Learning Tarot for the Beginner

It takes skill and lots of practice to do tarot readings. However, with the right procedures,

Tarot cards.
Tarot cards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tarot reading can be both enlightening and entertaining. Many tarot readers can even earn a considerable amount of money reading the tarot cards for other people. With proper research on the art of tarot reading, you will be able to grasp the principles behind it and become a better tarot reader in the process.

Learning how to interpret the cards and understand the various tarot card meanings is one of the primary skills that you should learn to become a good tarot reader. A lot of successful tarot card readers interpret cards through their personal association and deep understanding of the tarot cards. Excellent tarot card readers typically do not rely on what they learn from books; instead, they interpret the cards through their personal experiences and association to the cards. It can take years to fully grasp the tarot’s various meanings and symbolism. If you are serious, it takes dedication and patience to become proficient in the art of tarot reading.

The beauty of tarot reading is its mystery and interpreting tarot card meanings almost has a mystical force behind it that many people find intriguing. Although you can do tarot card readings anywhere, one of the most important factors for a successful experience is establishing the appropriate ambiance in the place where you are conducting the reading. You can easily do this by burning incense, put on some calming ambient music and lighting candles. With a tarot card deck, a pen and a notebook, you can then dedicate yourself to working with the tarot.

Remove yourself from the worries of the world. You can do this by taking deep breaths through your nose and exhaling through the mouth. Once relaxed, shuffle the cards slowly and deliberately. While shuffling the cards, take note of any prevailing emotions that you feel. Do you feel anger? Love?; Paying attention to your emotions while shuffling the tarot cards is a determining factor to the success of your reading.

After shuffling the cards, pick one card and put it on the table. Concentrate on the card and the card alone and take time to examine its message. Write the card in your notebook and then answer the following questions.

– Is the card trying to tell you a story? If so, what story is the card telling you?

– How is this story important to you?

– What are the emotions that this story makes you feel?

– Does the story remind you of something in the past?

– Who are the persons involved in this story?

– What do the cards represent?

– What are the life lessons that you have learned from the card?

After answering all of the questions, figure out the message of the card as a whole. Determine the possible scenarios that the cards represent and pick one that has the greatest impact on your emotions. It’s also perfectly fine to consult a tarot book to confirm or support your interpretations. This not only builds your confidence, it can often shed led on the cards symbolism and history.

Do this with the rest of the tarot cards. A tarot card deck has 78 cards and doing this exercise for each of the cards is an effective way to learn tarot. With this skill, you can do tarot readings for your friends, family and office mates for fun and guidance. If you find that you have special skill in tarot reading, you can even learn how to earn an income from it.

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Caring for and Connecting with Your Tarot Deck

My table
Tarot in use (Photo credit: Pahz)

You’ve purchased your new tarot deck, you’ve taken it out of the wrapping – what next?

You need to care for your cards, they’re precious and one of the first things you can do is cleanse them. This is especially important as your cards will have been handled by many people during their production .

You’ll find there are many different ways to do this, so here are one or two to get you started. Of course, everyone has their own ideas, these are by means the definitive methods but will give you some ideas to get started:

  • You can leave your new deck on a window sill for 24 hours – this will allow your cards to be charged by both sun and moon light. Make sure the sill isn’t damp
  • You can smudge each card in your deck, preferably with a white sage stick.
  • You can place crystals on top of the deck – clear quartz or rose quartz are good, gentle crystals for this, but you may be drawn to other stones which you’d prefer to use.

What about caring for my deck after it’s been in use?

Periodically, you’ll need to cleanse your cards. You’ll know when it’s time; the cards will “feel” different and your readings may become less clear. When this happens, simply repeat one of the cleansing rituals above.

Once your deck is in use, you can put the cards in order, perhaps once a month, which also cleanse them and renews their energy. Also, if you’ve had a negative reading,it pays to cleanse your deck immediately.

Shuffling your deck allows the energies to flow and helps clear out any unwanted energy. The simple act of shuffling can be therapeutic and helps you connect with your deck. Keep shuffling until it feels “right”. This is hard to explain but once you get to know your cards, you’ll know when this is!

You can also perform Reiki on your deck, so if you have formal training in this healing art, try this on your cards.

Storing Your Tarot Cards

How you store your deck is down to personal choice. You might want to keep your cards in a beautiful wooden box, such as the one in the photos, which I’ve had for years. Some people advise wrapping your cards in silk as well, but this is down to you.

You might prefer a special drawstring bag. These will protect your cards and are easily portable. You can obtain simple bags from most New Age shops but if you want something special for a particular precious deck, then a beautiful hand-made bag such as the ones in the photo below will give pleasure as well as protection for your cards. You may want to keep a crystal in the box/bag, such as a gentle quartz. I also keep a handful of dried rosebuds in my wooden box – I love the subtle scent these give off.

With any new deck, I like to keep it close and take it with me whenever possible; my cards sit safely in their bag, hidden away inside my handbag when I have to work or socialize,allowing my personal energies to connect with the cards, whatever I’m doing. I like the thought that they’re there …..

Connecting with your Tarot Deck

There are literally hundreds of different tarot decks and finding the perfect one for yourself may take time. You may be drawn to a particular theme, such as fantasy, Victoriana or fairies and will be able to find a suitable deck to match.

You may purchase a deck or decks in the belief that they are just what you’ve been looking for, only to work with them for a little while and realize that you’re not able to connect with them in the way you’d like. This is perfectly natural and it just means that you’ll have to continue your search for your ultimate deck!

Over the years, I’ve had many different decks, hoping that I’d finally be able to connect completely but was always left disappointed until finally finding the deck I’d been searching for! This deck, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot clicked with me immediately and my ongoing journey with these beautiful cards is a gift.

So, how CAN you connect with your cards? One of the ways is to sleep with your deck under your pillow! It’s said that doing this will help imbue the cards with your personal energy. I’ve always done this for a few days with any new decks and the cards always feel more personal.

Make sure you handle your cards regularly, even if you’re not doing readings. Just remove them from their bag or box and shuffle them for a few minutes. this re-energizes the deck. Look at the images again and re-familiarize yourself with the nuances of each card.

Treat your Deck with respect…

Your cards are precious… every tarot reader has their own rituals for caring for their deck. There’s no one definite way to do this, it’s a personal process and one which should be both relaxing and a pleasure.

Do what feels right… your cards are your companions and guides, so make sure you take care of them.

Every deck has its own personality. You were drawn to your deck in some way and if you take care of it and use it regularly, you’ll discover this personality.

Is silk essential for storing your deck?

Many people believe that tarot cards should always be wrapped in pure silk when not in use as this helps keep the energies fresh. However, there’s no hard and fast rule on this; once again, it’s down to personal choice.

One thing you will probably want to do, though, is use some kind of cloth for laying your cards on whilst doing a reading. A cloth will protect your cards and make things look aesthetically pleasing.

Is it ok to let others handle my cards?

Again, there are different schools of thought on this. Some people won’t allow anyone to touch their tarot decks under any circumstances. Others will allow the shuffling and choosing of cards during a reading, making sure they cleanse the cards immediately after.

If someone I know has a genuine interest in my deck and wants a closer look, I’m more than happy to let them handle my cards, provided they show respect and care. After all, how is anyone to learn more about tarot unless someone’s prepared to help them?

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The Six Essentials For Giving A Great Tarot Reading

My growing Tarot collection
(Photo credit: Le.Mat)

Becoming a good tarot reader takes more than just memorizing tarot card meanings and knowing tarot spreads. Tarot reading requires practice, patience and, most importantly, a willingness to trust your own intuition. Whether you are reading for yourself or for someone else, there are some very useful practices you should follow to ensure a good reading.

1. Preparing a Peaceful Environment

Believe it or not, the environment in which you conduct a tarot reading can significantly influence the reading. Not only can the environment affect you as a tarot reader, it can also have implications for the person being read. In tarot reading, it’s always important to set aside your own personal issues and concerns. Creating a comfortable space that helps you remain centered and calm will assist in helping you remain objective and neutral during a reading. Rituals such as lighting candles or burning incense can also help you get into the mood.

2. Select a Signifier Card

In tarot reading, signifier cards serve as a representation of either the person being read or the situation they are asking about. If you are using the signifier card to represent the person being read, most tarot readers tend use the court cards either by associating the inquirer’s physical attributes to one of the court cards or by associating their astrological sign to one of the court cards. If you are choosing a signifier card to represent a specific situation, you can get as creative as you like. Depending on the seriousness of the question at hand, you may either choose a card from the major arcana or the minor arcana. The major arcana cards tend to be used for important life issues while the minor arcana cards tend to focus on every day concerns.

The signifier card also helps you to remain focused on the person for whom you are reading. In many tarot spreads, the signifier cards are centrally positioned. This helps the tarot reader interpret the cards as well as help them to identify the key issues that are surrounding the inquirer.

3. Choosing the Right Tarot Spread

Tarot spreads are card arrangements laid out in a specific pattern. Each card position within a spread has a specific meaning. When individual tarot cards are put together in a tarot spread, their meanings can be used to form a kind of story. The tarot reader then interprets the cards according to their position and relationships to each other within the spread.

As a tarot reader, it’s important to choose a tarot spread that appropriately correlates to the question being asked. If the question is about love, for example, then you will probably want to utilize a love spread. In some cases you may want to create your own tarot spread. This can be particularly useful when the question covers more than one topic.

4. Framing the Question

How the inquirer frames or asks a question prior to their reading can have a significant effect on the overall usefulness of the reading. The more specific the inquirer is with their question, the better the likelihood that the tarot reading will address their issue in a specific manner. It’s also helpful to keep the question open ended. Open ended questions can reveal hidden or overlooked issues that may have been otherwise missed. Open ended questions can also help the tarot reader discover core issues or other influences that may be affecting the person being read.

5. Shuffling the Cards

There are a number of approaches to shuffling the cards before a tarot reading. This is usually the point where the person being read for will actually touch the cards (although some tarot readers prefer not to have anyone handle their cards). Should you choose to let the inquirer handle the cards, you must make sure that they are instructed to focus on the question at hand while they are shuffling so this energy can get transferred to the cards. There are also different approaches to the “cutting” of the cards; the most popular includes having the inquirer cut the deck three times with their left hand.

6. Knowing Your Tarot Deck

Prior to giving any tarot reading, I always encourage people to take them time to really get to know the tarot deck they will be working with. This not only helps you become comfortable with the cards, it will also deepen your understanding of their meanings and how they relate to each other in a tarot spread. Inevitably, those who will be receiving a tarot reading from you will always pick up on your relationship to your own cards. If you are not familiar with the deck you are working with, chances are it will come through during the tarot reading.

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The Symbolism and Meanings of the Magician Tarot Card

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In tarot reading, the Magician is the card of manifestation. He represents the development of one’s first sense of conscious awareness. In this regard, he has become aware of his own, unique sense of self. The Magician Card encourages one to use their intellect to master the world around them. When he appears in a tarot card reading, he is a card of creation, constantly shifting the energies around him to manifest his desires.

The Magician’s counterpart is the female High Priestess. Thus, the Magician represents the masculine while the High Priestess represents the feminine. As a masculine figure, the Magician Tarot Card represents action. Unlike the High Priestess who prefers to go inward to gather knowledge from her intuitive nature, the Magician prefers to explore all that is outside of him. He is naturally curious and is constantly searching for the mystical and secretive elements in the natural world. His goal is to understand all that surrounds him and ultimately use this knowledge to master his world.

Tarot Symbolism of the Number 1:
The Magician Tarot card is associated the number one. In the tarot card deck, he is the fist numbered card of the Major Arcana. One’s represent individuality, creativity, originality, unity, power, knowledge and birth. His symbolic association to the number one references his divine connection to the Divine. Although his goal is to master the physical realm, he still remains tied to Divine Consciousness. In a tarot card reading, the Magician represents the union with Divine consciousness. He is the conscious link between the world of spirit and the world of man.

Tarot Symbolism of the Rose and Lily: The rose and the lily have important symbolic functions in the Magician tarot card. The rose represents the Magician’s passion for life. It is a feminine attribute and is often associated to birth and materialization. In this regard, the rose represents the emergence of the Magician’s sense of self. Roses can also represent the physical senses. The Lily, on the other hand, has masculine attributes. Lilies represent both the spirit world and the Magician’s pursuit of knowledge. In a tarot card reading, lilies represent purity. For the Magician, the lily is symbolic of both truth and humility.

Tarot Symbolism of the Table and Elements:
The Table which stands before the Magician is a symbol of concrete reality. Tables are also associated to the number four which represents manifestation. Upon the table rests a cup, sword, rod and pentacle. These are a representation of the four elements. The Magician uses these elements during his process of creation. They represent the Magician’s power to master his own skills and manifest his energy.

Tarot Symbolism of the Wand and Infinity Sign:
The Wand of the Magician is a symbol of the Magician’s connection to Divine Spirit. In one hand he points his wand to the heavens and in the other hand he points to the four elements resting on the table before him. Symbolically, this represents the Magicians ability to use divine energy to manifest in the physical world. In a tarot card reading, the Magician represents manifestation on the earthly plane. However, there is always an exchange of energy. This is symbolically represented by the infinity sign. This exchange of energy occurs between the realm of spirit and the physical world. The Magician has the ability to move between these two worlds. This unique skill enables the Magician to remain adaptable and flexible through any situation that he is confronted with.

In a tarot card reading, The Magician represents the utilization of one’s skills. He is a reminder of the power that is within you. He often signifies the need for a self-confidence and adaptability.

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Tarot Reading — Dealing with the Court Cards

King of Coins from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
King of Coins from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many new readers—and even a good many experienced readers—have problems dealing with the court cards. The two most widely read books about Tarot, A. E. Waite’s “The Pictorial Key To The Tarot” and Eden Gray’s “A Complete Guide To The Tarot” use them to physically describe people in the client’s life (or you if you’re reading for yourself).

The biggest problem with that approach is: Yeah, they physically describe a person, but they don’t say anything about what the person is doing. So, we have the problem of describing someone, but have no idea of what to say next… “A woman in your life with light complexion, brown eyes, and blond hair….. D-u-h-h-h-h …” It’s pretty obvious that this approach has a built-in problem.

I’m going to try to give you some ideas on how you can deal with these cards, by expanding on Gray’s and Waite’s ideas, and then see if we can come up with some ideas to expand on their methods. If you like any of these suggestions, pick the ones most comfortable for you. That’s always the most important thing. Remember this—find what feels best for you. The most successful way of reading Tarot is to do it your way. When you feel comfortable, you will become a great Tarot reader. Now:

So, let’s see… First, a quick reminder to remember the suits and the elements:

Pentacles—Earth—Money, Finances, Material things.

Cups—Water—Emotional matters, Love, and all kinds of Relationships.

Swords—Air—Attitudes, Thoughts, and Ideas.

Wands—Fire—Relating to: Creativity, Imagination, and intuition.

(And you can shuffle these around in any way you like. You’re the reader!)

Many Tarot readers — especially new readers — solve this court card problem by just ignoring it, using the denial technique of just removing the Court Cards from the deck! Or—only using them as significator cards. My thought on that method is: removing cards, any cards, puts limits on your reading. But, to be honest, I’ve had times, years ago, when I often did that, myself.

In the systems of Eden Gray and A. E. Waite, the client is signified by the Court card which most closely resembles the description of the card according to the way A. E. Waite or Eden Gray described them in their books.

This is the way they described the cards: (not necessarily in this order.)

First, the complexion. Pentacles: dark skinned people. Cups represented medium dark skin. Swords were for those who had medium light complexion, and the Wands stood were for light skinned people.

Then they dealt with their hair color… Those in the Pentacles Court have black hair. Cups represented brown hair, Those with sandy blond or light brown hair were Swords, and the Wands Court had really blond hair.

Finally, they dealt with the eyes. Really dark brown eyed people were Pentacles; brown (but not dark brown) were signified by Cups; Swords for hazel eyes, and blue eyes were signified by Wands.

But, what they didn’t say was what should we do. So what do we do with bleach-blond hair, blue eyes and dark complexion — what suit represents them?

Personally, I don’t use the court to describe people’s physical appearance. There are too many variables to deal with. But the court cards do come in handy for representing people in the client’s life and what part they may play in the probable future. So, here are a few suggestions (remember, these are suggestions, not rules) on some ways to utilize the court cards, either as significators or people in a reading:

Pages are young people, of either sex, under the age of twenty-one.

Males over 21 through 35 or so are Knights.

Queens represent any woman over the age of twenty-one.

Kings are mature men—over thirty-five—and often powerful men in the client’s life.

Some Tarot decks (Golden Dawn decks come to mind) have different court card definitions — for example King, Queen, Prince and Princess. In this case:

Young to middle-aged women are signified by the Princess,

The Prince represents a young to middle-aged man

The Queens and Kings are mature men and women.

Now, what do these people do? Some more suggestions…

Pages tend to be curious, they question things, often inappropriate questions. Does this bring somebody to your mind? There are lots of Pages out there.

Knights butt in, without being asked, and go off half-cocked on a crusade to “help” you!

Queens are loving and supportive women, or even loving and supportive mature men.

Logical, mature men are usually Kings or, perhaps, strong logical mature women. They think things out before taking action.

They may do one of the following in a reading:

The Page of Pentacles may ask you unsuitable questions about money.

The Knight of Pentacles might actually butt in to your money-matters.

The Queen of Pentacles may be supportive when you are having money problems.

The King of Pentacles would think it over and then give you good advice in money matters.

To expand on this, just use the above examples simply by changing the elements as appropriate.

The Golden Dawn used a different system based on the Kaballah’s Tree of Life. They have the court cards assigned to spheres on the Tree which already held Pip Cards. This is done in several ways. Here is one suggestion:

Some have the court cards following the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. In this system, the Pages (or the Princesses) are assigned to the first sphere, The Crown, along with the Aces.

The Knights, (or Princes) are given to the sixth sphere, Beauty, along with the sixes.

The Queens are given the ninth sphere, Foundation, with the Nines. And–the King rests on the tenth sphere, Kingdom, along with the Tens.

In this method, the court cards represent people with the character traits of the number they are assigned to.

If we want to use reversals (upside down cards), we can do it this way. With an upright court card, it can represent a person in the client’s (or your) life who shares some of the character traits as the Number Card of the same suit as the Court Card. As an example—the Knight of Cups may be a man who is loving and giving, and the Knight of Pentacles might be a man who is good with financial matters. And so on…

Most often, when the court cards appear in a reading they refer to aspects of the client instead of someone else. They can represent either positive or negative traits contingent upon how they show up (reversed or upright).

A reversed Court Card may represent a characteristic that the client needs to work on. For example, an upside down (reversed) Queen of Swords can mean the client needs an attitude adjustment.

A reversed Knight of Wands might mean the client needs to take the time to work on creative things, or maybe, work on developing psychic abilities which are there but lying dormant.

When all is said and done: the very best way you can work with court cards, or any of the cards for that matter, is the one that feels most comfortable for you. You are the reader! And the Tarot cards always respond best when you do it your way.

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TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.

Spiritual Growth With Tarot – The World

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A woman dances in the sky. She is nude indicating that she has “nothing to hide”. In each hand she holds a magic wand, maybe indicating that she has mastered the “magical” works of Spirit, and she can use them whenever she wants. A living, green wreath encircles her, a declaration of the “alive-ness” of the Universe and everything it contains. Over her her left shoulder and across her body at her midriff, hiding her genitals, is a long, violet scarf (the color of spirituality). According to Tarot tradition, the scarf is covering the fact that she is a hermaphrodite, a being of neither sex or both sexes, depending on ones point of view.

At the corners of the card are variations of the figures on the Wheel of Fortune; a man, an eagle, a lion and a bull, representing Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. This is a card of great freedom, the freedom of spiritual enlightenment.

This is what we’ve been striving toward through all our lives on this Earth Plane, conscious spiritual “one-ness” with The Universe, the Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, the One Great Whole, God. “The World” signifies the achievement of the spiritual goals we’ve set for ourselves.

This may or may not be the final end of our last life, on this plane. We may decide that the lessons Earth has to teach us have been learned and there’s no point in a new life, here. Or, we may decide to do it again to learn a new set of lessons in the earth “school”. Whatever decisions are made at this juncture, they are completely our own choices, they are not made for us. However, for the time being, at least, we have the opportunity to “feel” our one-ness with The All.

At this point, if we decide to return for another class, we will, again be The Fool, coming into this new life without any memory of what we experienced in the Spirit world. After all, if we brought that memory with us, how could we ever take this life seriously?, How could we even begin to learn the physical lessons we set before ourselves.

So, at this point, we either conclude our “course” and “graduate”, or we pass on to the next “grade” and do it all again. Either way, we have the opportunity to, at least temporarily, remember what these “lessons” are really all about.

When meditating with The World, let it remind you that you are, undeniably, here for a reason and, eventually, you will remember what the reason is. In the meanwhile, keep trying to learn and grow, as we are all meant to do, until we return to The Source.

About the Author

TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster, ordained minister (since 1979), and a Doctor of Metaphysics who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for well over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.

Spiritual Growth With Tarot – Judgement

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the depiction of Judgement, six people (three in the foreground, and three people in back) stand in what appear to be stone caskets floating on the water. Their skin is bluish, signifying that they were probably dead for some time before this moment, and nude as a sign that everything, here, is visible, no hidden aspects. We can see mountains on the other side of the body of water.

Above all, rising out of a cloud, is the Archangel, Gabriel, blowing his horn. He is shown with wings, is wearing a blue gown, and has golden hair. There is a white flag attached to his horn with an equal-armed red cross trimming its center. This is an ancient symbol of the necessary balance in the positive and negative polarity in the universe. The scene is an illustration of Judgement Day, the day in which we are all judged for the kind of lives we have led.

Metaphysically speaking, there does, indeed, come a day of Judgment for each of us, but it is we, ourselves, who do the judging. In advance of each life, in the Higher Planes, we, personally, decide what kind of life we want to have, what object lessons we need to learn, and how we’ll go about learning them. Sooner or later, perhaps, many times, it will be essential for us to sit in judgment upon ourselves to ascertain how well we have done and are doing in our spiritual learning process.

When we’ve completed the lessons inherent in the Tarot card, The Sun, it’s time for one of those “judgment days”. It’s time for us to tune in and take a look at the different spiritual lessons we’ve learned and how we are using them in our present lives. Are we making good use of what we have learned? Or, on the other hand, are we wasting it? Are we setting it aside into the background of our lives and placing it into a file called “Spiritual, Not Useful in Real Life”?

Unfortunately, many people tend to separate their “physical” lives from their “spiritual” lives. That is a big mistake! The most important reason for studying metaphysical things is to make our physical lives more contented and fruitful for us. These are everlasting lessons, to be used here and in the hereafter. Spirit is the underpinning upon which the physical world is built. By using the spiritual things we have learned, in our everyday life, we make our full experience of life more significant and precious. We can really “experience” the things we are here to learn.

Whenever you reflect upon “Judgement”, let it remind you of the necessity of exploring your life and your soul growth on a regular basis. Only that way will you know how far you have come and how far you have to go.

About the Author

TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster, ordained minister (since 1979), and a Doctor of Metaphysics who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for well over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.

Spiritual Growth with The Tarot – The Sun

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small boy rides a white horse. He is naked, symbolizing openness (he has nothing to hide) and he rides bareback. The Sun is shining intensely over him. There are rays radiating from The Sun, some wavy, some straight. They represent both vibratory and radiational energy. The boy has his arms spread widely and he has a smile on his face. In his left hand he holds a flag pole with a long red banner attached to it. Red symbolizes energy. He is wearing a wreath of small sunflowers on his head. There is a grey stone wall behind him; large sunflowers, That seem to be growing behind it, show over its top. It is a light and happy, picture that represents a level of soul growth where we finally see all of the Light, the realization of who and what we really are–Spirit.

We have lived in darkness for a long time and the road to illumination has been long and hard. However, in reaching The Sun, we can see clearly that it has all been worthwhile. We see the Light; we are the Light!

At long last–at least for right now, we have reached our goal. There will be times when we slip back into the old patterns but now, after truly “knowing” the Light, we can know, without doubt, that we can always find our way back.

As we walk away from the ways in which we have deluded ourselves, throughout our lives, and perhaps through many lives before, it becomes possible for us to begin accomplishing our reason for coming into this Earth-Life. We can begin to express ourselves as the Spirit-Self we really are. The Sun shines its light upon us and, through its radiating light , we are en-LIGHT-ened.

This is the establishment of a whole new cycle of our life, and now we can really shine. And, actually learn about Love, the deep Spiritual Love of All-There-Is. We are encircled by this magnificent Love, as we always have been, but now we know it – it becomes real in our lives. We can actually feel it! And, as we are filled to overflowing, we begin giving this Universal Love to others instead of just receiving it.

This is the ultimate purpose of life – to partake in and radiate Perfect, Unconditional Love. No longer do we give love as some sort of bargaining tool, giving love and, expecting to receive something in return, we give Love freely and get our reward in the giving, itself! What a special way to live! This is the Key To real Happiness.

When meditating on The Sun, let it remind you that The Light is always there; if you stay connected to your spiritual self, you WILL eventually become The Sun. And, your life will change forever!

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TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster, ordained minister (since 1979), and a Doctor of Metaphysics who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for well over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.

Spiritual Growth with The Tarot – The Moon

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The symbolism on The Moon is very interesting. The Moon, itself, shines above a dark landscape, shown in three different attributes, full, half and crescent. A face is depicted looking down at the terrain below in the half-moon stage. At the bottom of the depiction is a body of water; a lobster crawls out of the water onto a trail on the shoreline. We can see two canine figures, a wolf and dog. They are standing, one on either side of the pathway looking up toward the moon. The trail winds up through the hills, between two gray stone towers and up through a mountain pass away in the distance.

The figures we see at the picture’s bottom symbolize our development, physical and spiritual, in portraying this water creature in its evolution into a wolf and, through another step in evolutionary development, into the dog. It’s interesting that this last evolutionary step was produced by man, as is his own spiritual development.

The Tower gave us the flash of understanding which started our higher spiritual development process. The Star gave us enough spiritual illumination to show us that the enlightenment is available. Now, The Moon shows us more illumination. Meditation is beginning to take us where we want to go and the illumination grows still brighter. But, we need to remember that the light of the moon leaves many shadows. And in those shadows, are places where we can simply be misled, deluded.

We know now, that our true identity is spirit but, at this early stage ot our spiritual growth, it is very easy to slip back into our old belief pattern that we, in actuality, are really material beings. As long as things are going our way in the physical world, it’s quite easy to “know” we are spiritual beings but, when life becomes more of a challenge, oops! back to the old physical beliefs again! We are misleading ourselves here and, because we don’t have much light, it’s easy to fall back into old “inadequacy” thought patterns.

It’s time now to really put our spiritual achievement to the test. When we can get it through our old fears and feelings of inadequacy, those old “shadows in the light”, that we actually are spirit-beings, these “worldly” problems just can’t hurt us. We all need to keep moving toward the light, never mind the shadows in our thinking.

When you meditate with The Moon, let it remind you that, even though we’ll probably regress in our certainty from time to time, we’ll be able to defeat this. More light is coming to us! We just need to keep on with our spiritual efforts and the Spiritual en-LIGHT-enment will come!

About the Author

TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster, ordained minister (since 1979), and a Doctor of Metaphysics who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for well over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.

Spiritual Growth with The Tarot – The Star

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On The Star, a blond woman is kneeling on the shore of a small body of water. She is naked, showing she is hiding nothing; the naked truth is right there in plain sight. She rests her left knee on the ground at the water’s edge. Her right foot rests on (not “in” but “on”) the water. In ancient wisdom, water symbolizes spirit, so this shows that she rests her life on both the material and the spiritual. In each hand she holds a pitcher and she is pouring water (spirit), back into the pond from her right hand, and onto the land (the material world) on the left. She is sending energy into both her spiritual and physical life. Eight stars are shining overhead, one large and seven smaller. A mountain can be seen in the distance, representing the heights we can reach by feeding both the spiritual and physical sides of ourselves.

After receiving an awakening flash of awareness from The Tower, we now have more light in our lives. However, starlight is dim at best. We get a hint of light but it’s not very illuminating. One key word for this card is “meditation.” We know light is available to us but we can’t see very much of it. As we meditate we “seek more light.” We go into ourselves to seek the part of ourselves which is Divine.

Meditation, if it is to be effective, can’t be a catch-as-catch-can activity. We need to have a habitual schedule for meditation, and stick to it. The mind can reach deeper and deeper into itself, listen, and start to see its more elevated “self”. It’s a good idea to start keeping a meditation journal chronicling our advancement. And we will see progress if we stick to our program and meditate often.

And, how much should we meditate? Well—too much can be self-defeating. Some say a half hour every day, reliably, at the same time each day, is as much as we need. Others say it is better, twice a day. it is largely up to the individual, but we should meditate at least once a day if we’re going to make any real progress.

That’s the bad news. Now for some good news! Meditation will not only help your spiritual development, it also brings about physical improvements. You will have more energy after you’ve been meditating for a while. Studies indicate that the heart slows down and the blood-pressure tends to get lower just as a result of your meditative process. There are many books out there teaching meditation; one of them could do more to help you learn than I can in this article.

When you meditate with The Star, remember that your meditation schedule is very important to your spiritual growth. Let it remind you that the light is there at all times, you just must learn to be aware of it. Your meditation will help.

About the Author

TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster, ordained minister (since 1979), and a Doctor of Metaphysics who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for well over thirty years. Visit his websites at: Http://www.tarotmeister.com, http://tarotmeister100.gotop100.com/, and http://www.metaphysicalclassictexts.com.