Health as an ethical framework?

Sorry for the clunky title, wasn’t sure what to call this thread. I wanted to discuss something I have repeatedly observed during debates with people both online and offline—the tendency to treat what is healthy as ethical.

I have seen quite a lot of people who decide what they should, or should not be doing, based entirely on what is healthy for them. Not only that, but I have seen people arguing that others should also, always, invariably do whatever is healthiest. Basically putting health on a pedestal and elevating it to the point that it is the only factor worth considering when deciding what to do or not do.

As an example; I have seen people on both sides of the vegetarian debate using health as a platitude. Something like “You should not be a vegetarian because it’s less healthy,” or “You should not eat meat because it is less healthy.”

Which are perfectly valid arguments if you’re having a debate about health—but I have repeatedly seen these argument thrown in the face of people who decide to eat meat, or not eat meat, based on factors other than health. Trying to convince an ethical vegetarian to eat meat because it’s healthy is an odd argument to make, in my opinion, because it’s missing the entire point of their vegetarianism. The inverse is true as well—trying to convince someone who eats a meat-based diet because they enjoy it, to skip meat because it’s healthy, it once again putting health above all other factors.

Vegetarianism/meat isn’t the only place I’ve seen this kind of reasoning applied to, either. I have seen it applied to celibacy, for example. People will argue that “Abstinence before marriage isn’t healthy,” or that “Polyamory/open relationships aren’t healthy!” As if health is the primary factor that drives people do decide what kind of relationship they want to pursue. It seems very reductive to tell someone to put aside their romantic feelings or religious convictions simply because the thing you want them to do is healthier.

I’ve even seen this argument applied to forgiveness before. A victim of a violent crime said he forgave his attacker, and there were comments angrily berating him because, in their words, forgiving people is less healthy. Never-mind the fact that, once again, health was not his motivation. Rather, he was trying to uphold the teachings of his religion.

This idolization of health seems very strange to me. It appears in my eyes as an attempt to reduce all the various things that motivate human actions down into a single, easy-to-argue category. I don’t think it actually reflects how human beings decide what to think or do at all.

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Some Assistance Requested for Worldbuilding


It’s been a while since I’ve dipped my toes into a forum, and a while since I really stepped into the Cauldron.

I am working on a novel, and part of it takes place on a post-magic-apocalypse Earth. While much has changed in the 1500-2000 years that have passed, it doesn’t make sense to me to ignore certain aspects of humanity.

Religion has always been a big part of human culture, and while my story definitely has some new religions and movements, I know many of the other major religions of today would still be around, even if in small sects and groups.

My thought process is, I’m not 100% sure how religions and belief systems like Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc would adapt to the apocalypse, sudden visible magic, and other changes, but I know they’ll still be there.

Any thoughts and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,

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Questions from a non-Wiccan for a project!

Hello! My name is Erica, and I’m a sophomore at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. As part of our final project in anthropology we’re tasked with learning about different subcultures, and the culture that I am studying is Wicca. I’m not Wiccan myself (but I am very interested!) and though I have done a lot of research for this project, the last part of it requires asking questions of people within the subculture. I hope this is an alright place to post this and please let me know if anything about the questions are off, I wrote them myself and they were approved by my professor– neither of us are Wiccan ourselves!

1. How do you feel about the general public’s view of Wicca?

2. How do you feel about certain aspects of copycatting that are common in the form of fashion and aesthetics in relation to Wicca and other Pagan religions?

3. How do you interact with the Internet, and does it have any impact on your beliefs in relation to Wicca, or is it simply another aspect of modern life and you don’t use it much in how you practice?

4. Is there anything you would like to say to the broader public regarding misconceptions about Wicca?

5. Bonus, how has social distancing affected you personally? Do you tend to practice in a coven, and if so, what are you having to change due to that not being possible right now?

6. Is it alright to use your answers anonymously in my project?

I would love to get as many responses as possible but if you feel uncomfortable in any way I understand! Also, if you would prefer to answer these privately for whatever reason please let me know and we can talk over email or private messaging. Also, answers must be from people over the age of 18!

Thank you so much for your help and if you have any additional questions for me please let me know!

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Good evening!

Hello! My name is Faye, I’m 24 and from the US (ohio). I’m an Aries sun, Cancer moon and a Gemini rising. I moved to ohio a year ago to live with my boyfriend Ocean (that is his birth name hehe). I have a siberian cat named Keiko! She means a lot to me ❤️ I’ve been pagan for about 6 years. Before becoming pagan I didn’t really have a path? My mom is christian (but dabbles in tarot and visits psychics) and has tried to get me into that belief but for me it just feels wrong and thankfully once I explained that to her she didn’t push me. I have diagnosed ADHD, GAD and depression which interferes with my life daily but I’m currently on medication which helps!! but having something to believe in helps also ☺️ I practice faerie witchcraft and have been drawn to The Fair Folk all my life. In my free-time I enjoy drawing, reading, knitting, dancing, etc etc. I have a really strong imagination which is a good thing AND a bad thing at times hehe. I joined this forum to make friends and learn new things. 😌 And I think that’s all I can think of at the moment.

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Recommended goldsmith?

Hello, I have returned after many years to ask folks for a recommendation.

I’m currently in the market for commissioning a small gold medallion of gold.  And I mean small, about the size of a dime at the largest.  It is for my altar, so would prefer to go to a smith who is at least known to be pagan-friendly.  It would have a simple figure of a snake on it.

Does anyone now of a reputable goldsmith who might be able to do that fine-work?

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My name is Joe Winko :) ♥

Hello Everyone :) ♥ My name is Joe Winko & I’m a gay guy who lives in Florida :) ♥ and this is my first post here.
I’m 24 years old and I have a mild forum of Autism. I’m also a Proud Sagittarius (My birthday is December 5th) and I like scary movies, video games, and I post a ton of stuff on YouTube. I also LOVE roadtrips, but I don’t drive at all, but I do hitchhike from time to time.

I’m honestly not too experienced in witchcraft but I have been reading about it a bit online and been wanting to learn more about it and how to do spells to help better my life really. And I’m here to get advice & help with learning that :)

If you have any questions, just ask…

and here’s a picture of me :) & in case you’re wondering, the red pointy bandana is my trademark. I wear that in all of my youtube videos and selfies :)

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Good Day from Germany!

Herewith I would like to introduce myself briefly.
I was born and raised as a Protestant Lutheran Christian and followed that path more or less enthusiastic for the bigger part of my childhood and young adult age. Around 2000 I stepped into Buddhism for a period of perhaps 2 years but finally could not stay in that religion for it caused internal conflicts with my deeper values.
Around 2012 I became interested in the Nordic Mythology and as I acquired more knowledge and insight I became also more fascinated. Since 2014 I consider myself as an Ásatrúar and I am still developing myself in that spirituality.
I live in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and I am married and a father of two. My leisure time I spend largely with my family, sports and traveling.
I am looking forward to communicate with other members of the forum about all things related, and unrelated :-), and hope I can contribute to the exchange of ideas in the future.

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Deity reading

Hello everyone!
The other day I did a reading for myself because I felt like a deity has reaching out to me (for a while honestly) and that I was just being blind to it. So I did the reading and the structure of the reading is:
Card 1: The Deity
Card 2: A trait ( usually negative )
Card 3: A trait ( usually positive )
Card 4: What they rule over
Card 5: Something associated with them.

What I pulled were as follows: The Moon, Ace of Cups (Inverted), Knight of Pentacles (Inverted), Five of Wands and the Eight of Wands.
I sat down and did some research and looked up deities that are associated with the Tarot card the Moon, and the ones that popped up were Selene, Artemis, and Hecate. However as soon as I pulled The Moon I immediately thought “Oh shit, it’s Nyx.”

I decided to meditate last night on the reading because when I was younger I had read The House Of Night books and I don’t want to assume that Nyx actually is calling me when I had idolized the version of her in the books. I fell asleep shortly afterward and in my dream I remember seeing purple lilies and purple hyacinth. As well as myself sprawling on a piece of paper “The Magician”. I slept really poorly last night so that was all I remembered when I woke up. I did look up the Magician card when I woke up this morning and it points to Hermes, but I am unable to link the flowers to anyone, especially any four of the goddesses that are linked to that card. The only thing that I can think of is that maybe me writing “the Magician” was Hermes delivering a message? But then again I am really uncertain and I think this whole dream has made it even more confusing to me.

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Raspberry Pi 4B (4 gig) Rocks

I decided we needed to replace the ancient single core laptop we use as a home server. It’s a 2010-era single core celeron chip and works okay. It’s main issue is the internal hard drive is beginning to go and it only has USB2 and 10/100 ethernet. This means it is slow accessing its large usb drives from other PCs and devices in the house. Rather than get something big and expensive, I decided to try a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4 gigs of RAM. It has USB3 ports and 1 Gig ethernet (as well as Wifi which I probably will not use).

I got it in (I got the canakit rather that just the board) and set it up. Rather than immediately install a CLI only version of Linux to run it headless, I decided to try a start Raspberian Full install just to check out the claims that this tiny $100 kit PC is actually usable as a desktop machine. Amazingly it is quite capable as a desktop system for browsing the net, word processing, and the like. I’m typing this message with it now. I may eventually get a second one as an “emergency backup PC”.

Heading out to actually set it up as a server.

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Good morning!

Hello all,

I used to be a member a long while back, but couldn’t remember my username (much less my password…). I really appreciate this forum. I appreciate its longevity, and I appreciate the old-school internet forum culture as an environment compared to “faster” social media: much better for meaty conversations and making friendships.

I’m doing a blend of land-centric animism, traditional witchcraft and religious paganism. I’ve given it a name and some structure, which feels a lot better than being eternally eclectic; I feel like I’ve got more of a direction now. In practice, it looks like going on a lot of walks and watching a tonne of folk horror. I’m writing up what I’m doing in a kind of handbook fashion, because there aren’t enough step-by-step resources available for, say, reviving the cunning craft, and because I’m a person who benefits from a nice, clear set of instructions.

My big interests at the moment are collecting non-pagan resources which are evocative for pagan people – artwork and music and literature which one can use in a devotional way; and on writing about faith and religious paganism, as distinct from results magic or paganism as a hobby.

Mostly I’m just happy you’re all still here. Hope everyone is well, and looking forward to talking more soon.

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