Wiccan & Pagan Holidays: An Easy Beginner’s Guide to Celebrating Sabbats and Esbats (Living Wicca Today Book 1)

Do you need an easy, accurate guide to celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats? In this book, you’ll discover simple ways to enrich your life by connecting with the Divine in nature. As you attune yourself with the seasons of the Earth, you’ll begin to experience her magic in meaningful and satisfying ways.

Wiccan & Pagan Holidays is a quick reference guide to the 21 Wiccan Sabbats and Esbats that make up the Wheel of the Year. You’ll find holiday folklore, activity suggestions and even recipes for your Wiccan celebrations!

The author is Kardia Zoe, co-founder of one of the oldest and largest information sites for Wicca and Witchcraft on the Internet. The website averages over 2,000 unique visitors per day and she has been providing these guests with guidance since 1997.

This book will provide you with a clear, accurate understanding of the traditional beliefs and practices so you can move forward with confidence on an amazing journey into the enchanted world of Wicca.

NOTE: The information in this book draws from the popular Living Wicca Today e-course, Sabbat articles Kardia has written over the past ten years for the Inner Circle newsletters and helpful Pagan holiday material from her website. Enjoy!

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