativity as well producing beautiful jewelery to enjoy yourself, give to friends and family or to sell as the start of a business venture.

First of all, what are you going to make, what type of beads are you using which has an impact on the type of string you use, are you using spacers and what is the color scheme. Far too much choice!

You will need to assemble the usual “tools of the trade” in order to start stringing beads, a beading board or felt mat if you use one, wire cutters, pliers, craft glue, beading needle, clasp and crimp beads, the list is dependent on what you are making.

Let’s quickly look at the types of stringing material available and what they are more suitable for:

  • silk thread is easy to knot, comes in a huge variety of colors and is soft to touch, but can be fragile and frays easily. Used with pearls and light beads.
  • hemp and waxed linen cord holds its shape, knots easily and is difficult to fray. Used with larger beads.
  • nylon cord comes in a multitude of colors, knots easily and is far more resilient than silk. Also good with pearls and seed beads.
  • leather is strong and can be knotted and braided. Gives a more rustic look to jewelery.
  • bead stringing wire is multiple strands of steel coated in nylon, and comes in a variety of diameters and range of qualities. Very popular but a little inflexible.
  • sterling silver is a more expensive option and lends itself to silver or gemstone jewelery. Silver, gold or copper plated wire is a less expensive alternative.

Once you have decided what you are going to make, and have assembled the required number of beads, mixing colors, shapes, materials and even textures, then you are ready to start stringing beads.

A few things to have in mind as you proceed:

  • some beads such as glass, semi-precious stones and pearls require spacers between them. This can be achieved
  • by knotting the cord between each bead or by using silver or gold spacers which look better with expensive beads.
  • arrange your beads so you can see what the finished article looks like and can amend the design at this early stage rather than during the stringing process.
  • make sure you cut sufficient stringing material for your needs. Always add more than you think you need and if you are knotting between each bead, double the length.
  • choose the string color to match your beads.
  • some string material stretches, so allow it to do so and readjust the beads before wearing.
  • make sure the ends are knotted firmly and glued, knot covers can be used to cover them. Alternatively crimp beads can be used with stringing wire to secure the ends.

About The Author

By Simon Hunter. So now you know how to string beads, what are you waiting for! There is no limit to what you can make. To your bead stringing success!

How to Make Your Own Massage Oil

This article explains how to make your own massage oils for much less that they sell for in stores.

the massage oils
Massage oils (Photo credit: opacity)

Massage oils can cost a fortune in the shops but they are so simple to make.

To start with you will need a base oil, generally Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil or even Olive oil from your supermarket. If its good enough to eat then its good enough to put on your skin! When selecting a base oil you can select a mixture of oils adding in thicker oils for skin nourishment like Avocado, Jojoba or Calendula oil.

Along with your base oil you will need a selection of Essential oils. Remember a 10ml bottle of Essential oil may cost you a few pounds per bottle but they will last for a long time and most Essential oils have a shelf life of at least 12 months.

When selecting your essential oils look at which blend well, maybe start with an aromatherapy kit or purchase 1 or 2 of your favorite smells. It is easy to find information on the Internet about blending essential oils and which benefit which moods, skin and conditions. Alternatively ff you have a favorite massage oil look at the ingredients on the back for some hints (They usually use the INCI botanical name for the ingredients so pop them into a search engine to find out). Be careful when using essential oils as there are some which have contraindications, in other words not to be used with certain medical conditions or pregnancy etc.

When blending a massage oil you need to add your essential oils at a ratio of 2-5% (1% for children under 7 and elderly) So how do you do this? Don’t worry the math isn’t too complicated.

1ml Essential oils = 20 drop, 5 mls Essential oils = 100 drops

The below is based on 1%:

So if you have 100ml base oil you will need 1ml of total essential oils (20 drops) for 1% strength. If you want 2% strength then times by 2 (40 drops) and if you want 3% times by 3 (60 drops) and so on.

If you want less base oil then reduce the ratio:

So 50 ml base oil = 10 drops for 1%, 20 ml base oil = 5 drops for 1% (double for 2% = 10 drops and so on)

When adding your essential oils do it gradually and smell as you go, its easier to add than take away.

Once you have made your massage oil the total blend will have the shelf life of the lowest shelf life in the ingredients. Store in an amber bottle out of sunlight. A good idea is to make small 10ml bottles of blends at a time. (The 1% ratio would be 2-3 drops per 10 mls) and store. Once you have started making your own massage oils its great to look online for recipes and ideas not only for massage oils but bath oils, salt scrubs and creams.

About the Author

Simply Essential UK is an online company offering aromatherapy essential oils, massage oils, and natural bodycare products such as SLS, SLES and Paraben free skin and haircare.

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Garlic is the King of Healing Herbs

This article talks about the healing properties of garlic, a herb you probably have in your kitchen.

Overripe peeled garlic cloves
Overripe peeled garlic cloves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For over 5,000 years, garlic has been thought of as the king of the healing herbs. The most useful part of the garlic plant is the bulb, which develops a series of partitions, or cloves. Although we think of garlic mainly as a food seasoning, many other cultures used it to cure everything from warts to witchcraft. In modern times, researchers are finding that the chemicals in garlic can, indeed, treat a wide variety of ailments. As an example, there is exciting new research that indicates garlic may be able to prevent certain cancers. Garlic has been known to have positive effects on the cardiovascular and digestive systems. It is also a powerful antibiotic that can cure yeast infections wherever they occur on the body.

While many people cannot tolerate the smell of garlic, it is this odor which gives away some of its most powerful ingredients – sulfur compounds. Many of the first antibiotics were based on sulfur, and are still in use today. Thus, it should come as no surprise that garlic can heal many infections. It works well for any infection that is bacterial or fungal in origin. This includes yeast infections and chest infections. For the most part, garlic is a safe remedy for a wide range of illnesses. However, garlic can interfere with anti-coagulants. It is also not recommended at therapeutic levels for pregnant women and those that are breastfeeding.

As with most other herbs, garlic is best used when fresh. It has been shown that ‘deodorized’ or “pearl capsules” have less healing potential than the natural form. Garlic cloves can be applied topically to treat a variety of skin disorders, including acne. For the treatment of skin infections, corns, warts, or acne, mash fresh garlic cloves and apply to the afflicted area. Eating garlic cloves regularly is also recommended for protecting against any number of infections.

Garlic cloves have also been successfully used as a viable long-term treatment for cardiovascular problems. This herb has been shown to effectively reduce cholesterol, and the plaques which cause atherosclerosis. Garlic has also been shown to dilate peripheral blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of thrombosis. Recent clinical trials have shown that 2 grams of garlic powder taken daily can prevent heart attacks in individuals who have already suffered one.

Garlic cloves have also been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, and may prove particularly effective in the treatment of adult-onset diabetes. While garlic can solve numerous digestive problems, it can irritate sensitive stomachs. For the treatment of severe digestive disorders, including dysentery, worms, and gastroenteritis, the consumption of 3-6 crushed cloves daily is recommended. For the treatment of intestinal parasites, maceration is recommended. Simply seep 3-4 garlic cloves in water or milk overnight and drink the next day. Garlic can also be easily consumed in capsule form; however, the powdered versions seem to work better.

Some people think of garlic as a simple bulb that may smell bad when being cooked, but do wonderful things for the flavoring of food dishes. Other people may have noticed dietary supplements, or garlic capsules, and tried them to see if they would do any good. Across time, Garlic has proven its title as the “King of Herbs” because of its efficacy in treating a wide range of diseases safely and effectively.

About the Author

Scott Meyers is a staff writer for Its Entirely Natural, a resource for helping you achieve a naturally healthy body, mind, and spirit. You may contact our writers through the web site. Follow this link for more information on Herbs.

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Is Your Teen Safe on the Road?

Drivers License
Drivers License (Photo credit: phossil)

If your teenager just got their license and is enthusiastically asking you to borrow your Ford to drive to a friend’s house, you may want to think twice before handing over the Ford’s keys. Recent research has shown just how dangerous driving really is for green teenage drivers. In fact, motor vehicle crashes remain the number one cause of death for adolescence. Whether your teen is borrowing the keys to your Ford truck or your tiny Honda, the numbers remain the same; between 5,000 and 6,000 teens are killed every year in America from motor vehicle crashes. No other kind of hazard comes close to claiming as many teenage lives, including homicides and suicides.

Researchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have held nothing back as they delved into teenage crashes, the statistics around them, and the most common causes. They have found that the greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs in the first 6 months after licensure. One of the main causes of teenage automobile accidents was distractions. Today’s teenager’s deal with tweets, Facebook updates and a constant stream of text messages and the result can be fatal. In 2010, 11 percent of 15-19-year-old drivers that died in car crashes were distracted while driving.

The group of researchers called TeenDriverSource from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, found that the overwhelming majority, 75%, of serious teen driver crashes are due to critical errors; the three most common errors accounting for nearly half of crashes. The first error was a lack of scanning that is needed to detect and respond to hazards. Teenagers evidently do not deal well with traffic because they forget to check behind their vehicle and on both sides of the car. The second most common error that was the cause of most teenage accidents was going too fast for road conditions. Teenagers that drove too fast to respond to other drivers successfully or to navigate curves or slippery spots on the road often ended up in a car accident. The third most common error was being distracted by something inside or outside of the vehicle. Teens often do not realize the amount of constant attention it takes to be at the wheel safely.

As far as other factors go, the study found that dealing with environmental conditions such as poor weather, vehicle malfunction, aggressive driving, or physical impairments such as drowsy driving were not primary factors in most teenage accidents. Whether teens were driving a Toyota van or a Ford truck, the fatal crash rate for drivers ages 16 to 19, based on miles driven, is four times higher than for drivers ages 25 to 69. Two factors that have proven detrimental to many teenage drivers are other teenage passengers in the car and cell phones. Sadly, statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have found that teenage drivers and passengers are among the least likely to wear their seat belts; the age group that needs protection for automobile accidents the most are the least likely to have that protection because they do not wear their seat belts. In 2010, 54 % or 1,532 of the 2,814 occupants of passenger vehicles age 16 to 20 who were killed in crashes were not buckled up.

Dealing with the reality of teenage fatalities due to car accidents is staggering; however, educating our teens about proper vehicle use can save lives. Parents who provide good examples to their children on how to drive safely will help their children do so as well. Another important factor in keeping teenagers safe is to speak with them about driving, not using a cell phone while in the car, and go over rules regarding friends in the vehicle with them.

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