The Fallen Angel: A Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

London, it’s squalor and strife, he lives with the company of drunkards and addicts, neurotics and hooligans and leaves them all behind. Heading for the countryside to a mystical part of Britain.

Imagine being thrown into what appears to be a contrived assortment of every occult and mystical fetish that exists. Imagine detoxing from drugs and the filth of London air.

Will our author experience the onset of enlightenment or is it just the gears of the brain reassembling? Confused at the peculiar, running from the familiar our hero has nothing in common with your average new age quester, can he be tempted.

The Fallen Angel is a story of angst, fear and the refusal to accept there is anything mystical in existence, and how, the more he denies, the more the unseen unfolds and beckons him.

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