Antideluvian Choir

Voices join
in amazing grace
more sonorous.

Their song
is heard clearly
even over great distance
Vibrant Wisdom
even in our Dreaming.

Closer they come,
until we can feel
their song
in our bones!

“We will teach you
to cross the waters wide,
to sing through your Heart,

Dream deep,
Dream true,
and through
the Ancient memories
of the Cosmos glide!

is ever forgotten

for each memory
is like a book,

only waiting for the cover
to be opened and read,

waiting for a willingness
to take the time
to listen,

Strength and Gentleness
in equal measures…

Our home the wild
Heart waters of the World,
We will teach you
to be Masters of the flood,
not carried away by it.

Bringing lessons
of artistic creativity
is our sweetest pleasure.

Sing, little siblings!
Sing your Truths
Sing your sorrows and joys
shadows balanced with light
for all the World hears!

Song and sound can heal
like no other gift!
If All Our Relations
sang together,
We might cure the World
of all its noisome fears!

Our smiling faces
may fill your sight,
dancing through
your Dreams
some quiet night
but do not dread 
our strength
our size!

See instead
the Wisdom of Ancients
 the emotional depths
the stellar spinning
Cosmic Consciousness 
within our eye

We most of us feed
upon the smallest grains
within the Sea
or a mouthful of fish

We sing of Family,
Deeper Awareness

Living in Harmony with
the Heart Song of the World
 is all we need
to successfully sustain us.

Listen to the music of Creation
 We will teach you our Songs
if you will Listen
if you will learn
to sing with your heart

Ambergris and Ocean
are the scents of our destiny.
We sing
We swim
We Dream together
and Cow.”

Who Sings Now?

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today?

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Trauma, Trickster or Something Else?

Hello everyone — I’m new to researching Paganism, so I’m hoping to gather some insight.

Over a multitude of years (at least eight), I’ve had various experiences with “sensing” negative energy, if you will. It can be quite frightening sometimes and I’m hoping that maybe I can find answers within Paganism. When I was around ten, I saw a shadow figure and it was a traumatic experience for me. Not too long after, I noticed that I was able to notice potential auras around people. Typically, they’re thin, white-tinted outlines that surround an individual. The intensity of the tint is dependant on the person (i.e. I once had an instance where I saw a young boy with an intense tint, and a grandfather with a weak tint.) There was also one time where I saw an instructor in which I favoured be surrounded by an intense, yellow aura for a few seconds until I blinked. Before any of this happened, I used to collect and carry various crystals. I no longer do this but am looking into carrying them again.

Additionally, if it’s of any importance to mention, I’ve always loved water and held a strong, loving attraction to it. Also that I consider myself to be relatively empathic.

My issue lies here — Currently, I’m experiencing a near constant feeling in which is similar to the instance in which I saw the shadow figure. As if someone or something (energy) is hanging around me, particularly at night. I’m also having this occurring image of a grinning (seemingly malicious) white face, surrounded by darkness; typically this an out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye or back-of-my-mind kind of thing. I’ve also noticed that I’ve dreamed & day-dreamed a fair amount about a shape-shifting mass of darkness that takes animal forms; most commonly a wolf, snake, or occasionally a dragon. This being I am quite fond of. Despite my fear, I’ve also tended to adore shadow-related topics.

Is there an explanation for this? I was considering trickster. Or do you think it could be related to my early, traumatic experience of seeing a shadow figure? Any tips or tricks?

Thank you — any advice (even if you believe that this is just a traumatic response) is much appreciated!  :) :)

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Hi guys,
I have a dream interpretation book, where there are a lot of meanings written down. Kind of like a dictionary, which is usually what I’ve used to interpret certain visions I have during meditation or in trance.
I always thought, that it could very well be that the same meanings apply even though I am not dreaming/sleeping.

Still, I started to wonder, are there any separate interpretations you know of? A website/book I can look certain vision meanings up? I couldn’t find anything about it online, only for dream analysis.
Does anyone analyze meanings of things they see/hear/feel while meditating? If so, it would be interesting to hear about the how.

Sincerely, G

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The WHY Behind the Satanic Temple’s Seven Tenets

There is another thread in this sub-forum that delves into the Hebrew Bible’s 10 Commandments VS. The 7 Tenets  of the Satanic Temple. This thread shall only try to delve into exactly why the Satanic Temple issued that material. It could be argued that the principal reason why the Satanic Temple set forth their 7 tenets was to draw a distinction between their operational philosophy & that of other groups labeling themselves Satanic. One group that they would wish no one to confuse with them could be “The Joy Of Satan” crowd. If one should wish to conduct research into  “The Joy Of Satan’s” materials & forum, the fact that they are anti-Jewish in orientation, seems inescapable.  “The Order Of The Nine Angles”, misbegotten in the UK, was the subject of a 23 June 2020 BBC article by Daniel De Simone, entitled “ORDER OF NINE ANGLES:WHAT IS THIS OBSCURE NAZI SATANIST GROUP”.  In  their prudence, The Satanic Temple would hold the O9A at arm’s length as well….

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Personal Occurrence, a “Curse” and Help-Request

Hi Everyone,
so I’ve seen some interesting topics on hexes and curses and have read that as usual the subject brings on different and widespread opinions. I agree that it is not the easiest topic to come to a “right” answer, because every person needs to figure out if a curse/hex is the right type of spell to be working with for them personally, yes or no.
Still, I want to share an occurrence that has happened in my home about 6 weeks ago, which we just noticed about now. Plus at the end, sorry this will be a looong one, I do actually want to tie in a question on curses.

I have 2 jewelry boxes, one for my every day, non-expensive jewelry and one for really expensive stuff I only wear to special occasions or just have because they are an heirloom and I keep it there for emotional reasons. The amount the box is worth is about €4000. So there is a lot of money, sort of speak, lying around in that box. I keep it in the back of a cabinet kinda tucked away. Also in my living room I had about €100 in cash, in a separate wallet. Maybe you guys can sense where this is headed….but anyway beginning of May I received a call at my work. My partner in crime (I will call him B) ;) was on the phone telling me our neighbor had just called him telling him our front door is wide open. He lives above us and noticed this while walking past our door to get to his apartment. We live in the ground floor apartment, with the back yard to ourselves, and to get to our front door to the apartment one needs to get through the main door first, which is pretty much unbreakable. It’s a really safe house. Let’s put it like that. Anyway since I live nearby our home I got my ass into the car and drove home, mostly worried my babies (2 house cats) would get out and lost and run over and what not. Adrenaline pumping. So, I got there, the neighbor had closed the door, I unlocked, I walked inside. I found kitties walking about sniffing and chilling. I hugged them, nearly cried, just happy they were home safe. Then I went about to check why the hell the door was open and wanted to see if something was off in our apartment. I had closed the door myself that morning, being the last to have left and I know I closed it correctly. No chance the wind had flung it open or anything like that.

I had a look around. The apartment was in top condition. Nothing broken, no signs of forceful entry, no messiness, things all where they belong. I was in a hurry, I needed to get back to work. So I wasn’t really thinking straight. At that time, being in a hurry and shock I didn’t even think about that jewelry box. I never really get it out so it’s not something I actively think of. I should have, but didn’t. I went back to work doubting myself, telling myself maybe I had left the door open, maybe I didn’t close it correctly, the wind blew it open etc. But the entire time I had a fishy feeling in my gut. We’ve only moved into this place about a year ago, and to be honest I have had a weird feeling ever since. I can’t seem to say I like my neighbor (yes, the one who called us with the door open information), he’s a drunk, every once in a while he beats up on his wife. They have a daughter and no one seems to take care of this asshole, but that’s another story.
Anyway one day he had come down to our yard asking B if he would have a beer with him and chill a bit, this was really in the beginning, and we were trying to friendly, so he said sure and the guy sat down in our yard and just started getting drunk. One beer after the other. B wanted him to leave, he just stuck around telling one story after the other, which involved that he had just been fired 6 months ago because he had apparently stolen €6000, they couldn’t prove it, so he pretty much got away with “just” being fired. He told us he found another job, but that he earns about €400 less now each month and that he doesn’t know how to pay his bills and what not. So they have money issues, and he has been kicked out for stealing. Great. Neighbors.

The reason I’m telling you all this, is so you can somewhat get the right idea of what is going on. Information is key to half way decent consumption and judgment. So sorry this is a long read. Please bear with me.

Also, this was the second time he had called telling us our door is open. Just that time B went there and checked the apartment. That evening I had also checked for the jewelry box. It was safe and sound.
I just think its odd, that both times our door is open, he is just around the corner to “save the day”. He is usually never home during the day. So I find it suspicious. And knowing his background I am even more suspicious. After the first time, I told B about my concerns. He bought a new lock and installed it into our door. A safety lock which pretty much is now almost invincible. But apparently not, hence there has now been the second call from this douche. Excuse my French.

Well people it all boils down to this. Nearly 5 weeks later, I wanted to get something out of that jewelry box. And you all know what’s coming…exactly…its gone. I have taken all mundane actions anyone would. I’ve searched the entire house. Every nook and cranny. I’ve searched the basement. I have made my house a mess taking out everything and just going wild trying to find it. It is, I can say with certain, nowhere. We’ve gone to the police to have legal matters rolling. I’ve told them the same story about our neighbor I’ve just typed up here. The money from the other cabinet is also missing. B’s backpack that was sitting by the front door is missing, after we took a closer look we are just noticing things are gone. And the worst part is that damn jewelry box. The police is on it but can’t promise we will ever find out what happened. Pretty much we are at the end of all things we can do right now. The stuff is gone. The police informed. Justice seemingly very far away from happening. I’m pissed. B is pissed.

So here it comes. Misses greeny witch over here, has never done a curse on anyone or anything. Not because I think they are morally incorrect, but simply because I’ve never needed one. I’ve never been in a situation I wasn’t able of resolving in other manners. Quarrels with other people or exes, or people talking shit about me I just don’t care enough about. I am very good at ignoring idiots. And thankfully a crime has never happened to me while I was old enough to think about hexes and curses. So, I’ve never needed or wanted to create, make, do one.
Well let me tell you, I have a put a lot of thought in this. I want to not put a hex on a certain someone since the culprit is unknown. (Yes I have a suspicion my neighbor did it but I’m not going to curse someone I’m not 100% certain did it) So yeah, unknown. So I wrote up a spell, curse you might say, making the person, whoever in possession of the box a miserable wreck. I love the spell and the way it turned out to be. But since I have never done any type of “negative work” before, all my correspondences are of “positive nature”. For instance lavender, sleep calm relax etc. No negaitve traits for as much as I know now. I don’t know what herb I could use, to bring in connection with a stolen object, a thief, of getting back something that one desires etc. I really know nothing about the set up. What I have gathered and thought of so far, is wanting to work the Magick on the upcoming New moon, when the night is dark. At night. I would want to be involving a poppet. There will be a binding going on with wire of the poppets hands. And I have my spell written. So anyone around here that performs or has performed this type of Magick? If so anyone willing to please give me a 101? Also maybe an explanation on all this “bouncing back” and “backfiring” and what it’s all about. As much as I am ok with all of this, I just really want to do my homeowork.

I am also open for any other opinions, even if the opinion is “really don’t go down that road” or “is the jewelry really worth it” etc. I am really honestly open for all advice, discussions and opinions. Just happy I could share this, I’ve been feeling quite bummed about the whole thing, so just knowing someone is out…

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Seize the Sky

Eye of the Sun
Observing the big picture
for the smallest signs
singing Wisdom
grateful Prayers
before he dines

“In the Moment
Between Lightning and Thunder
Power echoes in each beat I keep
Visions unparalleled
Heights unguessed
Summoned by Zeus
Hidden by Apollo’s hem
Watching from on high
as along the ground you creep
I clutch
Mother’s ancient bones
into the East Wind I leap!

In the moment Between
I carry
the whispered Wisdom
of Creator’s Will
Return your prayers
to Creator on the tips
of my sacred feathers

Inspire excellence
in thought and deed
Cleanse souls
Evoke Justice
Banish all ill

I carry such gifts for the people
like Lighting in my fists
Thunder on my back!
Great Mystery
leaves subtle tracks,
with me as your guide
the spiral path will become straight
All is well within your grasp
so fear not Icarus’ fate!
Fly higher
Singed is better
than fallen
Life is made better
spent with a true mate
Sovereigns of all we survey

Wanbli, Aquila
Carpe Diem
Each moment is brief
full of limitless possibilities
Catch the wind, glide
Be there
the moment between
Freedom arises
when empathy
to our duties is applied “

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today?

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Hello @ everyone who knows what they are doing when posting…
I am trying to add a picture Ive made to one of my replies. It is not working.
Ive also tried posting it in one of the image testing topics in here…also not working.
I have no idea what I am doing. I then read I need an URL so Ive posted the picture
on imgur to get URL. Copied it there and then wanted to use that to attach the foto and
a site popped up telling me my content has been blocked? Or I have now been blocked?
help. please.  :'(

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Are people members of groups related to their health condition?

I’ve a colleague with ME, and they’ve spoken about having taken some comfort from being a member of a group relating to their condition, I think a social media group (but they went on to meet up in person with at least one member of the group who they became quite close with).

This got me thinking, do I want to become a member of any groups relating to my condition(s) (I’ve a few)?

However, whenever I think about doing so I feel like I can’t see any benefit.  In my imagination, any such group will just comprise others complaining about the same things I’ve been complaining about (for years, in some cases) and whilst group members could obviously commiserate with one another (and perhaps on a level which my friends and family, as non-sufferers, cannot) I just don’t have the energy to be doing that.

– Is anyone here a member of any groups relating to their condition(s)?

– If so, how do you find it?  Helpful, unhelpful, so-so, or it varies?

– And if not, is there a particular reason why not?

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Documentary film: Children of the Grave

Has anyone seen this paranormal documentary film?

I think I’d put it on my watchlist believing it was a horror movie, but I decided to go ahead and watch it as I do also enjoy ghost hunting shows.  I’m interested to hear others’ thoughts on it – mine are below.

Overall it was quite watchable, though the way it was edited together was a little on the ‘sensationalist’ side at times and it contained a certain amount of ‘filler’ (duplicated shots of particular photos etc – this is kind of a hallmark of this genre of TV anyway, though).  With that said, some TV of this type overuses ‘recreations’ using actors (a complete turn off for me) while this film kept that stuff reasonably to a minimum, which was a relief.

The film seems to try to make out that it’s doing some sort of service to the memory of the orphaned children it talks about, and I’m not sure how I feel about that as after watching the whole thing I’m not sure that’s entirely the case – I think there’s more the makers could have done to pay more than just lip service to that aspect.

Having had a look on IMDB I’ve learned that this was a follow up film, and I think I may be interested enough to actually seek out the first one (Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium); though as I write I can only find it as an MP3 download and if that’s the case then perhaps not…

If I’ve piqued your interest with this, I’m afraid it appears only to be available to Prime subscribers.

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The Lightbringer’s Words

The Lightbringer is a Luciferian spirit embodying enlightenment/chaos/revolution/hope/independence/renewal/ambition/skill; you are welcome to adopt this verse for spirits in your own work for whom it is a fit.

In these words, the Lightbringer boasts of brilliance, of stealing the responsibilities of other gods, and bettering them through skill:

I have made and unmade kings, shaped and shattered law;
 I have surpassed nature by my cleverness, and rivalling her craft.
 I shall map the pathless ways; and write the names of beasts
 I have codified the stars and cast their secrets into signs
 I have delved beneath the earth and brought back what was hidden there.
 I am boat-maker, wind-cheater, secret-stealer, lamp-lighter:
 I have risked the open waves and dared the weaver’s webs.
 I am master of devices, the bringer of strife,
 Tinkerer, meddler, rulemaker and breaker,
 Quick-tongue, False-Friend, Bringer of Light
 I defy all, I dare all, always-answered, unmastered.

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