Wicca Initiation: A Beginner’s Guide to Wiccan Initiation, Self-Dedication, and Living a Magical Life

Everything You Need to Know About Wicca, from Best-Selling Wicca Author Lisa Chamberlain

People from all walks of life find themselves drawn to the Craft and its mystical secrets. For some, this interest is a passing fancy. For others, the Craft is instantly recognizable as the answer to something they’ve been searching for their whole lives. This “chance” encounter can lead to a spiritual journey that can last a lifetime. If you feel called, somehow, to Witchcraft, you might be wondering what to do next. What steps should you take? How can you develop and deepen your knowledge of the subject? How can you make it a part of your daily world? You might also find yourself asking questions like “what makes a Wiccan Wiccan?” Although not a requirement, many Wiccans and Witches wish to formalize their commitment to the Craft. This is known as initiation, and, for many, it represents a defining milestone on any spiritual journey.

A Guide to Initiation

Traditionally, initiation was associated purely with covens. In the first few decades of the rise of modern Witchcraft, covens were really the only option for learning and practicing what became known as “the Old Religion.” One had to be initiated into a coven to fully access all of the knowledge its members held, and usually had to take an oath of secrecy so that the teachings and practices remained hidden from outsiders. These days, of course, anyone can learn about and practice the Craft on their own, in a uniquely personal way. You no longer have to be part of a coven to be initiated. You can initiate on your own terms, in your own style. Self-initiation (often called self-dedication) is now a widespread and respected tradition among Wiccans and other Witches, and can be a very affirming, and even life-changing experience. It’s an act of declaration to the Universe that you fully embrace your belief and participation in the Craft. It’s an affirmation of your continued exploration and learning, and of your welcoming the blessing and assistance of the gods, the spirits, the energy, or however you describe your relationship with the seen and unseen manifestations of All That Is. If you want to learn more about initiations—including a step-by-step guide to performing your own self-initiation—this book has everything you need. However, this book isn’t only for people who want to learn about initiation. It also contains information for anyone looking to adopt a more magical daily existence.

Living a More Magical Day to Day Life

Despite the many benefits of initiating, an initiation ritual is not going to suddenly transform you into a full-time Witch all by itself. It’s still, and always will be, a process—a process that you are responsible for. So don’t think of initiation as the end of your journey—think of it as an important milestone along the way. Ultimately, you reap what you sow. The more effort you put into developing your understanding of the Craft, the more immersed into your day-to-day life it will become. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by Witches today. In addition to information about initiation, this book also contains a dedicated section for anyone looking to deepen their involvement with the Craft, by making it part of your daily routines. In it, we’ll explore some ideas and practices that, over time, can deeply enrich your day to day life as a Witch, expand your capacity to attract magical manifestations, and navigate your way through challenging times—these ideas and practices include animal messengers, the magic of numbers, and keeping magical records. Is a new, magical way of life your ultimate goal? Good, because this book has all the information you need!

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