Why do you worship the gods/spirits/forces you do?

I’m interested in knowing why you worship the specific deities you do. Who do you work with? What started your relationship with them? Why do you continue investing time into them? Are you deeply committed to them, or is your relationship with them temporary? Which relationships do you consider most important, and why? Or are they equally important to you?

Ignore/modify the questions as you need to. They’re only supposed to serve as prompts.

Hostility to Christianity

I’m just wondering if some of the occasional Pagan hostility toward Christianity was more a matter of the Christianity that people grew up with and not Christianity itself.

I grew up in the United Church of Canada. It is LGBT friendly (the current moderator is a lesbian and her predecessor was a gay man), divorce, sex outside marriage and remarriage were OK, social justice was a big deal, God was all-loving and sin was never, ever mentioned. The Christianity I knew was friendly if somewhat gutless. The idea of a judgmental, patriarchal god is completely foreign to my experience.

I feel Pagans can sometimes be very hard on and make blanket statements about Christianity, while Buddhism and Judaism get something of a free pass.

Feeling Out of Place in the Pagan Community

I have been moving toward Paganism over the past year or so. I live in a fairly small city with a very small Pagan community. I’ve attended a Beltane event and a Pagan pride parade in my community and feel very uncomfortable being part of the broader community.

Firstly, I’m nearly 30 and most of the girls are 20-ish and in a totally different spot in their lives. The fantasy stuff (Ren Faire, Cloaks etc), and Wiccanate paradigm is not for me either. Most of the people are very nice and normal, but a few seem a bit unhinged (anger, self-destructive behaviour, radical political beliefs, hate Christians etc.)

I feel odd as a solitary practitioner, but I’m wondering if this a really a bunch of people I want to get involved with on an ongoing basis? Should I give this another shot?

Pagan Belief Systems – Does Evil Exist?

I have one Wiccan friend that says that evil doesn’t exist. I, however, do believe it does. Evil in the form of great misfortune, premature death, unnecessary pain, natural disaster, disease. Also, human evil comes in the form of wanton cruelty, greed, gross abuse of power etc. It is elusive because it can look ordinary (banality of evil).

Like people, I don’t think all gods or spirits are wishing the best for us at all times.

Do other Pagans believe in evil?

Easy Magical Ideas for Your Home

I came across this information on Tumblr and it helped me continue my practice during a time that I was feeling particularly low energy and unmotivated, so I want to share it here.

A Few Magical Home Ideas

  • Enchant the mirrors in your house to give everyone who looks into them a boost in their self-esteem/body image (I LOVE this one)
  • Place a candle on the stove to symbolize the hearth fire tradition
  • Make a magic welcome mat that draws in good company and keeps away the bad
  • Pay close attention to the sort of energy your decor creates and adjust it to help create the energy you want in your home
  • Playing music and changing the scent in a room can suffice for a quick energetic shift
  • Put bells on your doors. Bells help clear energy, every time you open a door that room gets a little cleansing boost
  • Cleaning your home can be turned into more than just house magic. You can visualize yourself sweeping away worries or scrubbing away old habits
  • Bake bread. The smell of baking wafting through your home can alter the energy in lovely ways and it’s also great for bringing prosperity to the house

I hope you are all having a lovely day!

Problems with the Idea of the Nurturing Mother-Goddess Archetype

Seated Mother Goddess flanked by two lionesses...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a celibate, adult woman. I don’t have an with the male and female deities, but I am very uncomfortable with the goddess being defined as pre-sexual, sexual, and post-sexual when I am none of these things (I am not asexual, but choose celibacy because it allows me to lead a lifestyle that suits me). I am more like Artemis or Athena that the “Earth Mother”.