Candle Colors and Their Meanings


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Candle magick is a type of magic that has been used for hundreds of years, and it is one of the vital frequent types of sympathetic magick in existence. The fundamental precept is that by focusing your power in your wishes, you may manifest these wishes. Using completely different coloured candles can improve the main focus and the power of a selected magickal working, based mostly on the power that already exists inside sure colours. Each colour is attuned to a unique sort of vitality, so through the use of the proper shade, you possibly can enhance the ability in every working.

Yellow Candles

Yellow is a shade of the solar, and is commonly utilized in photo voltaic-associated rituals. It can also be used for inventive workings, or to achieve focus throughout spells or rituals. It can be a colour that works effectively once you’re doing spells to achieve the eye of others, or to influence others, though it is vital to recollect the free will legislation earlier than working any kind of magick. Yellow’s day of the week is Sunday.

White Candles

White candles are lunar, and work completely for any moon ritual. In addition to that, the colour is common, so white candles can be utilized as an alternative to any shade if you happen to discover that you simply’re out. White candles in magick are sometimes used for in search of fact, gaining psychic sense, and non secular enlightenment. White’s day of the week is Monday.

Red Candles

When you consider the colour purple, you may consider love or ardour. These are a couple of of the issues crimson candles in magick will be nice for. Spells involving passionate conditions and issues of the center will be enhanced with pink candles. They’re additionally good for fertility, power, braveness, and can energy. Red’s day of the week is Tuesday.

Purple Candles

Purple is a really non secular colour, and purple candles are nice for non secular workings. These candles work very effectively with magick that’s designed to extend energy, monetary success, and ambitions. Purple candles are additionally very useful for individuals who try to the touch the religious world. Purple’s day of the week is Wednesday.

Green Candles

Green is a colour that’s related to monetary topics, cash, enterprise endeavors, and many others. Using inexperienced candles in magick that’s associated to those matters can improve these workings. Green’s day of the week is Thursday.

Blue Candles

Blue candles can be utilized for therapeutic magick, knowledge, concord, and inside gentle. It is a shade that represents peace and steerage. Using blue candles can improve spells or magickal workings that need to do with these conditions or themes. Blue’s day of the week is Friday.

Black Candles

Candle magick will be tremendously enhanced with black candles. This coloration represents the unseen, and may also help you to realize deeper meditative states. Black candles might help you sink additional into your ritual in order to attach extra simply with the Great Spirit. Black can also be good for banishing magick, together with dispelling negativity or damaging forces. Black’s day of the week is Saturday.

Pink Candles

Pink candles in magick are good for romantic conditions, and will help you entice a soul mate. The colour pink is linked to friendships, female power, and honor.

Brown Candles

Use brown candles in magick once you’re attempting to uncover what’s hidden, or discover issues which have been misplaced. The colour brown also can enable you whenever you’re attempting to make a troublesome resolution. Concentration and monetary safety may be elevated by means of brown in magick.

There are many difficult rituals that may be accomplished with candles, however a easy ritual includes quiet meditation and reflection. Simply gentle the candle in a colour that works along with your wishes, and visualize your required end result clearly. The candle needs to be saved in a spot the place it is not going to be disturbed, so magickal altar is a good suggestion.


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