Witchcraft Today

Commemorating its 50th anniversary, an expanded edition of the first Wicca book, by the father of the Pagan renaissance. Written shortly after the repeal of the English Witch laws in 1954, WITCHCRAFT TODAY offered the world a new religion, Wicca, and captured the imaginations of spiritual seekers everywhere. The author, Gerald Gardner, was writing about a small, secret coven of hereditary Witches, brave people who had hidden their faith for centuries to avoid persecution. His descriptions of their practices and history, their working tools and festivals, impelled a rediscovery of indigenous British religion and, globally, fueled a movement now boasting between 3 and 5 million members, making Wicca one of the fastest growing religions in the United States. To celebrate the anniversary, Citadel Press is proud to be republishing Gardner’s book in an expanded edition with contributions from today’s Wiccan elders on the religion’s past, present, and future. From Picts and pixies to Knights Templars and persecution; from Celtic cauldrons to Kabbalitic magic, Witchcraft Today also includes important biographical information on Gardner and his historical context. This is an urgently needed reissue of a classic work to be used for study, reflection, inspiration, and transformative ideas, invaluable to understanding the Craft and its path.ISBN13: 9780806525938

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