The Thunder Wizard Path: Modern Teutonic Shamanism

The Thunder Wizard Path is a modern shamanic practice derived from spiritual principles contained in the Mythological lore of the pre-Christian Teutonic people of northern Europe. Embedded within the Norse myths are coded instructions for absorbing universal life force energy, shamanism and spiritual transformation. Author Michael William Denney has spent 20 years researching and decoding spiritual secrets contained within the mythologies of India and China. In The Thunder Wizard Path, Mr. Denney takes his understanding of these sacred teachings and applies it to the myths of his ancestors – the Teutons. What he reveals is a mystery religion of such power and beauty as to rival the Vedic scriptures, the Tantric Sutras and the Tao Te Ching. Shamanism and Wizardry were practiced in northern Europe continuously for 50,000 years. Now these practices are being revealed once again for our generation.

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