Unique and Powerful Tarot and Oracle Spreads Vol 2: 50 Readings for Love, Relationships, Health, and Beyond

Finally, detailed tarot and oracle spreads targeted for specific questions.

This quick reference guide provides 50 more powerful and simple spreads to enlighten readers on love/romance, family and relationships, mediumship, health, past lives, and life purpose and course. Pictures are included for a clear understanding of the spread. Not only will you find detailed layouts, but there is also a section on developing clairvoyance to enhance readings. You will learn about what clairvoyance is and gain exercises to enhance your psychic abilities. Also, there is a snippet about using the cards for guidance to improve your life.

Gain knowledge on:

  • What is keeping you from true love/romance
  • How to improve relationships and family life
  • Receiving messages from deceased loved ones and angels
  • The health of chakra energies and bodily functions
  • Past Lives and current life blueprint
  • Overcoming spiritual blockages
  • Making decisions for growth and happiness
  • And much more!
  • Find personal growth through tarot and oracle reading. It is time to develop a deeper understanding of your life through effective and meaningful card layouts.

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