Witchcraft: Black Book of Secrets (The Conclusive Guide to Witchcraft,Love,Money and Health Spells) (Witchcraft: The Ultimate Collection 1)

This book is your conclusive introductory guide to the medium of Witchcraft and can be yours for just 0.99.

From this book you will discover:

The background of Witchcraft

Philosophy of Customizing Magick

How to set up your altar

Spirituality of Witchcraft

The art of the spell

Money spells

Love spells

Health spells

White and Black Magick

This e-book is a kindle short read and designed as an introduction for beginners to the art of Witchcraft. Please also check out Jayden Frost’s other e-books for a conclusive catalogue of Witchcraft information.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today and start on your new exciting journey into Witchcraft !

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