Wicca for Beginners: Guide to Wiccan Spells, Rituals, Beliefs, and Witchcraft Magic for Covens and Solitary Practitioners

Learn the timeless secrets of Wicca while avoiding common mistakes and misunderstandings about witchcraft with this comprehensive and accessible tome by respected Wiccan practitioner Ada Adair.

You may not realize it but, Wiccan practitioners are all around us. In today’s modern world, the desire to reconnect with nature and to appreciate the deep connections between ourselves and the universe around us is more important than ever before. Well over a million people have found solace and comfort in the timeless practice, beliefs, spells, and traditions of Wicca.

Whether you want to de-stress from the pressures of work, school, or the modern world around you, or simply learn more about an intriguing alternative other religions that are governed by strict rules and middlemen in the form of the clergy. The roots of Wicca actually predate Christianity and no matter how advanced and modern our world becomes, the Wiccan religion persists as a force that stands outside of time, always relevant, powerful, and capable of transforming your life and understanding of the world around you – if you take the time to truly understand it.

Let this book teach you everything you need to know about Wicca

Are you confused by the concept of a Book of Shadows? Not sure how to construct your Wiccan altar, or how to use it? Or maybe you are just curious about how you can better connect with nature? The answers to the questions and so many more are inside this book!

Don’t make the mistake of trusting random, unreliable sources in something as important as your spiritual quest for truth and self-discovery. Ada Adair is a world renowned Wiccan practitioner and respected authority on the practice of witchcraft. Let her guide you in your understanding so that you can build a solid foundation in Wicca and become an expert practitioner of Wiccan magic.

Grab this book today and learn:

The 13 main principles of Wicca

The meaning and role of God and Goddess in Wicca

Wiccan principles, convictions, ethics, and beliefs

Rituals and spells

How to use a Magic Circle

How to construct and use a Wiccan altar

How to create and use a Book of Shadows

Important dates and Phases of the Moon that all Wiccan practitioners must know

And lots much more!

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