The Lord Jesus Christ’s Greatest Enemy: The Story of Ehud


Many churches, pastors, and preachers are blind to the Truth, and are leading people by droves into spiritual darkness and unto a battle which they are ill-equipped to fight.

This book unearths the wisdom of the LORD and a knowledge greater than Solomon’s, which most churches and the world has lost ages ago.

You will discover and learn:

  • Why you lose the battles you face

  • And if you do win a battle, why you wind up back in the same predicament: defeated

  • Why many are blaming the Devil, without realizing the surprising answer of who their greatest enemy actually is

  • How this same enemy battles you, but also fought against the Lord Jesus Christ

  • How to finally be an Overcomer instead of being overcome by your situations

And in the process of discovering this great enemy, the following will be studied:

  • Who or what was the Lord Jesus Christ’s greatest enemy?

  • Do you realize Satan was double-crossed?

  • Do you know that there are some good things in hell?

  • Do you realize Satan has a bride, and who she is?

  • What is the significance of the last two words found in the Satanic bible: YANKEE ROSE?

  • Are you ready for the greatest blizzard this world has ever seen and when hell freezes over!

  • Why is hell referred to as a woman?

  • Why did God tell Noah to use gopher wood for the ark? Can the Hebrew scholar help you with the meaning of gopher wood?

  • Where and what is the Father’s house?

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • What is the mystic shrine that is the origin of the Shriners?

  • What did the Lord do to become perfect?

  • Why is the lake of fire called a lake?

  • Who did God bury and why he did?

  • When will the fat lady sing?

The Lord of Glory makes the “ancients and scholars’ wisdom” look like child’s play in answering these, as well as other intriguing questions you may have, using the word of God from the story of Ehud in the third chapter of the book of Judges of the King James Bible. If you are looking for the Truth, He is looking for you! Do not wait any longer: the Lord has been expecting you!

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Moreover, the truth of the following will be addressed:

  • The Mystery and Secret Identity of YANKEE ROSE that the “free thinkers” and those that follow the Nine Satanic Commandments could never identify!

  • Who is the mysterious feminine figure in Revelation: Mystery Babylon?

  • Is she connected to YANKEE ROSE?

  • How is YANKEE ROSE part of God’s strong delusion in the last days?

  • Have you been caught in her delusion?

  • The undefiled wisdom that Crowley, Blavatsky, and LeVay never obtained!

  • The power by which she manifests to this world as a queen and lady! (The lost goddess is found!)

  • God’s text-message to you about her: when He shouts, you better listen!

John in Revelation wondered with great admiration at her!

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