Venus in Astrology

Venus is love. Venus is romance. Venus is beauty. Its planetary energy is peaceable, harmonious, unifying, and creative. Venus’ zodiacal sign defines your romantic persona. The planet’s position in your birth chart exerts a strong influence on your sensuality, self-image, … Continue reading

Mars in Astrology

The planet Mars in your birth chart represents strength of will and the desire to win and conquer. It is closely connected to your sense of personal identity and individual level of self-sufficiency. The key Martian qualities are aggression, anger, … Continue reading

Depending on which source you believe, Celtic Astrology is either an ancient Druid form of divination based on the thirteen signs of their sacred Tree Calendar, or the comparatively recent invention of noted author Robert Graves, who first discussed the … Continue reading

Sun Sign Mythology

The astrological principles associated with the Sun signs represent differing (and sometimes contradictory) aspects of human experience. To the uninitiated, a horoscope chart is little more than an inscrutable assortment of numbers and symbols. The astrologer is faced with the … Continue reading