WICCA: Wicca Reiki Magic – A Beginners Guide To Wicca Spells and Reiki Healing (Wicca, Chakras, Witchcraft, Self Healing, Magic, and Crystal Healing)

Are you looking for the power to heal people?

Wicca, more specifically, Reiki has been called Universal Life Energy, Qi and Spiritual Energy. It is a non-invasive healing modality that blends peacefully, yet powerfully, with other forms of healing. Many amazing transformations in Reiki Users’ lives in relatively short periods of time with Reiki. It has been shown to restore an individual’s life force, which in turn creates physical and emotional healing.

Reiki leads to harmony with nature and works to maintain vitality, happiness and longevity. It enables one to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of all living things.

You’ll Learn How To:

– Release blocked energy

– Reduce Pain

– Increase energy levels

– Increase your well-being

– Increase your relaxation and sleep periods

– Achieve meditative states

– Maintain good health

– Heighten your awareness and intuition

– And more!

Here is the Table of Contents:

– Introduction

– Chapter 1: What is Reiki?

– Chapter 2: Origin and History of Reiki

– Chapter 3: The Reiki Treatment Process

– Chapter 4: 7 Chakras

– Chapter 5: How to Get Started

– Chapter 6: Reiki Healing

– Chapter 7: Reiki Hand Positions




– Chapter 8: Reiki Symbols and Meanings

The Power Reiki Symbol

The Harmony Reiki Symbol

The Connection Reiki Symbol

The Master Reiki Symbol

The Completion Reiki Symbol

– Chapter 9: Reiki in Daily Life

– Chapter 10: The Importance of Reiki to Daily Living

– Chapter 11: Special Meditations for Insight and Inspiration

– Conclusion

**Includes A Special Surprise At The End**

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