How to Astral Project: Six Detailed Instructions for Astral Projection

This article lists six basic steps to successful astral projection.

Astral Projection
Astral Projection (Photo credit: drinksmachine)

The things you can accomplish after you learn astral projection are absolutely amazing. Astral projection itself is amazing but incredibly hard to do especially when it comes to transferring your consciousness. Once you do though the sky is the limit.

The best techniques considering how to astral project and the steps taken by professionals are mostly kept a secret. Yet with all that is available to us nowadays this is no longer the case. So by using these six steps entwined with your own techniques around this system you can increase your abilities and positive outcomes.

1. Build on your visualization and imagination skills.

a) One great way to optimize this process is to always focus on the same vision over and over. Tie this in directly with your astral plane double.

b) In other words build an Astral double of yourself and concentrate on this image. Seeing it in your minds eye as clear as you can.

2. Create your astral body or double as some like to call it.

a) This is something that must be done in the beginning and that the process is never ending.

b) It is you and ultimately your means of travel in the astral plane. The more detailed the better the results.

3.) Transfer your consciousness over to your astral double body.

a) This is where most people run into trouble. One great way to ensure more success is the details mentioned above. When you create your body double create or recreate your senses, this will help create the reality grow much stronger.

b) Your sense of smell, your sight, and hearing as well.

4.) Observe your surrounding and your new body.

a) Especially in the beginning once you have achieved this goal the desire to want to go on will be strong, Don’t! To put it simply there are some dangers involved that are too many to name. You must first become familiar with how everything works in order to be armed with knowledge of what your doing.

b)This is another place where many people lose it. You will be much better off learning the how to deal with and avoid unnecessary mistakes, before you find out these dangers first hand.

5.) Come right back and ground your self thoroughly.

a) It is essential that you return to yourself fully awake and cognizant of your surroundings. Then go through a process of grounding your experiment by closing everything down in this state. It is very important to separate these states of consciousness completely through act and will. It keeps them separated and organized.

b) This is a must! There are no two ways about it. Grounding the whole ordeal by action of conscious thought and will that you are now no longer projected and in this plane entirely.

6.) Keep detailed written records of all your accounts.

a) This is most important to achieve the desired result in the end. If you don’t keep an accurate enough record then the success will be minimal. You cannot fully appreciate the usefulness of good records until you have yourself kept a literary account of your own.

b) This is also a must and I believe a big reason why most people have limited success. By keeping an accurate record it brings more life to it. Much like anything else the more you put into your Astral Projection experiments the more you will get from it and the more result and the deeper the degree of quality in your results.

The best techniques and detailed instructions for the art of astral projection Broaden the horizon of your mind and find your inner self through sound these incredible techniques. Powerful and effective and new to our world. Hearing is attributed to spirit according to the Qabalah. Fly outside of your self and learn the true power of astral projection along with so much more.

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Ancient and Modern Tales of Astral Travel

The are stories of astral travel from many different cultures and times. Where there is smoke, is their always fire?

The Astral Sleep - by Jeroen van Valkenburg
The Astral Sleep – by Jeroen van Valkenburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amid never-ending skepticism, lots of people remain curious about astral travel. Astral projection will be an out of body experience. Your astral body leaves his or her existing physical body entering the astral plane. Despite the fact that, through the years, a great deal has been learned about the possibility of astral travel and OBEs, many questions continue to be unanswered.

Astral projection stories started long ago. There’s ancient evidence referencing astral
encounters in age-old Egypt, China and India. The Inuit people have told of extraordinary individuals that could journey to distant places for insight and useful information. The yaskomo of the Waiwai, from the Amazon, is actually said to have carried out “soul flights.” Those flights are made to consult cosmological creatures for coaching or useful guidance.

Numerous testimonies of astral occurrences possess particular things in common. Of course, like any other encounter, no 2 astral activities are precisely the same. However, there are many tales of astral mishaps which include numerous commonalities. A number of the similarities are usually setting and capabilities.

Many astral projection stories make reference to situations that happened during surgical treatment or serious illness. Most people identify this encounter as turning out to be an viewer. They are saying his or her astral body simply leaves his or her physical body to become an on-looker. These individuals tell about observing the surgical treatment or even watching doctors, nurses, and visitors in the space. Typically, they’re able to view the activity, and his or her actual physical bodies, whilst hanging or flying above. In a few tales, the astral body appears or rests in the area or doorway to observe.

The ability to fly is often mentioned in tales of astral events. A lot of people document flying to various locations.

Many people connect this experience with deja vu. Astral travelers may remember information on going to otherwise unfamiliar places. Several experts think that when deja vu occurs, the individual acknowledges an unfamiliar location through his or her astral voyage.

An additional common happening with OBEs is reaching people who have been deceased for some time. This chance is the inspirational push guiding numerous efforts at astral projection. In these cases, the person who experiences it can embrace or even shake hands while using astral body of a lost family member.

An astral traveler can meet up with departed celebs as well as historical figures, also. According to experts in the field, it’s possible to meet up with an additional living astral traveler, that has briefly left his / her actual physical system, whilst experiencing an OBE. This occurrence is known as doppelganger.

Although a lot of individuals are curious about out of body experiences, fearfulness inhibits them from making any endeavor to experience an astral occasion. Masters declare there is absolutely nothing to to be afraid of and that astral projection is completely safe.

Avid experts say that the astral body is invincible. It cannot experience any type of harm. Aside from physical injury, many individuals are fearful of psychic or religious consequences. Many people feel that astral occurrences are demonic or satanic in nature. But, others propose that astral experiences would not be possible without a close connection to The almighty.

There are many questions that remain unanswered regarding astral projection stories. Nevertheless, anyone interested in the topic can find a substantial amount of information through doing some study on the web.

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Non-Traditional Astral Travel Techniques

This article suggests two unusual methods for astral projection for those having problems with the more traditional and standard methods.

I am going to propose two methods created exclusively to assist you to get to the astral planes. If you are struggling or do not understand where to start, these will help move you along the way. Enjoy.

These tactics are borne from repetition and some of them are tried and true and nicely known. In any case, they are going to assist you in having a deeper more meaningful encounter.

Lumer Method

Out of body experience
Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This technique is a holistic approach to OBE. It treats astral projection as a method which should be engendered within your subconscious. Too many times we make the oversight of just attempting to deal with out of body experiences really like any other pastime.

At your waking instances while the mind is still within the alpha wavelengths, possibly your feelings are alight with a humm, or you may merely have the sensation of awakening, however in either case at this moment you have to place the seeds into your unconscious. Basically say to your self in your minds eye, I can effectively astral travel, a phrase like this.

That’s it, not a single thing more, let your brain process this during your day. One time once more, part way your day but at a certain event this time, perhaps lunch, starting up your vehicle, it could be watering a plant doesn’t matter, something that you perform every day with routine, you should repeat that phrase to yourself once more. That is it.

When you are in your meditation period, then think of this thought, repeat it to your self, then move into your normal reflection routine. This technique will take time, but will yield amazing effects. Commit to this to be a lifestyle modification. Throughout the months, you will find it’s a powerful method.

Stones And Fluids Approach

This technique is situated around employing crystals and also the sounds of the waterfall to be able to enhance your experience. You must pickup several crystals from a trusted supply, and be sure they are cleansed and ready for astral travel. Have the stones nearby as you reflect, but rather than playing isochronic tones or binaural sounds substitute a recording of flowing water. In your minds eye picture a waterfall, listen to the sounds of the water flowing and imagine the potent energy which the earth is made from. Imagine that energy flowing into you, surrounding you, through you and away from you. Envision your self entering an astral travel slipstream, basically permitting natures power draw you in take you wherever it may.

These two astral projection techniques aren’t typical routines that you might be familiar with, following these will can ultimately help you find your path to enlightenment.

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Exploring The Universe With Astral Projection And Astral Travel

This article gives a fairly basic introduction to astral projection and explains that you have probably already projected to the astral plane without knowing what you have done.

Astral Projection
Astral Projection (Photo credit: *Tom*)

In general most people at some time or another in their lives have heard about astral projection. They may have learned about it from a book, movie, or a friend that is into it.

There are however, only a few people in the world who realize that astral projection is not only real but is something that is a natural ability that everyone possesses. Many people have already experienced astral projection by the time they reach adulthood at least once and in some cases, they experience it regularly without even knowing or being aware of the experience.

There are a few ways that you can tell if you have already had an astral experience and more than a few ways to learn how to astral project however to look into either of these it is important to understand exactly what astral projection is. It is a natural reflex of the body, and occurs at night when you are sleeping.

When you are sleeping and your physical mind is at rest, your subconscious mind comes to the forefront. When this happens, a person is able to astral project. Many people just don’t remember doing it.

While you are projecting, you can go anywhere you want to go. You should try recalling your childhood; you may be able to remember being able to do this after you went to sleep. Over time, you may have forgotten. When it involves astral projection there is no such thing as time or distance. You can go anywhere, since while asleep your physical body is at rest and your astral body travels.

The next obvious question is, ‘What is the astral body?’ The astral body is an invisible duplicate of your body, also known as an ethereal body. This body is the heart of our emotions and desires. So, why doesn’t the astral body stray and not return? It turns out that the astral body is actually connected to the physical body through a silver cord.

This connection is there from your birth until your death. The silver cord keeps your astral and physical bodies inextricably linked for your entire life.

Where is it that your astral body goes in its travels? Your astral body goes to the astral plane, a non-physical duplicate of the physical universe. The astral plane is thought to operate at a different frequency than our own, some saying that it is an alternate universe. Most agree that the astral plane is not a single monolithic place, however.

Are there any dangers associated with astral projection? Yes and no – you should be careful in your astral travels just as you would when going somewhere with your physical body. Generally speaking though, your astral body can sense danger and return to your physical body without suffering any harm. You should however decide where you want to go before projecting to keep the experience as safe as possible.

Let me caution you here, if your mind is in a dark place or not right then it becomes dangerous to astral project. If you are taking drugs or drinking alcohol it is not wise to astral project because you could wind up in some bad places. The lower levels of the astral plane contain the places that are bad.

You should know where you want to go and only astral project when you are in the proper frame of mind to do so. You want to have control over where your astral body goes and what it does.

With the correct preparation astral projection can be done by you quickly.

Several professionals can be found to assist you in learning various techniques so that you get to the point where you have better control so that you have a gratifying experience, but on this note people usually rather be in their own house while doing astral projection.

The Internet is one of the largest repositories of information available on astral projection. There are hypnotic recordings available and there are also a number of books all of which describe the techniques, what to expect and different ways of dealing with what you discover.

This type of recording will help you fully relax and will take you through the necessary stages. The advantage of a recording over a professional session is that you can play the recording multiple times until your subconscious receives the message that it is okay for the astral body to leave the physical body.

The use of sound technology can also be helpful in being able to reach a level of relaxation that is conductive to being able to engage in astral projection. One such technology is known as binaural beats. This technology works by alternating sound between both ears and using a variety of frequencies. This method is designed to place the body into a state of deep meditative relaxation, which is the best for astral projection.

Don’t get frustrated if you are not able to successfully astral project the first time or even the second or third time. This is something that you must practice.

It is not an ability that you need to acquire, since we are all able to do it. It’s just that many of us have forgotten how and need to hone our natural skill through practice.

Still need to be convinced? When did you last dream you were flying and then felt as though you were falling? As the astral body, moves through the astral plane it, feels like flying. The sensation of falling comes when the astral body comes back into the physical body.

Astral projection is a real ability that everyone has, everyone can use and all it needs is a bit of fine-tuning in order to be able to do it at will.

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Improve Your Astral Projections!

This article explores some of the common myths and misconceptions about astral projection.

English: The astral leaves the body during sle...
English: The astral leaves the body during sleep. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let us explore some of the common myths regarding Astral Projection and how with a modern day perspective we can overcome some of the misconceptions of how it works and what it means to “travel outside of your body”.

We will learn how our perception and interpretation can limit our success in experiencing this phenomenon that is as old as ancient man. Learn also how with this new perspective, along with conquering our fears, we will discover the main ingredient we will need for traveling without boundaries!

Improve your Astral Projections!

How many cultures of mankind have stories regarding some kind of astral travel? Whether, it is some kind of vision quest like the Native Americans, or some sort of trance like state utilized by the likes of Nostradamus or Rasputin. Over the millennia we as a species have been exposed to the idea of traveling beyond where our physical body can take us. Over time this concept and the perception of its application has been interpreted and reinterpreted again and again throughout our civilization.

What about the many misconceptions regarding astral travel? Many people are exposed to the concept of our energy body leaving our physical body and traveling through out time and space. We often visualize or report seeing a silver chord connecting our energy body to our physical one. Often time’s people will report an experience where they were starting to leave their body only to have an uncontrollable feeling of fear well up inside of them usually ending with them being snapped back into their body.

The questions that arise are very interesting. First of all why is it that we perceive our energy body as looking like our own? If it was really our soul or energy body why would it have to resemble our physical body? Perhaps it is the best image our brains can relate to, therefore enabling us to interpret the situation. The other question is why do people feel they will leave there body and not be able to find there way back? This is also associated with the concept that if their chord is disconnected from their body they will die because the body can’t live without the soul.

Keeping these questions in mind we must realize that man has been experiencing astral travel for millennia. The reality is that mankind’s intelligence an understanding of the world around him has changed dramatically again and again over the centuries. How we once would have interpreted a phenomenon like astral travel may not be the most intelligent way to interpret and dissect it today.

There are concepts today that didn’t exist one hundred years ago much less thousands. Take a probe for example. A probe will fly into space take pictures of things thousands of miles away and relay the information back to us giving us data that we could never attain by physical means. Instead of thinking of your soul as leaving your body, let’s imagine that what is really traveling is something that is of the same frequency of your soul, and is acting more like a probe. It is traveling through time and space, collecting data and within an instant, faster than the speed of light it is relaying that information back to you.

If this is the case than there would be no need to imagine a chord attaching your probe to your physical body, neither would we need to have the fear of either being trapped out of our body or never finding our way back. With this new perception we can see how the fear of death is almost completely eliminated.

Another common fear is that if something happens to your astral body than you will be harmed in the physical one. Again when a probe is destroyed out in space it simply stops sending back data, it doesn’t affect the planet it is being sent from.

Let us look now at energy. Let us assume for a moment that when our energy is used to create a probe, and then that energy is projected, we are in fact receiving data so fast and so vivid that it in feels as if we have literally left our body. When the connection is cut it simply ends the transmission. Let’s picture that our body’s electrical field and aura, are holding our soul within our physical body, and that the soul cannot really leave the body unless the electrical field of our body stops working due to death.

With this in mind it is much more believable that it is not our soul in its entire form that leaves the body but merely a part of it, or more specifically a frequency of it. This energy is what creates the probe that can travel across time and space. So logically we can conclude that cutting the connection between the probe and ourselves does not harm us in any way but simply ends the data being transmitted.

The most important realization of this perspective is that most of the time when people are snapped back into there body during a projection, or suddenly fall short of a successful projection it is because of fear. Again, fear of not finding there way back to their body, fear of being harmed physically because of their soul being harmed, or fear that the body cannot live without the soul. As the old saying says “Fear is the mind killer”. With the concept that astral projection is simply an energy probe scanning the depths of time and space, and not our soul leaving our body, we can see how fear is what’s really limiting ourselves from true Astral Travel.

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How to Achieve Astral Projection (OBE) Overnight

This article explains three simple techniques for astral projection: the Movement technique, the “Feels Like” technique, and the Lazy technique.

Ingredients List

English: PD - artwork. Illustration from Chine...
Illustration from Chinese book of alchemy and meditation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Achieving Astral Projection overnight is as easy as going to bed. There are a few ingredients and three easy techniques you need to cook this up. Needless to mention, if you are an intermediate to expert level in the art of astral projection you might already know these ingredients.

However, the hope of jotting this down is to provide a very simple recipe to allow anyone to achieve success literally overnight.

1. First Ingredient: Everything Requires an Exchange of Energy

Automobiles need fuel to move, plants need water and sun to grow, even the human body needs energy, in this case food, to function efficiently. That being said, projecting astral projection also requires an exchange of energy, or fuel. The natural question is: What is this fuel and where does it come from?

Firstly, for clarity’s sake let’s dichotomize this fuel into organic fuel and prana (life force).

The aforementioned fuel is plainly and simply just food. The body needs to be well nourished and healthy to be apt to allocate its precious resources to astral endeavors. If you are weak you won’t be able to study, exercise, heal, or operate efficiently, it is no different when it comes to astral projection. That being said, it is possible to overwork or put enough stress on the body to achieve astral projection but this is for obvious reasons counterproductive. A healthy diet works best. Plenty of water and a supplement of B vitamins and magnetite will do wonders. Lemon juice is also an important and accessible part of this equation. It is very important to test, test, and test again. What diet works best for you? What feeding time works best for you?

Attempting to project too soon after dinner will reduce your chances of a projection because of the stress on your digestive system. Substances such as caffeine and alcohol will also act against you. Avoid them during your projections.

The other and more important kind of fuel is prana. This, in a nutshell is an unseen energy that is all around us and permeates everything. This is the energy that ties and binds our universe together. Think of prana as the “Force” from the film Star Wars. Much like organic fuel allows your physical body to operate, prana is what will fuel your “astral probe” and allow “projection”. Breathing is by far the easiest and most accessible way of obtaining prana. What’s the trick? In order to absorb prana it must be wanted. Turn your lungs, and your body into a loving home for this prana, invite it in and it will come. There are more advance ways of absorbing prana. Specialized meditation techniques, I recommend a specialized chakra meditation that will yield more than enough prana for projections, amongst other benefits.

2. Second Ingredient: Knowledge is Power

The biggest factor ruining aspiring astral projectors all over the planet is fear. And knowledge is the weapon of choice against this treacherous enemy. There are countless articles, books and tapes on the subject. Saturate yourself with the subject. Be logical and don’t believe everything you read. There is a great debt of gratitude due to all the trail blazers that have put astral projection in the map, but remember these are regular people trying to explain and talk about an unusual subject. Thus, be wary of misinterpretations. One pearl of knowledge that must be shared and will strike down fear of astral projection is that: You are not out of your body. Yes, you never leave your body while you are projecting. Think about these letters that you are reading. You are experiencing with your sight. These letters are outside your body, yet you are able to perceive and experience them while you remain inside inside your body. It is of great importance to grasp this. It will obliterate ignorant fears commonly associated with astral projection, such as, fear of death, fear of possessions and fear of getting lost outside of your body.

3. Third Ingredient: Practice Makes Perfect

Who likes to hear this sentence? Not nearly as many as those that like to say it. But, as painful as it sounds, it holds true. Any skill worth having requires you to put in a decent amount of time and effort. Now that your motivation is likely back to zilch allow me to digress to the original point of this article…yes, the overnight part. Hopefully, your motivation is now back to normal levels. The following are three simple and efficient techniques that will project your astral probe literally overnight.

The Movement Technique

After a long day of white water rafting I proceeded to lay down in my bed and rest. Interestingly, laying there in a relaxed state, I couldn’t help but notice that the movement of the raft moving down the river had stayed with me. I went with it for a while and as soon as my brain was convinced of the reality of this movement it was tricked into achieving it. Before I knew it my astral probe was inches away from my bedroom wall as I lay in bed. After discovering this purely by accident I experimented with other variations of movement, such as, jogging, swimming and even driving a car with great success.

The “Feels Like Technique”

This is a very powerful technique, and for the purpose of astral projection you might want to think of it as visualization on steroids. Using this technique, is the only way I have been able to project while completely awake. In a nutshell, you will pick a room in your house; the bathroom seems to work best. Lie down and relax in your bedroom. Now as you lay there, relaxing and getting comfortable start to picture your bathroom in your mind’s eye. If you are anything like me, your first attempts at visualization will be pathetic. Your job is to trick your brain into believing it is in the bathroom, the brain is no fool, and you need to imitate the sensory data the brain expects to receive to the best of your ability. Feel the colors, the brightness, and the texture of the surface. Look at the mirror, the corners of the room, the sink, you get the idea. It is all in the details.

The Lazy Technique

This is my favorite one because it requires the least amount of work. This technique requires you to play around with your normal sleep schedule, so it is not recommended for work or school days. Simply set your alarm clock about three hours earlier than usual. Get up and do some type of task that will require some degree of focus. Read a book, preferably on astral projection, take a walk around your block. Taking a 15 minute drive usually does it for me. Then go back to your warm, comfortable and inviting bed. That is it. I can only speculate that these actions put your brain in a very special state of mind that makes it much more prone to achieve astral projection.

Everything in the universe requires an exchange of energy. Remember that, whether you are writing an article fueled by caffeine or sending an astral probe to the Mexican Riviera powered by prana. Knowledge will set you and your astral probes free. Educate yourself on the subject; it is the only way to dispel ignorance and fear. Be consistent with your practice, anything worth gaining requires effort. And if all this sounds like too much work, at least give “the lazy technique” a try, you might be one of the few lucky natural astral projectors.

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