The Fern Witches Series

The Fern Witches Series, Books 1,2,3

For those new to the series, this book is a compilation of the first three novels:

Talking to Trees

You can never go back.

This is the year Dana Quinn takes off to write her dissertation at a family cabin in Fern, New Hampshire—her first step down the merry road to tenure and her real life. She’s inexplicably drawn to the serene, isolated paradise from her childhood, where she soon learns that her hazy past has beckoned her for a reason.

She shares the lane with two captivating neighbors who have an agenda or two, and she meets their friends: a seer who becomes Dana’s ally and more, and a priestess who reveals a family secret from the past and plays a pivotal role in Dana’s future. The witches’ plans for Dana surface soon after she arrives. In Fern, she reacquaints herself with her own burgeoning powers while she pursues her dream, in spite of serious setbacks and welcome distractions.

Never say never.



Dana Quinn’s staying power is tested as she forges new connections in Fern with the subtlety of a nor’easter. She turns on the charm and wields her increasingly strong powers as she tries to fit in with the women of the coven, but all’s askew, as if the newest witch has tipped a tenuous balance among them.

Villette Madden has met her match in Dana, and each is compelled to test the other’s magickal prowess and patience. Deirdre Bast seeks a clear path to Liz Abbott, and Ivy Wynn has her most hectic year yet as the coven’s advisor. Liz and Carla dance around identical secrets, and Zack Reese befriends Dana in his sister Hannah’s absence as he helps Dana find the missing Julia.

Dana discovers that “fitting in” is a whole new set of tricks when your status is permanent with the Fern witches. Beyond her immersion in the shadows with the dark wand lies a life-altering surprise.


Silvery Moon

After two years in Fern, Dana Quinn’s love for the people and the place outweighs the challenges she’s met. She now craves what she has feared, love and family, but wanting is only half the battle. The fight within her soon becomes a regrettable exercise in self-indulgence when events collide and send Dana and Carla reeling. To their dismay, Dana’s powers fail her when she needs them most, and her search for answers leads her to the one witch she must rely on for help.

Alexandra Conti, High Priestess and free spirit, initiates Dana in more ways than one. Hannah and Julia reconsider their relationship, while Liz searches for the dark woman she’ll marry in a year’s time. Jude gives Dana the ride of her life on a midnight run. Ruby Gray-Quinn surprises both of her mothers.

Dana calls on inner strength and innovative magick while she hangs on to an old thread that might be her undoing. She has found her home, her people, and phenomenal power, but will she find the courage to embrace her new family and her own future when the past threatens to leave her wanting nothing?

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