Wicca: Wicca Starter Kit (Wicca for Beginners, Big Book of Spells and Little Book of Spells)

Wicca for Beginners

Are you looking for direction? Do you prefer nature over the modern world? Are you interested in learning and practicing Wicca?

Then this book can help you to get started.

Wicca is a complicated religion, and the first step to starting as a Wiccan is to find out if Wicca is for you. There are indications that you may be right for Wicca, and some of them include an attraction to nature, stones, and meditation. From learning about Wiccan holidays to learning about the moon cycles, here you’ll have all the information you need to get started with celebrating and practicing Wicca.

Inside you will learn about…

– Wiccan Holidays – Beginner Spells & Rituals – Wiccan Gods and Goddesses – The Five Elements – The Wiccan Altar – The Book of Shadows There’s no need to leave love, money, or success up in the air when you can find guidance in love spells, moonlight meditation and rituals that will help you to gain the energy you need to direct your magical essence. You’ll learn all about the elements and how to represent them, perform beginner spells, and make sure that you honor the God and the Goddess.

A Book of 30 Spells

Do you need a boost of self-esteem?

Do you want more luck or financial success?

Are you looking to add more magic into your life?

Then this book is for you.

This book will not only give you the spells that you need, but you’ll find that it also gives you the reasons behind the ingredients and the best time to perform them. Most of the spells in this book will not require a lot of ingredients, but with witchcraft it is important to realize that the less ingredients you use, the more energy it will need. If you have a spell with more ingredients, it is a more basic spell, and you’ll find basic spells in this book as well.

You’ll find Spells For:

– Finding Love – Increasing Beauty – Job Applications – Seven Days of Luck – Banishing Negative Energy – Cleansing & Purifying Items – Protection Against Spirits & Curses – Better Dreams – And Much, Much More! This book will help you to start casting spells with the right ingredients at the right time. There’s no guess work. It’s all about your power, your desires, and your needs.

A Little Book of 13 Spells

– Good Luck Spell – Attracting Love Spell – Attracting Wealth Spell – A Spell for Good Health – Beauty Spell – Happiness Spell – Power Spell – Getting Rid of Bad Habits – Protection Spell – A Spell for Finding Lost Things – A Spell for Peaceful Sleep – Energy Spell – Confidence Spell

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