Symbols of Rain or Rain-Related Events in Dream Interpretation

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Generally speaking, weather-related dreams offer little insight as far as dream analysis and interpretation are concerned with the exception when dreams include symbols and vision of rain and rain-related events. The main reason for having a multitude of interpretations for dreams about rain is its direct relation to water, which has been strongly connected to the fertility and abundance, which are characteristics of prosperity and happy life in many of the world’s cultures regardless of their geographic location. Presence of rain in dreams serves as a linking element between availability of favorable weather conditions and personal well-being and feelings of security. Similarly, dreams containing threatening or even catastrophic events and involving rain events, can be a representation of insecurity or fear reflected at a subconscious level.

Many dreams are inherently related to emotions and feelings experienced while dreaming, for example soothing and comforting feelings of warm summer rain, feeling secure and protected while observing rain falling outside in bad weather from inside the house, or expression of loneliness and discomfort while being caught in the cold rain on the street and so on.

For some people, while experiencing dreams about rain, the visions can evoke feelings of stressful and worrisome existence, some kind of disturbance or effects which result in excessive introversion, low self-esteem and depression projected into wake life. Psychological aspects of experiencing these kinds of visions can add to formation of complexes and states negatively affecting person’s life, especially if dreams are recurring in their nature.

The composition or the way rain was observed in a dream as well as its various degrees of intensity can provoke different emotions and reactions following the dream. The color or even the size of rain drops seen or felt while dreaming are explained and interpreted with a surprising variety of meanings and symbolic connotations by dream interpretation sources. Additional elements (i.e. thunder, lightning, wind) can add to or completely reverse the original meaning about rain symbols, creating ambiguous or contradictory interpretations of rain-related events experienced while dreaming.

As it has been mentioned before, dreams about rain are closely related to symbols and visions of water, therefore there are a lot of similarities in the way these two type of dreams are interpreted. Often enough, the notions of clear or dirty water are approximated to explain similar dreams about rain. Many sources regard clean and fresh rainwater as a symbol of personal rejuvenation and renewal, the ability to start life over and expect to be favored by the destiny that lies ahead.

While trying to find a meaningful explanation of a dream about rain, try to recall details pertaining to the situation: were you alone or with other people in the rain, what was rain’s intensity, was it accompanied by some environmental conditions such as thunder or lightning, what was the feeling you experienced in this dream? Other recollections could be related to the impact which rain had on you in your dream. Interpretation of a vision when you did not feel comfortable in the cold rain could be quite different from an event when you happened to notice other people or kids enjoying a light summer drizzle. The negative or positive outcome of such experience can change dramatically based on details you bring back from your subconscious visions related to rain and rain-related events.

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Interpreting Dreams about a House

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Houses can appear in dreams as a variety of scenarios and situations. A person can be dreaming about building or buying a house, a house can be subjected to destruction by natural disasters or wars, it can be taken over by strangers or inhabited by familiar people, such as friends or neighbors. Commonly, dreaming about a house means encountering or going through big changes in life, instability or indication of personal growth. In other sources, a house represent a womb and female essence, so after experiencing a dream about a house, you may ask yourself whether you are having your mind set on becoming pregnant, or maybe you and your partner have been considering a possibility of having a new addition to your family and may be harboring concerns about providing a nurturing and comfortable environment for the newborn. In parallel, you may also carefully examine the strength and commitment in your relationship with the partner, which would help in taking it to the next level. This could also be a good time to look at your own role in this relationship, which may lead to questioning whether you are a dependent or self-sufficient part of this relationship.

Dreams about a house refer to the state closely related to the individual’s own “self”, these visions can characterize the dreamer’s personality as being dominant or submissive with a set of behavioral traits describing individual lifestyle and personal outlook on life depending on surrounding conditions. In addition to important features for psychoanalytical interpretation of dreams about a house, such as parts of the house (i.e. roof, middle stories, cellar, rooms), house condition and external and internal characteristics (i.e old or new condition, architectural details, interior and exterior detailing) can result in meaningful and sensible decoding of the dream.

Great importance and interpretational value can be hidden inside scenarios or events observed or experienced during dreams about a house: try recalling a specific place or spot inside the house where you found yourself during the dream. For example, dreaming about being inside a bathroom or shower, with reference to the rest of the house, can be an indication of inane erotism, obsessive masturbation or traits related to aggressive nature, including negative way of thinking and destructive psychological tendencies as rudimentary features of initial development stages. Images and visions of a kitchen space in reference to the entire house are interpreted as signs of prominent pathological aggression toward others. Images of a bedroom or dining room inside a house are referred to as positive symbolic meanings. Some dream interpretation sources attribute images and visions of a house to various aspects of body and body function of an individual experiencing these types of dreams. They suggest possible interpretation of dreams about a house based on these descriptions, for example cellar or basement represents lower parts of human body, attic can be related to head or brain and windows can represent eyes.

Signs of worries, conditions leading to depression and anxiety can be related to, according to some sources, witnessing strange unfamiliar people or animals inhabiting or sheltered inside a house. After experiencing this dream, analyze your life conditions and position you take in life, this exercise may help uncover situations which make you feel upset or dissatisfied as suggested or implied by visions or symbols contained in the dream about a house. Dreams involving visions of building a house can be a reflection of changing life circumstances and prospective positive developments.

Environmental aspects (i.e. where the house is located or how it is situated in relation to other objects) and state or condition of the house also play significant role in what these dreams can mean and how they are interpreted. Contents and interior features of the house can add special and at times conflicting interpretations. Many dream interpretation sources also point out that scenes from the past taking place inside a particular house reveal origin and hidden desires of an individual to address issues, suppressed impulses or complexes retained since the time they had occurred. Dream meanings will vary to some degree when interpreted for males or females who experienced a dream containing visions of a house.

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Being Naked in a Dream

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The Dream, 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of dreams experienced during sleep and asked to be interpreted deal with being naked or getting naked. Some of these dreams involve scenarios when people suddenly realize they are naked in front of a group of people or while being present in places where they should not be nude (such as public places, open areas or in other similar situations). These visions are usually a reflection of vulnerability and fears related to hidden thoughts about this person’s concerns and worries in waking life.

Sometimes, when a feeling of shame and embarrassment accompanies these dreams, this could also mean unpreparedness and lack of confidence before embarking on a serious project or endeavor. Many dreamers experience sudden realization of being exposed to a large crowd of people, for example during a presentation, at church or public gathering, completely naked or wearing only underwear or small coverings instead of clothing. This, again, points to the fear of being talked about and criticized for the lack of expertise in and control over a situation or an important task to be handled. As a matter of fact, these dreams can become quite intimidating and frightening as deadlines are drawing closer and little time is left to catch up and take care of responsibilities in real life.

Another side of this vulnerability can manifest itself when dreaming about being undressed or stripped off clothes by other people or someone in power. These images are frequently interpreted as a fear of losing or letting go something important, in a more psychological respect, something a person holds private and unavailable for others to know about or even suspect. These dreams can be triggered by meeting someone for the first time and who left a lasting impression or impact on the person who later had this dream. The fear of being “read through” or being figured out in intentions and actions is translated to visions of being stripped of clothes which, metaphorically speaking, conceals things considered private and undetectable by others. The obvious solution to overcome this fear or discomfort while dealing with this person or people, is to learn more about them by communicating and trying to resolve unfounded (or maybe justified) suspicions and distrust toward the person who tried to approach you in waking life.

Some dream interpretation sources refer to visions of being naked in a dream to excessive timidness, inability to make important decisions and reluctance to move forward in life because of some personal characteristics or psychological traits preventing a person from exposing too much to other people. Some of these traits can be brought about or inherited because of the way the person has been raised, some of them are imposed by the culture or society, including religious beliefs and traditions.

It is important to remember that when we do not expose or share our opinions and feelings with people around us, misunderstanding or lack of acceptance may lead to inability to fully express what we really want in life thus resulting in underachieving or being defenseless when important decisions are to be made. Therefore, dreams which involve being naked can serve as an indicator of psychological makeup and personal attitudes, which after realization and careful analysis can help develop better communication skills and pave the way to better interpersonal qualities which are so important in today’s world.

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Learn the Four Card Elemental Spread

The Fool (tarot card), painted by Bonifacio Be...
The Fool from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Four Card Elemental Spread is an easy spread for those who love to read tarot cards. As with all readings, you should focus, shuffle your deck slowly and thoughtfully before laying them out on your reading cloth or special space. I always use a special reading cloth, lined with silk both to protect my cards and also to remind me that I’m about to embark on something special.

Take the cards from the top of the shuffled deck and lay them out, from left to right. The first card represents EARTH, the second AIR, the third FIRE and the fourth WATER. The interpretations I use for these are as follows:
Earth Money, practical matters, home life

Air Troubles, loss, quarrels

Fire Work, business, enterprises

Water Emotions, love, pleasure

Ok, the cards that came up for me are as follows:

Position 1 (Earth) The Empress

Position 2 (Air) 10 of Cups

Position 3 (Fire) Ace of Swords

Position 4 (Water) Strength

The Empress in the Earth position shows me that I’m happiest at home, content with family. It’s a card of abundance and lets me know that I should continue to work hard to gain all that I wish for.

The 10 of Cups, in the Air position, is another lovely card, adding another element of a contented home life, particularly at the end of a stressful day, when home is where you can relax and be yourself. The two pets, normally regarded as natural foes, are happy in each others’ company, having resolved any differences they might have, a lesson I should take on board with those whom I don’t always see eye to eye with.

In the Fire position is the Ace of Swords – a powerful card that signifies victory over difficulties but only after using up energy and inner strength. I should be prepared to move forward with any new ideas I have and the final card,

Strength, in the Water position, backs up the Ace of Swords as a card of self-empowerment and vitality. Strength is all about using your inner power and wisdom. As Water is a sign of emotions and relationships, I feel that I should always remember the strength of my personal relationships with those around me and continue to build on these.

Various card combinations tend to indicate specific events and you should always look for some confirmation from other cards.

The Four Card Elemental Spread is a great spread for both beginners and more seasoned tarot readers.

Practice your readings. The more you interact with your cards, the more familiar they will become and the easier it will be to do readings.

Consulting books and guides which tell you the meaning of the cards is helpful but remember that the tarot is an intuitive tool. This simply means that reading them comes from within, it’s instinctive and natural. Learn to trust your own judgment and go with the flow. Your first impressions of the cards during a reading are usually the ones to stick with. This is using your intuition and is the best way to read the cards.

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How to Use a Crystal Ball

This article explains how to use a crystal ball for scrying, a form of divination.

Step 1. Preparation

Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Most people find crystal ball gazing is easiest in a quiet, dimly lit room. Many people like to have candles burning. For some the reflections of the flames help to summon images – others find them a distraction. Burning incence is common and some people like to have soothing music playing gently in the background.The important thing to remember is that you are creating an atmosphere.

The important key when doing crystal ball gazing is that you must be relaxed and your mind must be clear. It is always best to perform a cleansing ritual followed by a protection ritual, and then begin your crystal ball work. Normally a cleansing ritual would be performed on night one. The next night you would perform a protection ritual on yourself and within the room you intend on performing the crystal ball gazing. On the third night you can then be well prepared to use your crystal ball. Even though these rituals are not necessity, it is always wise to do them for maximum safety and best results.

When performing any form of scrying or divination you are summoning forth forces from the spirit realm. Normally these forces are closed off from this plane we live in unless otherwise disturbed such as through specific rituals such as crystal ball gazing and scrying. When you perform divination these forces can either aid you in bringing forth images of the future or other events, or attack you.

Evil spirits and negative influences can use your crystal ball, scrying mirror, ouija board, or pendulum a link for them to step through into this world. They can also use it as a means to drain energy from you as well. This is why it is always best to ensure proper cleansing and protection is prepared before hand.

Step 2. The Crystal Ball Gazing Method

Place the crystal ball on a table in front of you. Many crystal balls you can buy come with their own stand. If you don’t have a crystal ball stand you might like to use a small cushion or a silk handkerchief purchased and reserved specially for this purpose.

Tip: To amplify your crystal ball gazing, you can use a gemstone sphere as a compliment to the crystal ball. Simply having a gemstone sphere resting next the crystal ball can augment your diving two fold.

Sit down and relax. Lay your hands gently on the ball for a minute or two in order to energize it and strengthen your psychic rapport. Whilst holding the crystal ball, think about the purpose of this scrying session. If appropriate try to visualize the subject of your question. Some people like to ask the question out loud, others prefer to internalize it.

Now, remove your hands from the crystal. Look into the crystal, stare deeply. Allow your eyes to relax and become slightly unfocused. After a little while you should see a mist or smoke forming in the crystal. Let this mist grow and fill the ball, then visualize it gradually clearing to reveal images within the crystal.

The images you see might not be what you expected. That’s OK, don’t fight them. Your subconscious mind knows what information you need. Many people find that when they first begin to use a crystal ball, the images have nothing to do with what they focus on. This is because your mind is not yet adjusted at being able to grasp and focus on the energies being past from your subconscious into the crystal ball itself. Think of the mental energies going from your mind to the crystal ball as a funnel. The base or “tip” of the funnel is your subconscious energies and that energy is being directed upwards towards your conscious mind which is the mid point of the funnel. The conscious part of the mind that receives the subconscious energy then “spills” it into the crystal ball to form those images from the subconscious, which would be the mouth of the funnel.

Since divination uses both the subconscious and conscious part of the mind at the same time it can be rather difficult to concentrate on both at once. Your subconscious is where the energy is stemming from. It passes it upwards to your conscious which is needed to act on that energy into the crystal ball. Without the conscious mind you would be in more of a deep meditated state and your eyes would not be able to consciously focus or input the images within the crystal ball.

As noted, it is perfectly okay that the first couple times you divine with a crystal ball the images are not related to what it is you want. The fact you are able to see ANYTHING in the crystal ball is showing progress. The more you work with the crystal ball, the better you will get at being able to see exactly what it is you want to see by manipulating your subconscious energies to your conscious energies, and then to the crystal ball. Either way, just let the images flow, changing and taking you wherever they choose to go. Don’t try to rationalize now, time for that later.

Step 3. Closing The Crystal Ball Session

Let the images slowly fade back into the crystal ball. Don’t just stop the session suddenly, instead reverse the process you used at the beginning. Visualize the mists coming back and covering the images, then receding to return the ball to its natural state.

Thank your crystal ball and put it away carefully wrapped within a dark cloth is best as dark cloth keeps the energies of the ball contained within it and prevents it from leaking out.

It is also always best to ensure you cleanse your crystal ball. A good, fast, and simple way of doing this is to simply light a sage smudge stick and or sage incense and move the ball around the smoke before you place it back for storage. Another quick and easy way to cleanse your crystal ball would be to give it a dip in salt water for roughly one minute. You do not want to soak it too long in salt as it can damage and ruin the crystal ball.

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Joseph Barresi is an expert on the occult, paranormal, witchcraft, and Wicca. He co-runs a blog with all kinds of information and how to’s on the above subjects. You can view the blog here: Wicca & WitchCraft Information Blog

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House Numbers: Their Hidden Meaning

House numbers have meaning according to numerology. This article discusses how your house or apartment number can affect your life for good or ill.

Bury St Edmunds 7-12-2010
Colorful House Numbers (Photo credit: Martin Pettitt)

As a Numerologist I’ve been asked numerous times by friends, students, clients, listener’s to my radio appearances and by those moving from one residence to another what their house number means. Moving house can be a very traumatic experience or, a very liberating one, and numbers offer a clue as to whether you’ve made the right choice or the wrong one! Now, after 30 years working with Numerology I want to share some of this knowledge with you and ask you to reduce your house number to a single digit i.e.: 19 would become 10 then become 1 (1+9=10, 1+0 = 1) and see what Numerology has to offer you regarding the place you call home.

One proviso: If living in a flat or unit consider this: The number affects you and those who live with you and the number of the block affects everyone in the building including you! Don’t add all the numbers of your address (i.e.: 3/123) and reduce them to a single digit consider what I’ve said above and piece the information together like a jigsaw puzzle and you’ll come to understand more about where you live than you’ve ever imagined for believe it or not the place you live or about to move into has chosen you! If you follow this simple instruction we’ll be on the ‘same page.’

House Number One: This number usually means having to contend with many family responsibilities and not always happy ones! You’ll often feel alone whilst living here so make sure you have interesting hobbies to occupy your mind. This house number attracts Leos and is linked to the Sun in Astrology and all things to do with 5th house affairs.

House Number Two: Welfare programs, social work and community involvement will demand a lot of your time. Cancerian’s are drawn to this number as are those with a connection with Scotland! Number 2 is linked to the Moon in Astrology and all matters to do with the 4th sector of your Astrological Chart.

House Number Three: Travel and adventure are the keywords for this number. Ambitious people are drawn here as well as people who take risks, gamblers in particular. Sagittarians and pets are attracted to this address as well as those connected to the legal profession, connected to the planet Jupiter and the 9th house in Astrology.

House Number Four: This is the most unpredictable of all the house numbers with one crisis after another. Expect your life to move in a completely different direction from what you had in mind if moving in here! Aquarians will enter your life (you may be one yourself!) and linked to the planet Uranus in Astrology and the 11th sector of the chart.

House Number Five: Living here is like living in a hotel – expect all sorts of comings and goings at all hours of the day and night. Gemini’s and Virgo’s are attracted to this number, linked to the planet Mercury and the 3rd and 6th sector of your Astrological Chart. Look after your skin and make sure all food is prepared in the cleanest of environments. Keep insurance policies up-to-date and all cash under lock and key.

House Number Six: You’d better have a green thumb as this number demands greenery! When you move into this address unpack everything you own for you’re going to be here for a long time (well it’ll feel like that) for this is a number of stability. Linked to the planet Venus in Astrology with Taurean’s and Libran’s attracted to this number, linked with the 2nd and 7th sector of the zodiac.

House Number Seven: A strange number which may even be a bit spooky, even to being actually haunted by the memories of the previous occupants! Check the water table and the area for flooding, as well as the pipes for leaks. Piscean’s are drawn and benefit from living at this address, linked to the planet Neptune and associated with the 12th sector of the zodiac.

House Number Eight: Older people live here and even if you’re young you’ll be or become mature in your thinking. Clocks are often a hobby of those who live here and time will fascinate you even to the concept of reincarnation! Check the foundations of this house there’s usually a few hidden problems that’ll need your attention or, save you money before you purchase of move in. Capricorn’s will find this a lucky address and linked to the planet Saturn along with 10th house of the zodiac.

House Number Nine: This is the number of the ‘battler.’ Don’t invite the family around for too many gatherings; you’ll end up having the usual arguments! Problems with neighbours also are likely! Aries and Scorpios are drawn to this number and associated with the 1st and 8th sector of the zodiac (Mars and Pluto).

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Since he began his practise in the early 70’s Thomas has helped many people achieve their goals using Numerology, Tarot & Astrology as tools for transformation, self awareness, development and self- discovery, he continues to share his passion via the World Wide Web. Having written numerous articles, author of four books, many personal appearances for corporate and charity organisations and more – check out his extended bio from AstroNumbers (website below).

As an accomplished speaker he present is material in an entertaining and enlightening fashion; “if you cannot have fun with your subject, you shouldn’t be doing it” is his motto. His appearance and topics for our society will take you into his ‘worlds’ of Numerology and Astrology in his own inimitable way.

His website: continues to grow where he shares his passion to an ever expanding audience bringing updates, anecdotes, bulletins, newsletters to his ‘subscribers’.

Recurring Numbers in Numerology Can Unravel the Clues

What does it mean when the same number turn up again and again in a numerology chart (or in everyday life)? This article explains recurring numbers in numerology.

Deutsch: Die Proportionen des Menschen und ihr...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The basic precepts of numerology have thrived in a variety of ancient cultures since Babylonian times. Ever since early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, paved the way to the popularity of Numerology and numerological divination by systems, modern numerology has ever since been associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

As online numerology and numerology reports have become more and more popular with the advent of technological of online psychic and numerological reading tools, more and more people are also seeing repeated numbers more frequently than usual, with most reported sightings seen in digital clocks, license plates, ads, billboards, or TV and others, which had led to the recurrent number phenomena radically brought forth to people’s consciousness.

Now, more people are linking and associating these recurring numbers phenomena to the widely spreading stronger global awareness process of people questioning established paradigm of looking for answers on how to improve things and life for the better.

Recurring Numbers and their Meaning

As interest in recurring numbers in numerology becoming more popular prompting a heightened awareness of these recurring numbers or number patterns that keeps appearing in one’s life, more and more people are looking for its deeper meaning.

According to a certain psychic, “When numbers begin repeating themselves around you it is often a signal that you are on purpose in life, and to be awake for new opportunities… a signal to connect with your soul.”
Psychically speaking, recurring numbers is numerology’s way of leading one’s attention to an urgent matter or idea in one’s life, compelling the individual to pay attention to the issue at hand.

Though numerology, the meaning of recurring numbers can be recognized, in actuality, meanings can only be truly determined by the person experiencing them, through self-examination, courage and honesty.

However, it is commonly believed that each set of repeating numbers has a different meaning, as a rule of thumb, when a person keeps seeing the same number pattern – sometimes with slight variations – it points to two things: a current issue for the individual and a warning to get the person to pay attention.
Likewise, recurring numbers can proffer clues into the workings of the world or the significance of people and events.

As Numerology is the study of numbers and their influences on us, with the use of your birth date and basic numerology techniques, it is possible to determine an individual’s personality traits as well as what paths you might take in your lifetime.

The mere fact that a certain number, recurring numbers or number patterns interest you more, it shows that there is some specific area that you need to focus on.

Whatever significance these recurring numbers have in your life, there is just no simplistic answer that could satisfy everyone. However, with thoughtful understanding of the meaning of the number in numerology will greatly help point the way.

Below are some general characteristics relating to each number:

1 – Self expression, communication.

2 – Relationships, intuition, empathy.

3 – Mind, social, spiritual.

4 – Practicalities and the basics of life, physical needs.

5 – Freedom, travel, expansion.

6 – Creativity, home life and family.

7 – Learning, teaching, overcoming obstacles.

8 – Control, finances, wisdom.

9 – Service, care of others, idealism.

For recurring numbers or combination of numbers, look at the attribute represented by that number and try to understand the things you might want to change about yourself.

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Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers telephone psychic readings, psychic text message and numerology services.

Karmic Debt: Is the Number 13 Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Most people probably consider 13 to be a unlucky number. But is it really unlucky? In this article a numerologist talks about the number 13 in numerology.

Thirteen (Photo credit: rich13)

There is a common misconception about the number 13. Some people view it as being extremely terrible. Others view it as a bad omen. While some consider it to be extremely lucky.

Here in the West it is considered unlucky. Friday the 13th has been known to cost the United States economy billions, as some people are so scared to step out of their homes and do anything.

In China the number 13 is considered a number of difficulties. In ancient Mexico, the number was considered auspicious.

Today we will be talking about the Karmic ramifications of the number 13. Remember a number has the same meaning no matter where it is found in your chart.

The number 13 can be considered all work and no play, ultimately the root number of 13 is 4. 1+3=4. This tells us that the person who bears this number will need to develop discipline and not waver in their commitments.

If we break it down it will look like this the “1” symbolizes selfishness and the “3” symbolizes superficiality, and using words to harm others. This manifested itself into the 4, which created laziness, and manipulated others do their work for them. So in this life, one must own up to it, and buckle down.

One will have to learn the value of hard work, discipline, integrity, step by step building, patience, and dependability. If the lesson is not learned, that is when we keep on reliving uncomfortable situations over and over.

It should be noted that just because you have a 13 in your chart it doesn’t mean you won’t become successful. It just means that you will have to accept responsibility for all that you do, and you will always have an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders. One must learn to work constructively through the projects and trials, and not resort to negativity or taking the “easy” way out.

If you choose to take the easy way out, it will backfire. Success can be granted, it is just through the diligent efforts of the native, and not through get rich quick schemes, lying, falsifying and manipulating. If one chooses not to abide by this, and ignore it, then the lessons will be amplified, which could cause stress and deterioration of one’s health and life.

Success will come by focusing one’s energy, there might be temptations or instances where one can take a shortcut. Do not succumb to it. Do not procrastinate, and always keep your promises.

Focus, discipline, and consistent effort rule this number.

So if you have a 13 in your chart, roll your sleeves up and put your nose to the grindstone, success just might be one step away.

Create A Great Day!

About the Author

Markie is a Numerology Expert and Life Coach. He has been practicing Numerology for nearly 10 years. He has helped many individuals over the years reach their peak potential and achieve success in love, marriage, career, health, and finance. He started out doing Free Numerology Readings, and now is helping people worldwide to achieve their goals and dreams. If you would like to get in contact with Markie visit

The Art Of Fortune Telling with Ordinary Playing Cards

Don’t have a Tarot deck? You can use ordinary playing cards from divination. This article explains how to read a deck of playing cards.

English: Typical Playing Cards. (An Anglo-Amer...
You can divine with ordinary playing cards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that the magic has not yet worked on the minds of humans to fend off the beliefs in enigmas like fortune telling and supernatural mysteries dwelling into existence for centuries. Somewhere down the corner of a modern man’s heart, the belief still prevails that if a fortune card is flashed for him, its trailing customs are going to effectuate his life. The art of tarot card reading has yet captivated the vision of a modern man till date, as it had captivated the mind of an ancient man back then. Unusual random foreseeing signs from individual domains of Gods. Varied prognostics occurring in the sky. Rasping chants from fortune gypsies. Howling strange behaviors of birds and animals in the woods. Positioning and cremation of animal bones in a set of fire. Ask the crystal ball to get all your questions answered. Abstract visions, dreams, phase out memories’ — are just the enough amount of evidences and customs for a man to believe in the prowess of fortune telling.

It’s the dawning of light into the certain unknown- yes! it is fortune telling. It is foreseeing the future of life or human and perhaps the past comes along with it too. Generally, a deck of tarot cards is known for divination, where in, the mere reading of tea leaves or couching runes are almost the random, hidden mysteries that lead a teller to certain acclamations. But now-a-days fortune telling with playing cards has become equally famous in this domain.

History Behind Fortune Playing Cards

Practically there a few chief categories in the field of fortune telling with playing cards namely: the tarot cards, the standard (French/English) deck of 52 cards, the Spanish naipes and the Italian/Sicilian. Amongst all these major categories, the cards are sectional divided into three equal sections explaining the meaning of the fortune telling cards; first is the astrological associations, second; the key words and third; the numerical significances. Studies under this topic says that using playing cards for tarot are known to be an integral part of true tarot cards because they were used a lot in olden days for fortune telling. Its learned that two decks of cards were split apart at a given point of time to create a deck of fortune playing cards. The significance of these cards have emerged into existence since 16th century Europe and was probably started by the Romany (Gypsies). You can catch up more on this buzzle article called history of tarot cards.

With this take let’s delve further into this article to learn some free fortune telling with playing cards tricks and and their corresponding playing card meanings.

How to do Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

Before you get all fired up to start with the fortune telling, gather a deck of 52 playing cards at hand; which technically have come from the pack of 78 tarot cards. Well practically the tarot card meanings can be used to declare meanings in playing cards as well.

Getting Started

Separate the deck of 52 cards such that you simply end up with a deck of 32 playing cards. Following cards should result: aces, kings, queens, jacks, sevens, eights, nines and tens.

Meaning of Individual Club Cards

Now that we have comprehended the fact that playing cards are also used as tarot cards in the domain of fortune telling, playing cards have associated meanings with each representation. So just understanding the playing card meanings isn’t enough but you have to understand the meanings and combination altogether. Like the numbered cards represent the phases of one’s life, on the other hand the court cards like kings and queens symbolize people in your life.

Spreading the Cards
To start off with the laying process, begin to shuffle your cards swiftly as you continue to think the problem or question in your mind. Then lay them on the table before you. Now follow these simple steps for a session of fortune telling with playing cards:

  1. For one rapid question, draw out one card to get a simple and quick answer.
  2. Basically a spread consists of drawing three cards: the 1st card depicts the past. The 2nd card depicts the present situation. The 3rd unveils the future outcome.
  3. If you wish to draw a broader spread of playing cards, try drawing three cards for each of the following category: Your family. Yourself. Your friends. What you expect. What you unhoped. The result.
  4. Form your self categories pertaining to the yours set of questions.

Comprehend the Suits

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are generally the symbol of prosperity and good money. Also, a freedom and security from financial troubles.
  • Clubs: Clubs are cards that delineate paperwork and communication. Everything from a verbal conversation to an electronic mail.
  • Hearts: As the name suggests, cards with denote emotions, tenderness and feelings for sentimental situations.
  • Spades: Spades aren’t cast out cards. They denote the gravity of a situation and help you to understand to pay heed to solve a problem.

Ways of Denominations

Entity of Aces – A multiple of aces denote decision making. If black cards turn up, the decision is tough, if red turn up its easy. The ace of diamonds denotes a gift or card. The ace of spades, phew! Well it’s NOT a spell card!! The ace of hearts upside down denotes location away from home and right side up denotes, location at home. The ace of clubs denotes contact.

Entity of Kings – Usually a multiple of king cards stages documentation work like will, deed or tickets. The king of diamonds denotes red, fair or gray haired man. The king of spades denotes dark man. The king of hearts denotes a blond man. The king of clubs denotes brown haired man.

Entity of Queens – Queens of all gossips and rumors! The queen of diamonds denotes very fair, red or gray haired woman. The queen of spades denotes dark woman. The queen of hearts denotes a blonde woman. The queen of clubs denotes brown haired woman.

Entity of Jacks – Jacks stage communications not undertaken in a while. The jack of diamonds denotes an untrustworthy person. The jack of spades denotes an unmarried human. The jack of hearts denotes a stranger or a lover either or both. The jack of clubs denotes a friend.

Entity of Seven – Seven times a phase of time, day, week, month and year. Number seven cards represent time period and also the domains which are going to get affected in your life.

Entity of Eight – Eight eight shows the change! Yes, they are the cards of change and movement. It will tell you several fields of your life-part. The eight of diamonds denotes money. The eight of spades denotes different places in your life where you are going to be there in near future. The eight of hearts denotes love. The eight of clubs denotes a phone call or letter.

Entity of Nine – Nine nine change of mind! In a multiple nines if there are more blacks than the red ones, a change of mind is likely to take place faster. The nine of diamonds denotes surprise. The nine of spades denotes disapproval. The nine of hearts denotes your heart’s desire. It’s one of the best card amongst the entire deck. The nine of clubs denotes new information.

Entity of Ten – These cards usually depict traveling. The ten of diamonds denotes huge sum of money. The ten of spades denotes an occurrence which would take place on the present day. The ten of hearts denotes entertainment and party. The ten of clubs denotes hospital or professional building.

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Rune Reading: Tips and Tricks to Read Runes in Effortless Way

Runes are an interesting form of divination. This article suggests simple methods of reading the runes. The author uses the blank rune, but you can ignore it if you wish to be more traditional.

Runes Bag
Runes Bag (Photo credit: Nathaniel_U)

There are as many different ways of runes reading as there are ways to read and cast any divinatory system. You can get plenty of books from that will offer you several different methods to read runes including complicated readings using many runes. However, here we will begin with three simple casting methods that will allow you to start working with the stones straight away, while getting used to their forces and how they operate.

First step is casting methods. It is not required that come up with a immense elaborated ritual that contains casting a circle, invoking deity, calling quarters etc, every time you yearn to a reading. However you should make a practice for opening and carrying out a reading as stand by it. My routine is something like this:

I spread my rune cloth and then put all stones onto the cloth. I always put stones in their alphabetical order, the empty rune standing aside from the rest and the I say “Holy gods creator of earth, creator of us all, guide my hand as I cast the runes, bless me as I interpret their meanings, give strength my soul as I take into my own life.” Then I turn them all over mix them around clockwise manner, focusing on the question I am asking as I move the runes. Then I pick the runes and interpret.

You can add in incense or candles or have your own special method to reading the runes. You can even try a whole complex setup. It is all regarding what works for you. It does not matter what you prefer to do: the process will set your mind up for prediction and that is the motive here.

Now follow these steps:

Cast One — One Draw Rune

Ask you your question and draw one rune. This method is good for everyday casting, to make use of the runes as a guide for your complete day. For instance, before going to work, you ask the runes: what do I want to know make this day happy and successful for me?

Cast Two — Three Draw Rune

Ask your question and draw three runes. The initial rune is an overview. It gives you a basic understanding of your question you asked. The second rune is path of action and last and third one is outcome of this thing you asked and take an action on it.

Cast Three — Yes or No Draw

Draw three runes, if two are positive and one is negative, your answer is yes and two are negative and one is positive, your answer is no. However, sometimes things become complicated; here you might need an expert’s advice.

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