Get rid of black magick influence on our love

So, we ware 5 years engaged. We celebrated every month our important dates, and allways around those days we had horific fights. We broke up few days ago and I found out from multiple clayvoirant personas that he was locked to not have a luck in relationships and that our stuff were buried in 2 different graves to make us apart. And thats what happened – he is now cold as that grave. I checked with pedant and it said there is something black and evil around our relationship.

I am planning to do some cleaning and banishing of evil energy if it’s around our relationship. To see – if there is still our love alive, will that solve the problem, if evil made us to brake apart. Cuz he became whery evil and blamed me for everything, he changed over night, whatever I say he make it totally different. He said I don’t know what I feel I am angry on everyone and he left.

I didn’t practiced for years spells and now I am thinking about some cord banishing spells …
What you think about all this my magick intentions? Do you have some spell recomendations? And is there posibility that black magick done this??

Blessed be!

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111-Hertz sound wave treatments

I was just reading about the awesome health benefits of 111-Hertz sound wave treatments
Apparently, it rejuvenates skin cells, accelerates healing, and even kills cancer cells

I got to thinking about it, and an A string on a bass guitar vibrates at 220-hertz, meaning that A2 is going to be roughly 111 hertz
Therefore, if this is true, it would seem to follow that fans of bands like Metallica and Motley Crue should be exceptionally healthy, and bass players in general should be all but immortal

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Astronomers probably just saw a black hole swallow a dead star

Some 900 million years ago, a black hole released a terrible belch that echoed through the cosmos. On August 14, the resulting ripples in the fabric of spacetime passed through Earth—giving us the best evidence yet of a never-before-seen type of cosmic collision that could offer new insights on how the universe works.

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Practicing when you cannot engage in formal rituals

Have you thought of how you would practice should circumstances require you to forego formal ritual, if such ritual is your style?  The circumstances could be disability, living situations, whatever.   How would you go about it?

I think about this as a solitary.  If I’m lucky, I have to get old one day and may not be able to keep my rule as it is today, and sometimes when I’m visiting others I have to hide my practices unfortunately.

Since my own practices point to and cultivate my interior life, I try to discipline my mind with or without formal, longer rituals, and some of my practices are more simple and portable than others.

I would not like to forego my more involved practices, but I keep in mind I may one day have to and try to remember “the spirit of the letter.”

I try to live always in the presence of the numinous, of mysteries, of my divine companions.

And while ritual in the formal sense is for me therapeutic and a form of art and psychodrama for self-expression, I attempt to cultivate what I’m aiming for in mundane activities so that one day if need be I can continue to cultivate what I’m truly seeking even without the formal externalities.  These are useful tools, but not the only ones I have.

It is a matter worth pondering.

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Practices that still work

Are there any practices or ideas from your previous religious background (if you have one) or prior worldview that still work for you? or that you have adapted to a new context?  How did you adapt them?

Because of the nature of my path, there are lots of things for me in this category, but for me, my style of prayer is largely the same, but the content and interpretation of the prayers are different.  I have had to write the bulk of my prayer rule, but the matter is that I still have one, and the style is largely the same.

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Hello everyone! To make a long story short, my beliefs have always resonated with Goddess spirituality but I’ve avoided really exploring due to the air of exclusion and gender essentialism around it. I really resonate with the creation myth of a Great Goddess ‘birthing’ the universe and everything ultimately returning to her, the interconnected and interdependent nature of everything. But that’s how I view deity and cosmic forces, which I believe are ultimately unknowable in their ‘truest form’ in you will. It helps me to view deity as Goddesses.


I see menstruation as a normal process that shouldn’t be shamed and I can see why some women might see their menstrual cycles as part of a great cycle of life-death-rebirth or a symbol of their creative power. In theory I can relate, but on a personal note, I’m not at a place where I can deal with the intense stress that menstruation brings for me.

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hello there!

i’m kurt. i was lucky enough to be raised by someone who got into paganism way back in the 70s, so i’ve been practicing druidry all my life (although i prefer to call it reconstructionism now – just a personal choice)

i’m 21, and i spend my time as a reporter for a small-town paper in ontario, but my real passion is writing poetry. i recently graduated from a comedy writing & performance program.

i’m a devotee of cerridwen and brighid, and i eventually plan on studying ancient celtic (specifically welsh) mythology. i love studying languages, cultures & religions!

this is kind of a hectic post because i don’t exactly love talking about myself, but i’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody on this site.

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Spiritual Tear Down

So I have been reading a bit on Celtic Reconstruction and also Druidry lately. What is apparent to me is that I have been Solitary for a long time and a lot of my views are UPG and very personal. From doing this reading it seems to me that  I have a lot more to learn. So I am going to try to do a sort of “Spiritual Tear Down”, to get my views down to a basic level and build from there.

In my private practice I feel moderately advanced, maybe intermediate. Still, my public and community practices need to be improved. So, I am going to try to act as a Novice and be humble and really try to learn from people and sources that are more experienced and advanced than me.

Much of what I read about Druidry, for example, emphasizes long term education before you can really be called a Druid. Which is fine for me. I am not intending to “become” a Druid. I am just interested in the wisdom of people who already are and who have put the work and years in to claim that title. I think that I am more of a Celtic Pagan Lay Person, for lack of a better term.

I would also say that I am an Eclectic and a Universalist, but I am coming to respect the sort of “tough mindedness” of the Celtic Reconstruction perspective. I want to temper my Eclecticism and Universalism with maybe more Celtic Recon type thinking.

So, I feel that I have some things to learn and I need to get back to being a Student. This despite my years of private and solitary experience. That experience and UPG needs to be tempered with stronger thought and more study. A “Spiritual Tear Down” and maybe a “Spiritual Rebuild”.

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Devotional spirituality and practices

If your religion or spirituality centers around devotion or includes devotional sentiments and actions, what do you personally get out of it, and why are you drawn to it?  I know that for many devotion can be included as a gift to get something in return.  So what do you get from it?

If you have a more metaphorical approach to the gods or spirits and nevertheless include a devotional aspect in your path, how does that work for you?

I’d like to perhaps come back and respond later since this has been on my mind today.

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