Witchcraft, Wicca & Palmistry Box Set: The Complete Guide To Mastering Witchcraft Magic, Wiccan Spells And Palm Reading For Beginners

Witchcraft, Wicca & Palmistry Box Set (3 IN 1 BOX SET)

BOOK 1: Witchcraft: A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Witchcraft Magic, Spells, Rituals And Wicca In No Time!

If you want to learn witch crafting, then this book will be a great help for you. This book is designed in a structural way about the process of being a Witch. At first, it is described what witch crafting is. After that, you will learn how to learn it and how to practice it.

As you know that, there are several misconceptions about witch crafting, for that reason, it is tried to answer some common questions, which will enlighten you regarding witch crafting eradicate the misconceptions about it.

Remember, witch crafting is not worshiping any evil. Rather, it worships the nature and the universe. Believer of witch crafting believes in Karma, the significance of which is that, what goes around, comes around.

BOOK 2:Wicca: Wicca For Beginners – The Complete Guide To Wiccan Spells, Beliefs, Rituals, Earth Magic, Witchcraft, And More!

Wicca stirs the mind with a song the soul recognizes; a song sung by many for a myriad of generations.

Unlocking the power within and connecting with the Universal Life Force brings every Wiccan to the circle to acknowledge and claim the energy for good. “And it harms none” lingers on the breath of all adherents of the craft.

The law of three fold binds every brother and sister, kith and kin, to the harmony espoused by this noble earth religion.

With a book of shadows, spells, rituals, and a compassionate heart, the Wiccan moves through life with a wisdom passed down through the ages.

BOOK 3: Palmistry: The Complete Guide To Palm Reading And Fortune Telling For Beginners – Learn How To Read Palms Like A Pro In No Time!

If you want to uncover the secrets of your subconscious, learn how to read palms! You do not need to be psychic to understand the mounts and recesses in your hand, and revealing the truths behind the interesting pattern of lines on your skin is as easy as studying from a book.

In these pages you will learn all you need to know about uncovering the hidden truths in the palm of your hand.

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