The Wicca Box Set: Wicca for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide: Discover Everything About Wicca Symbols, Spells And Witchcraft Rituals, Tarot Cards, Crystals for Beginners, Numerology and much more!

Book 1 – Witchcraft Spell Book

The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft with Witchcraft Spells, Witchcraft Symbols, Witchcraft Rituals and Wicca with a BONUS Chapter on Nocturnal Witchcraft (Tarot, Wicca Grimoire)

Witchcraft uses the force of will and intention that can affect the spiritual dimension of the world, after which there can be an effect on the material level.

This book will bring you closer to the unknown secrets of witchcraft, its symbols, rituals and even some basic spells. We will discuss here about Wicca, also known as „modern witch“ and wicca practice and as a bonus we will discuss a bit about Nocturnal witchcraft.

Book 2 – Dream Interpretation

Cracking the Dream Interpretation Secret. Find the True Hidden meaning behind your dreams. (Dream Interpretation, Dream Meaning, Visions, Dreams and Visions)

There is no person in this world who doesn’t dream. But our dreams are something more than just pictures in our heads. Understanding your dreams will help you understand your inner side and change the things which make you nervous.

This book will help you start thinking of your dreams as a real and very important part of your life. It will give you all you need to start interpreting your dreams and understanding them.

Book 3 – Tarot Cards

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Reading: Develop psychic abilities and See The Truth by learning Tarot Card Meanings And Reading Tarot Cards (Tarot Witches)

Tarot reading is an incredible and powerful thing to do. It gives you more insight about things in life. By reading this book you will be well on your way to creating accurate tarot readings for yourself and others. In this book, we will touch on where Tarot cards came from, what the cards means and why you do not have to be a physic to do a reading. This book also gives you tips on how to be a successful tarot reader.

Book 4 – Crystals for Beginners

The Ultimate Crystals and Stones Guide: Discover The Healing Power Of Crystals And Healing Stones To Heal, Relieve Stress and Experience Instant Relaxation

This book is a crush course to crystals, their color and association to various parts of the body and how each can be used to cure or heal the body. It will introduce you to the world of crystals and stones that contain healing potential, list them and the conditions each can be used for and how. It will offer a detailed explanation on how crystal or gem therapy works to relieve stress, provide instant relaxation and rid the body of certain. The book will have a comprehensive coverage of the various parts of the body that crystals can be used to heal and the different techniques of application or rather the different methods of healing using crystals.

Book 5 – Feng Shui

Cracking the Feng Shui Secret: Use Feng Shui Tips to Achieve Balance, Harmony, Health, and Prosperity! Interior Design, Home Decorating and Home Design! (Feng Shui Basics)

Following the Feng Shui principles can help you achieve health and success in most areas of your life. These principles are easy to follow and apply in your space to bring in the good energy and ward off negative energy. There are many Feng Shui basics that you will learn from this book. This book has several chapters to help you understand Feng Shui in its totality.

Book 6 – Numerology

The Ultimate Numerology Guide: Unveil the Secret Meaning Behind the Numbers. Discover Success In Career, Investments, Relationships, Marriage and Life using Numerology.

In this book there is a promise that your mind will be opened to a new level if thinking and understanding as far as numerology is concerned. You will be able to understand the basics if numerology such as how numerology works and how you can use it to achieve health and success in relationships, finances, career and life in general. The chapters will equip you with the knowledge of what numerology rea

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